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Innocent Children

by Courtney Keller 2 years ago in innocence
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Individuals such as rapists, murders, or extremely violent criminals maybe someone who deserves to die. However, innocent victims such as children or teenagers do not deserve to die. When someone kills an individual who deserves to die, it can be classified as a “Good Murder.” Additionally, when an innocent victim dies, it can be classified as a “bad murder.” John Curra explains that in 1991 Wayne Wilson separated what he called “good” from “bad” murders. The distinction is based on the premise that individuals distinguish those who deserve to die (a good murder) from those who do not but are killed anyway (a bad murder).

Innocent lives have been involved in violent crimes for many years. Some are only injured, others are killed. Homicide is a leading cause of death in teens and children. Curtin, et al. (2018) found that after a brief period of decline (1999–2001) and then increase between 2001 and 2007, homicide rates declined by 35% between 2007 (5.7) and 2014 (3.7) before increasing 27%, to 4.7 in 2016. This means the over the years, there has been an increase in deaths caused by homicides.

One incident that involved the murdering of innocent lives happened in Spring Hill, Florida. Derick Vasquez was the suspect involved with this incident. Derick Vasquez was a father of two children, a boy and a girl. The girl, Kailani Vasquez, was 10 years old. The boy, Kaedan Vasquez, was 13 years old. Based on the neighbor's statements, he has suspected his family had a history of abuse. He struggled with mental health and suicidal thoughts. However, there is no proof, other than texts between him and a close friend. Wildmoon (2020) states McAlpine, a neighbor, said she did not know the family well, but said loud arguments were not uncommon at the house, including in recent days. On March 22, 2020, a neighbor had to call the law because the family was having a domestic situation.

On April 10, 2020, Vasquez tried to text the mother of the children about his suicidal thoughts. After receiving these messages, she became worried about her family's safety. Since she was 75 miles away, the mother had to leave and return home. Upon entering the home located on 9400 block of Dunkirk Road in Spring Hill in Florida, she saw what looked to be a crime scene. Nancy MacAlpine and the individual who received the text called 911.

Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene after 10 am. The officials at the scene tried entering the home but could not. It seemed the smoke and flames were too much for them to handle. After the firefighters were able to stop the fire, the officials on the scene were able to investigate. Inside the home, they found three victims. However, they were not victims of the fire. The location where the victims were found was not released in press articles, however, the fire was contained in one bedroom.

On April 14, 2020, the information about all three autopsies was released to the public. It was determined that Kailani and Kaedan were killed by gun violence. The two children died by their father’s hands. Their father set fire to one-bedroom in the house and burnt himself in multiple places below his abdomen. After setting the room on fire, Derick Albert Vasquez shot himself. It is unknown whether he committed these deviant actions before or after sending his suicidal text.

Two innocent lives were lost on April 10, 2020. This murder could be classified to some as a “bad” murder. These innocent lives did not deserve death. They both had lives to live, however, their father took that away from them. His motives for this crime are unknown. His suicide could be considered a “good” murder. Derick Vasquez killed two innocent lives, before taking his own. Some would say he deserves death, because of this crime. Others may say he deserved to stay and prison and be punished. One thing is for certain, those children did not deserve what had her to them.


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