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Footprints on the tennis court

Historical story

By TamHanh ThuyLinhPublished 21 days ago 3 min read

One morning, the former Soviet ballet dancer Nezinsky was practicing in his studio in Switzerland.

The wife took the day's paper and hurried over and said, "Look, look, look, the banker Lloyd's wife has been killed."

The news goes something like this:

On Sunday morning, Mrs. Lowett's body was found on the tennis court of banker Lowett's villa. The killer shot her about a meter from the victim. Time of death was around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday. The tennis court at the scene was wet and slippery because of the rain on Saturday morning, so the footprints of the victim and the killer were clearly visible, and both were wearing high heels. What is new is that the high heel print that came to the scene is just a person's, and the high heel foot that walked out of the scene is just a person's, and the two footprints are similar. After investigation, the victim was murdered, and the murderer created the illusion of the victim's suicide.

It is reported that authorities have arrested a major suspect. She was Loit's mistress, Anna Gutesskaya, a former dancer with the Ballets Russes. Because there was a note next to the telephone in the bedroom of the victim, Mrs. Loit, which said: "At eight o 'clock in the afternoon, I was playing tennis with Anna." Anna took a silent attitude toward the police investigation. But even if she is the real murderer, there is another mystery in this case, that is, how can there be no footprints, and only one person's footprints? Perhaps the murderer escaped by stepping on the footprints when he came to the scene, but the toes and heels of the high heels are very small, and it is impossible to walk on the footprints when the silk does not show traces. Therefore, it is not yet clear that Anna is the murderer.

After reading the news, Nezinski said, "Anna is very possessive; And full of enthusiasm, it may well be done." Because he often plays with Anna and knows her character.

The wife said: "It was raining that day, the murderer probably came to the tennis court before or while it was raining, and the high heel prints had already been washed away by the rain."

"No, it rained in the morning, and the crime was committed at eight o 'clock at night. It is said that Anna and Madame Lowett spoke by telephone and arranged to meet at the tennis court at eight o 'clock in the evening. She never comes to the scene in the morning; she always waits there until eight o 'clock in the evening, which is unnecessary." Nezinsky said this, and continued to practice ballet. But, for some reason, he suddenly laughed loudly and slowed down his rotation in excitement. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

He walked on the toes of his feet in ballet shoes, demonstrating as he walked, and then said: "Anna must have come to the tennis court wearing ballet shoes first, and brought high heels with her, and at eight o 'clock in the evening, when Madame Loy arrived, Anna shot her with a pistol, and took off her ballet shoes and put on high heels beside the body." Then she shone her flashlight on the footprints of the ballet shoes and ran away.

The footprints of ballet shoes are small, and the footprints of high heels are large. Wearing high heels on the footprints of ballet shoes, you can completely erase the footprints of dance shoes. In this way, the footprints at the scene indicate that there was only one person."

My wife shook her head and said, "Only a ballerina could think of that."

Anna eventually confessed to the crime.


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My name is Tam Han Chui Ling and I have a passion for words. I like to swim in the sea of books to gain knowledge and inspiration.

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