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Gypsy Rose Blanchard: Con Artist or Victim?

Blanchard is not doing herself any favors by staying in the public eye. She contradicts herself often, and as a result, she’s losing thousands of supporters.

By Chrissie Marie MasseyPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Image via Gypsy Rose Blanchard/Instagram

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is finally free from prison after serving 10 years for her role in her mother, DeeDee Blanchard’s murder. Nick Godejohn, the man who committed the crime, continues to serve his sentence of life with no parole.

Many people have pointed out that their sentences were not equal. Gypsy planned the murder. She obtained the murder weapon and paid for Godejohn’s bus ticket to Missouri to commit the crime. She planned everything down to handing him the gloves when he stabbed her mother to death in 2015. However, instead of holding Blanchard accountable for her role in the murder, America has dubbed her some hero while continuing to vilify Godejohn as a monster.

Blanchard claims she never saw her mother’s body after the crime. That seems very unlikely. According to Wikipedia, Gypsy claimed that Nick ordered her to clean up the crime scene (naked). She would have seen the gruesome crime scene.

Nick told investigators that he stabbed her mother four times. He was sure about the number. DeeDee suffered 17 stab wounds. Most people believe that Blanchard stabbed her mother 13 times and lied to the police about it to get a lighter jail sentence.

We can all agree that Gypsy suffered unimaginable medical abuse. The unclear part is when Blanchard knew it was a scam. One of her doctors said that it was clear to him that she had use of her legs because she had muscle tone in her extremities. That would mean that Gypsy was walking often at home and only forced into a wheelchair when they were out in public.

If Gypsy believed she was ill when the police arrested her, her reasoning to mastermind her mother’s murder doesn’t make sense. She claims it was medical abuse now, but at the time, she believed she was sick. The only thing she knew was she could walk. She literally had her mother killed so she could have a relationship with Godejohn.

If Gypsy had time to search the internet for men and use a cell phone to chat with these men, she could have called for help. She could have contacted her father, Rod Blanchard. But she never did. She never tried to contact the police. She claims that her mother convinced her that they wouldn’t believe her. But all she would need to do is walk in front of them and say it’s all a lie. Her story doesn’t make much sense.

Diving deep into her case, it’s clear that Gypsy wanted to get out of her mother’s rule so she could find love. She was in her early 20s and wanted to create a life away from her mother. She wanted out of the charity scams to find love and possibly a career. Her mother refused to allow that, as she depended on the income she received from Gypsy’s (fake) illnesses.

This case isn’t as much about Munchasen’s by proxy as it is about charity fraud. The fact is the only story we have is Gypsy’s. DeeDee died and cannot tell her side of the story. Nick only knew Gypsy’s story and agreed to help her out of an “abusive situation” out of love for her.

It’s difficult to watch someone parade as a victim and claim she wants to be an advocate when they masterminded their mother’s murder. DeeDee deserved to face legal charges for her crimes. No one, not even her, deserved to be murdered in the way she was.

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*** Originally published on Newsbreak.


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