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by I am me Amanda Nissen/Champion 5 months ago in guilty · updated 4 months ago
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I'll Never Forget That Fist

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On the brink of an emotional breakdown, due to the harassment I have been receiving from both ends of the spectrum, so I eliminated the ultimate problem from being able to enter my world in 2022, all to find it at the house where none of this child like behavior exists, but more a code of ethics, sadly today it was broken. Broken by a miserable little bitch who will never face me as herself, jumping in the faces that must have progress, if someone is here to ruin it.

Karma is bitch, and how abusive and intrusive is it to ruin someone you try to call a daughter's life? Makes no sense and as the flash back of the belly hitting me, bumping me backwards, I can't help but look up, knowing that this person in my face is a complete fraud, a fraud who has every characteristics as a fraud. Cowardly, who are you anyways, not the person you're trying to desperately look like, you're still to big to resemble the person who did put their fist in their so called daughters face, but nope. Just showing me that the dumb bitch pretending to be my mother, is the one who put their fist in my face in South Dakota, as my presumed father.

It looks like a skinnier Kenny, but then again the disguise game really isn't all what it appears to be. Are these the bitches from school, who are indeed running me into the ground with their miserable existence. Since you gotta be a cruel mother fucker to harass someone while they are screaming they don't even wanna be alive, to come belittle that person who you should have an inside automatic care for. It makes no sense and the only one hurt here is me, no one else is going to cry today, they made me cry and are trying to divide and conquer, yet again.

With his hands throwing up the way they did in Oct and Nov of 2016, she/he must not know my father at all, then to claim that them, the abusers feelings are hurt, is outrageous. Knowing damn well I am suffering from the absence of the only DNA father I have, all these people do is harass, and take advantage of his absent state. Since I constantly get my age thrown in my face, then why don't these frauds get their hands away from my money, so I can go be the adult I want to be. However, nope they keep getting away with blocking me from any real connections, as well as anyone who would love to help. They take and mock my coping skills, and my life, as if they have the heart to live it.

They will not get my life, even though some people sold out today, also no take backs, I wanted to give my presence to someone who aches like I do, up until today. I would sell out instantly if it meant never having to deal with the divide and conquer crew of copy cat idiots ever again. As well as to ensure I get what I want and they have to go back to paying their own way.

Meaning, while they are projecting everything their vile personalities and patterns show onto me, all they are doing is telling the truth about who they are, and what they just got told. Without me calling that phone number by the end of 2021, they are cut off and they think I will ever call again after seeing who the fuck he really is. When I did have to call, I used a phone that apparently they can't call, so thank god for that. Well factually, these frauds do not know me, has never been there when I got back up on my feet, and showed exactly why I left there in Nov. 2016, I don't know who he/she is and I don't want to, what I want is for them to suffer like I suffer every single moment my eyes are open, I want them to suffer in that way.

Showing his abusiveness as the abuser in the basement, while he chases me around as if he has some sort of right to chase around a fully capable grown woman is what he claims, knowing that it is in fact their presence that has made everything good in life bad, for 6 solid years and factually, this quackery has been going for 13 years.

Side note, my thirstiness proves the gassing me for a reaction, so they got what they wanted, and so should I. Period.

My life is not your game and my wound that you miserable idiots salt daily as well as my emotions are not your NOBODY'S playground!


About the author

I am me Amanda Nissen/Champion

Just someone with a lot going on in her life, currently it's not as positive as my life usually is, but I am writing my way through it. After all nothing lasts forever..

I am hoping for more positive creations, and not true crime issues.

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