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How To Survive a Kidnapper or Mugger Situation

Things Everyone Should Know to Make It Out Alive!

By Alyssa HornPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

So I haven’t written anything in a while because of personal things going on in my life. There is something that hits very close to home that I feel I should write about. My cousin was recently attacked on a Manhattan subway and is currently in a coma with possibly lasting brain damage. Also, I have personal experience regarding this topic, and I feel that people should be more educated in what they need to do in regards to self-defense in the event that a mugger comes in contact with them or they are taken against their will. In my cousin’s case it was a mugger, which also happened at a store I worked at a few years back when a gunman came in to rob the joint.

If you come in contact with a mugger or a gunman, it is important to not show fear and to not act in an angry manner. Also, do not try to fight…stay as calm as possible. What is more important? Your wallet or your life? There are some cases where the assailant will get what they want and run off. If that happens then call emergency services. And please keep in mind that most regular muggers or your typical robbers will not kill you as long as you comply and do not see their face. They do not like leaving witnesses, which is the reason most of them wear things covering half of their faces. Never let them try to take you to a secondary location. If that happens than stay calm, pay attention to which hand their weapon is in, and wait for the right time. When the time is right then you can try to take down the assailant. Which is easier to do if they are transporting you because they are more vulnerable during that time.

Now let’s talk about what you should do if you actually get kidnapped. I was 18 and on my own when a guy offered me a ride home from work and next thing I knew, I was left beaten up in an alley in downtown Chicago. I was held for a week. Nobody looked for me or even knew I was missing and they never caught the guy. So pay attention because this information could save you or someone else that you may know. Personally, I would rather carry, but my state doesn’t allow the conceal to carry permits. Oh well!

The first thing you can do is actually something to help avoid being taken in the first place, which I guess I was naïve about to begin with, and that is to minimize the risk, which means not wearing super flashy clothing and don’t put yourself in situations that might not feel right. It is all about trusting your instincts, and when you go places, have an escape route mapped out. Or at least survey the rooms so you know where the windows and doors are located. Make mental notes of the little things such as that. The next thing as discussed when dealing with a mugger if you don’t want to go to the secondary location. It is the same with a kidnapper. If the perp gets you back to his/her comfort zone and completely isolated, then he/she is in control of the situation and will be able to focus on you as well as the crime at hand. You can't just see “crazy” on the street, but there are many serial killers such as Ted Bundy who was reported to have said that taking his victims to remote locations was important. It happens your chances of survival decrease dramatically.

Next, calm down and try to rationally assess the situation. If you're blindfolded, then you use other senses to try and determine your surroundings. Such as smells, background noises, and accents. Focus on whatever details that could help you to escape. And whatever details you can commit to memory could help later not only with the escape but also help the police officers find the person(s) responsible. If you're in a vehicle, then try your best to make a mental image of the route being traveled. All the turns and stops, etc. Try to figure out the objective of your captors. Everyone has a different motive for what they do. Whether it’s money or sex…pay attention to what they are saying. Your chances of survival are higher if your captive intends to exchange you for something; so passive resistance would logically make more sense. Attempt to establish a common ground with whoever abducted you. It is known as humanizing yourself in their eyes. If you can do that, then hopefully they will see you as a person and not someone who can just be traded.

Put your captor at ease and most importantly do not lose your dignity. Do not grovel, beg, or become hysterical because either the captor will become angry or he/she will enjoy the power they have over you. As well as the fear they have put you in…there are some that get off on causing panic in people. Stay mentally active by trying to keep track of the days or thinking about what you would do once you are free. Stay as physically active as possible because that could come in handy during an escape. Watch out for certain warning signs that your captor might be gearing up to kill you. He/she might start dehumanizing you in a much harsher way; that is when you have to plan your escape but only if the time is right.

So there you have it! Tips on what to do should you come in contact with either a mugger or a kidnapper. Hopefully, this article helps someone since it is full of useful information, and I would recommend that everyone knows how to defend themselves with hand-to-hand combat. But that is just me…Everyone stay safe, because it is a dangerous world we live in!

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I am a broke college student that is pretty much alone in the world. I'm working on my bachelor's in psychology and then I am going to start my Master's as well as a degree in anthropology. plus I love to write.

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