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GTL/Getting Out, Beyond a Joke

Is GTL/Getting out as good as they say?

By carmen smithPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Happy Families Right?

This is the mission statement from GTL/ Getting out, We’re often asked about the meaning and mission of “Getting Out.” Getting Out provides simple and reliable communication between inmates, friends and family, which is rooted in the power of relationships. GettingOut focuses on inmate self-improvement and creates “community” with, and between its customers — bound by trust and hope. Our aim is to be a supportive and friendly conduit for making connections, fortifying relationships and offering content so inmates get out and stay out. From a friends and family point of view it is our hope that the more contact you have with your incarcerated friend or loved one, the higher the likelihood they will be “Getting Out.” From the inmate’s point of view, we hope they see our suite of products as a window to the outside world — a portal that makes them feel they are beyond the walls and “Getting Out.” What’s more, we’re hopeful that through positive connections on the outside and exposure to our range of self-improvement content, they soon will actually be Getting Out and rebuilding their lives.

But does this mission statement really tell you the truth about this company?

Millions of famileys across the USA and some other parts of the world rely on this company to keep them in touch with incarcerated love ones, through messaging services and an app so you can enjoy visits from home with your loved one. They charge a set cost to use these services. It is considered normal for all businesses to have a cost for the services they provide, but that's when they are providing you with the said service and not constantly having problems every single day. it never ends, i recently did interviews with various families who use this service regular, this is some of the comments and feedback i have received, Names can not be used without full permission of the person been interviewed for legal reasons.

After contacting a few users of this service these are some of the comments i received, All business are supposed to have good communication skills between their staff, but i as a user of getting out find this to not be the case. I've lost count of the times i have called there customer support line, i have been given different information every time i call about the same situation im having, or they have told me they are going to sort my issues out promptly, then 2 weeks later nothing changes, This is not good communication. i have also had loads of comments on their phone service between them selves and their loved ones, the calls never connect, you get cut off halfway through calls for no reason. this is not good especially if phone calls are the only communication you can have with your loved one,

After this i started asking for comments on the Getting Out messaging services through an app downloaded onto your cell phone, some of the comments i received are, they are always having issues with messaging, this is the worst part of the services, the screen keeps going blank, my messages and contacts constantly disappearing. one minute ive got ten dollars on my account next its saying zero. its endless.

The main issue a lot mentioned was when sending photos to your loved one, they are way too strict, a lady commented she sent a family photo for her husband to see just slandered nothing which would not pass a normal security check. this service provider does not come close to the promises they make .

I think we can all see from this report, this is far from a helpful or useful service, everything always gets handled badley or not at all. They make promises to there customers constantly, thet will provide a good service, this is not the case, We think this company will need to make alot of important changes to stand upto there so called standerds, as the longer they leave it and dont deal with things properly i stronly believe they will start to loose custom fast, we can safely say the starting question has now been answered by many, Please GTL do somthing fast before its too late,

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Wonderful! Great work!

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