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Happy Wife, Happy Life? - Secrets in the Suburbs

The Disturbing Truth Behind the Rob and Brenda Andrew Case

By Sally APublished about a month ago 5 min read

In the quiet suburbs just outside Oklahoma City, a close-knit church community was rocked by a shocking crime. The seemingly perfect life of Rob and Brenda Andrew unraveled in a way that left their affluent neighborhood in a state of disbelief. This detailed account explores the events leading up to and following the murder of Rob Andrew, revealing secrets that shattered the illusion of suburban bliss.

A Picture-Perfect Life

Rob Andrew was a well-respected member of the community, serving as a church deacon and holding an executive position at an advertising firm. He was known for his dedication to his family, his faith, and his community. Brenda Andrew, his wife, was perceived as the ideal suburban housewife, actively involved in their children's lives and well-regarded in their social circles.

Despite their outward appearance of happiness, Rob and Brenda's marriage was troubled. By November 2001, the couple had separated, with Rob living in an apartment while Brenda remained in the family home with their two children. This separation set the stage for the tragic events that would follow.

The Night of November 20, 2001

On the evening of November 20, 2001, Rob Andrew was on his way to Brenda's house to pick up their children for Thanksgiving weekend. He was excited about spending time with his kids and was on the phone with a friend, sharing his enthusiasm. As he arrived at the house, he saw Brenda standing alone in the garage next to the family van.

Rob ended his phone call and got out of his car. Before he could ask any questions, Brenda told him that the furnace had been out and asked for his help to fix the pilot light. As Rob crouched down to inspect the heater, two masked gunmen entered the garage and opened fire. Rob was shot twice in the chest, and Brenda was shot in the arm. Brenda managed to call the police, reporting that both she and Rob had been shot by two masked men.

Initial Investigation

When the police arrived, they found Rob dead and Brenda injured. They initially suspected a robbery, but quickly ruled it out when they found no evidence of theft. Rob's wallet was still on him, and nothing appeared to be missing from the garage. This led the police to conclude that the shooting was an execution-style attack.

As the investigation progressed, the police began to dig deeper into the lives of Rob and Brenda Andrew. They interviewed friends, family, and members of their church community, uncovering details that painted a different picture of their seemingly perfect life.

Rob and Brenda's Troubled Marriage

Rob and Brenda's relationship began in 1982, and they married in 1984. Rob was deeply in love with Brenda and dedicated to their family. However, Brenda's behavior over the years raised suspicions. Rob kept a diary, meticulously noting instances of Brenda's infidelity. Despite his awareness of her affairs, Rob remained committed to making their marriage work, largely for the sake of their children.

Brenda, on the other hand, seemed increasingly dissatisfied with her life. She often dressed provocatively and was seen socializing with other men, even while still married to Rob. Church members and friends noticed her changed behavior and speculated about her affairs, which became a focal point of the investigation.

The Affair with James Pavatt

One of the key figures in the investigation was James Pavatt, a fellow church member and deacon. James and Brenda were frequently seen together, and their closeness raised eyebrows within the community. It became clear that they were having an affair, a fact that Rob had come to suspect.

James, an insurance salesman, had sold Rob a life insurance policy worth $800,000. This policy would later become a crucial piece of evidence in the case against Brenda and James.

The Attempted Murder

A month before his murder, Rob reported to the police that his car's brake lines had been cut, an apparent attempt on his life. He received an anonymous call claiming that Brenda had been in a severe car accident and was in the hospital. When Rob called the hospital, he discovered that Brenda was not there, confirming his suspicion that someone was trying to lure him into a fatal car accident.

Despite these threats, Rob continued to hope for a reconciliation with Brenda. He asked her to end her affair with James, but Brenda was uninterested. Instead, she filed for divorce.

The Investigation Unravels

As the police investigation continued, more damning evidence against Brenda and James emerged. Rob had changed the beneficiary of his life insurance policy from Brenda to his brother Tom, fearing for his life. However, it was discovered that James had forged Rob's signature to switch the beneficiary back to Brenda, ensuring she would receive the payout if Rob died.

The police also found inconsistencies in Brenda's account of the shooting. She claimed the gunmen shot her from 15 to 20 feet away, but forensic evidence showed that the gun was fired from a distance of about two inches. This suggested that Brenda's wound was self-inflicted to support her story of an attack.

The Neighbor's Revelation

The breakthrough in the case came from Brenda's neighbor, Judy. Upon returning from vacation, Judy discovered that her home had been broken into. In her attic, she found 22-caliber bullets, the same type used in the shooting. Judy had given Brenda a spare key to her house, linking Brenda to the break-in and the shooting.

With this evidence, the police arrested Brenda and James, charging them with first-degree murder. However, they had fled to Mexico with Brenda's children, evading capture for several months.

Arrest and Trial

Brenda and James were eventually apprehended while trying to re-enter the United States from Mexico. They were brought back to Oklahoma City to stand trial. In 2003, James was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to death. Brenda's trial followed, and she was also found guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Like James, she received the death penalty.


The story of Rob and Brenda Andrew is a tragic tale of love, betrayal, and murder. It serves as a grim reminder that appearances can be deceiving, and even the most seemingly perfect lives can hide dark secrets. The suburb that once admired Rob and Brenda Andrew now remembers them for a crime that shocked their community and serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of deception and infidelity.

As Brenda and James await execution, the legacy of their crime continues to serve as a stark warning against letting greed and betrayal destroy lives.


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