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Everyone Thought He Had Been Killed But The Truth Left Everyone In Shock


By Based On a True StoryPublished about a month ago 6 min read

Today’s case takes us to Badajoz, Spain. There in 2021 Pablo Sierra Moreno was a 21-year-old who studied mathematics at the faculty of science of that municipality.

At that time he lived with his twin brother in the university residence that the CB Rucab Foundation has just two minutes from the campus.

His family says that he was an exemplary, studious boy and that he never gave any kind of problem.

On December 2, 2021, Pablo went out for a drink with some friends and they ended the night in a bar on Zurbarán Street, in the heart of the city.

At 2 a.m he decided to return to his residence, but he had drunk so much that when he left the place he collided with a boy and broke his mobile phone.

It is known that the two young people had a cordial conversation. In fact, Pablo apologized and promised to pay for the repair of the device and even to buy a new one if necessary. It was for this reason that they exchanged their respective phone numbers.

After this incident, Pablo left the place with a friend who, when he saw the state in which he was, wanted to accompany him halfway. Once there, the boy told him that he would take a taxi to his residence, which is the reason they separated. What his friend could least suspect is that he would be the last person to see Pablo alive.

Where is Pablo?

The next morning Pablo had to go with his brothers to Zorita (Cáceres), his hometown to cross the bridge with his family.

The twin brother with whom he lived in the same residence was the first to notice his absence. What he did was call him on the phone to see where he was but the boy didn’t answer.

Then, together with another of his brothers, he began to look for him as well without success.

The two brothers insisted again with the calls until on one occasion someone answered the phone: however it was not Pablo, on the other side of the line was a retired civil guard who had found the boy’s phone lying in Las Crispitas, a place located on the banks of the Guadiana River, 7 km from the young man’s residence and on the opposite road.

But, how did this man find Pablo’s cell phone?

It seems that on December 3rd at about 8.30 p.m this former civil guadia was walking his dog when suddenly on an embankment near the river he ran into something.

“I saw a light and the cell phone, I heard the noise, I stopped in case there was someone, I approached the second call, I saw that I had more than 20 missed calls and it was stained.

At that moment Pablo’s brothers were calling him and the man answered:

“I’ve found this phone, I imagine you’ve lost it.”

According to him, on the other side of the line the boys were very worried and told him that his brother had disappeared.

Immediately the man gave them his particular number and location. After this, he notified the national police and the civil guard.

While waiting for the agents, his cell phone ran out of battery, so he used the flashlight on Pablo’s device to try to look for him around. At that moment he observed that the stains on the phone were blood, which led him to think that the boy could be in the surroundings injured.

The boy’s relatives arrived at the place first and when minutes later the agents arrived, the man handed them Pablo’s cell phone.

For two hours everyone was looking for him but they found no trace of him.

The next morning, the boy’s family published his photo on social networks and distributed posters throughout Badajoz. At the same time, the police asked for citizen collaboration in case someone could provide information about the case.

Pablo’s aunt assured in the media that the family ruled out the flight, since the boy had never had problems with his parents or his siblings.

Despite these statements, the agents who were investigating the case did not rule out any hypotheses, for them everything was possible at that time and all the ways had to be analyzed.

Several volunteers arrived from Zorita to help in the search for Pablo. The first 3 days the search device focused on the Guadiana River, expanding the radius with a National Police helicopter and drones, however they did not obtain any results.

They also searched in the vicinity of his university residence but not only that… they also checked the security cameras of the Extremaduran town to try to find out what Pablo did at the exit of the cocktail bar where he was with his friends.

In the images they could see the young man walking alone, disoriented and tripping several times, which could explain the blood on his cell phone.

On Monday, December 6, the search device focused on other points of the capital, specifically it was extended to the rubbish that is attached to the neighborhood of Los Colorines and the Fort of San Cristóbal, and it is that apparently. Pablo’s mobile gave a signal in these two places before ending up in the area of the Guadiana River. They also talked to the taxi drivers in the area but no one took the boy in his vehicle.

A day later the search on foot was paralyzed. The National Police wanted to analyze the data, information and earse that they were able to collect in the first days of investigation in order to refine the search for the next few days.

It must be said that although at that time Pablo’s disappearance was a mystery, the agents came to two conclusions after confirming that the blood found on the cell phone belonged to the boy: the first was that his disappearance had occurred under violent circumstances, and the second due to an accident.

Days later, the police refocused their search on the Guadiana River and the hypothesis that the young man could have fallen into the river began to gain strength.

The authorities believed they had evidence that Pablo, who had consumed alcohol that night, could have accidentally fallen, and been dragged by the current.

Faced with this, the Special Operations Group (GEO) of the National Police went to Badajoz to collaborate in the search. A canine police unit was also joined in search of missing persons to find “some clue” about the young man’s whereabouts.

Unfortunately, this intense search ended with the worst of the finals.

Found Pablo:

The morning of December 17, a dog from the canine unit marked a point in the bed of the Guadiana River just five meters from the shore and at the same height at which the mobile phone was found.

The GEO divers found during the dive Pablo’s lifeless body that had already emerged slightly, which facilitated his recovery.

This terrible finding put an end to two weeks of intense search in which all hypotheses remained open.

The young man’s autopsy revealed that there were no third parties involved in his death and that everything was due to an unfortunate accident.

The national police believe that when Pablo Sierra said goodbye to his friend, he was disoriented on his way to his residence due to the state of drunkenness in which he was. In the end, this led him to accidentally fall into the Guadiana River.

The young man’s family disseminated a letter through the media thanking them for the expressions of affection and the support received.

According to them, it was a consolation that the young man’s body had appeared and reassured them that he had not been killed.

They also wanted to thank all the personnel who participated in the search work, especially the national police and the geo for their absolute dedication and professionalism. For them, their work has allowed the complete clarification of the facts.

The letter ended with the following sentence: Pablo Sierra will always be in our hearts.

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