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By Md KamruzzamanPublished about a month ago 5 min read
Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash

I see Rajenbabu coming to the mall every afternoon. The hair on the head is ripe, the complexion is fair, the expression is cheerful. After spending some time in the old Nepalese and Tibetan souvenir shop, come out and sit on the bench for half an hour and go back home to Jalapahara in the evening. I followed him again one day and saw his house. When I reached the gate, he suddenly turned to me and asked, 'Who are you, who has taken you back?' I said, 'My name is Tapesaranjan Bose.' 'But here, Lozenchus,' said he, indeed, taking a lemon-drop from his pocket, and giving it to me, 'Come one morning, I have many masks in the house; I will show you.'

Nobody believes that such a danger can happen to that Rajenbabu will you? As soon as he told Feluda, he was shocked. Pakamo Korisne. Can it be understood by looking at people and how danger will or will not happen?

I was furious. Hey, can't you understand that Rajenbabu is a good person? You didn't see him. You never left home till you came to Darjeeling. Do you know how much Rajenbabu has served the poor by going to the Nepalese slums?'

Well, that's fine, now let's hear what the danger is. And you're a little girl, she . How did you know about the danger?'

I am not a child at all, for I am thirteen and a half years old. Feluda is twice my age. Honestly, I don't know what it is. Sat on my bench at the mall—it's Sunday, the band's playing, so I'll listen. Sitting next to me was Tinkari Babu, who had rented Rajen Babu's house and had come to Darjeeling for a summer vacation. Tinkari Babu was reading 'Anandabazar', and I was somehow trying to peep the football news. At that time, Rajenbabu came panting with a pale face and sat next to Tinkaribabu and started wiping the sweat from his forehead with his cloth. Tinkari Babu closed the paper and said, 'What happened, did you come uphill or not?' Rajenbabu lowered his voice and said, 'Oh no sir. An incredi matter!' I knew the word incredible. Feluda uses it often. It means 'unbelievable'. Tinkari Babu said, 'What's the matter?' Don't look at it.' Rajenbabu took out a folded blue paper from his pocket and handed it to Tinkaribabu. I understood that it was a letter. I have not read the letter, nor have I attempted to read it; Rather I pretended to turn my face away and hum and sing As if I have no interest in old people no But even though I did not read the letter, I got to hear about Tinkari Babu. 'Truly incredible. Who could have such a grudge against you that he would rule you in this way and write a letter? Rajenbabu said that's why I'm thinking. To be honest, I don't remember doing any harm to anyone. Tinkari Babu leaned towards Rajen Babu and whispered, 'It is better not to discuss all this in the middle of the market. Let's go home.' two old men , He got up. Hearing the incident, Feluda remained silent for a while with furrowed brows. After that he said, 'So you are saying that we can continue to meet once?' “Ba Ray—you were the one looking for the mysterious event. Said, reading many detective books, your detective intelligence has become very sharp.' 'That's it. I didn't go to the mall today, but I can tell you which side of the bench you were sitting on.

"Which way?" "On one of the benches on the right side of the Radha restaurant?" Arebbas! How do you understand?' It was sunny this afternoon. Your left cheek is scorched by the sun, the right edge is not scorched. Only if you sit on one of those benches, the western sun falls on your left cheek.'


Let's go. Now it is being talked about - we need to go to Rajen Majumdar's house.' And seventy-seven legs 'And if not?' "Yes, Feluda. I counted the service.' 'If not the bell?' 'Yes—but not too loud. If you hit it hard, the head spins from side to side.' What a surprise - I did not reach Rajenbabu's house at seventy-seven. After walking twenty three steps, I fell in front of the gate of his house. Feluda gave a little knock and said, 'Last time I counted the time to return, not the time to come?' 'Time to go back.' “Idiot! On the way back, you have to go down the slope. You must have taken a lot of steps!' 'It will.' Of course it is. And so steps service was less, this time it is more. It is like running down a slope at a young age. And if you're old, you have to step on the brakes now and then - otherwise you'll fall on your face.

Music is heard on the radio from a nearby house. Feluda went ahead and rang the calling bell. 'Have you decided what to say, Feluda?' 'I will say whatever I want. But you are not a speaker. As long as I stay in this house, I will not say a word.' "Don't even ask!" 'Shatap!' A Nepalese servant came and opened the door. "Bring it inside."

I entered the living room. A beautiful old pattern wooden house. I heard that Rajenbabu has been retired for ten years and is in Darjeeling. He was a well-known lawyer in Calcutta.

The chairs and tables in the house are all made of rattan. What stands out the most are the rows of strange toothy-eyed-painted masks hanging on the walls all around. And there are old ones Shields, swords, bowls, plates, vases are all these. There are also Buddha images painted on cloth—how old does anyone know? But the golden color in it is still shining.

We both sat on two cane chairs.

Feluda looked around the wall and said, 'The nails are all new, not stuck in the wall. The gentleman's interest in antiques is probably not very old.'

Rajenbabu entered the house.

I was surprised to see that Feluda got up and spat out a pennam and said, "Do you recognize it?" I am the son of Jayakrishna Mittir.'

Rajenbabu first raised his eyes to his forehead, then he squinted both sides of his eyes and said with a cheeky smile, 'Father! How old are you, huh? When did you come here? Is everything good at home? Did father come?

Feluda is replying, and I am saying to myself - what is wrong, so much has been said, and Feluda has not even once said that he knows Rajenbabu?

Now Feluda also gave my identity. Rajenbabu's face didn't seem like he remembered giving me lozenges seven days ago.

Feluda now said, 'I see your fondness for antiques.' Rajenbabu said, “Yes. Now it is almost intoxicated.' 'When is the matter?'

'This will be six months. But in the meantime I have collected a lot.'

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Md Kamruzzaman

I am married with 1 children. I am a culture consultant part-time. I write A Poem a Day in February for 2 years now. I wrote 4 - 50,000 word stories in NaNoWriMo. I write on Vocal/Medium weekly.

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