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Died In A Suitcase

Sarah Boone Murdered Her Boyfriend By Zipping Him In A Suitcase

By J. RayPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Winter Park, Fla - Amid the 2020 Covid-19 virus. Hundreds of thousands of people died. Jorge Torres Jr was not one of those people. Instead, he was zipped into a suitcase during an intoxicated game of hide and seek.

Court documents state that there is a domestic violence history between the two. States that Torres committed Battery and Strangulation.

Sarah Boone was Torres's girlfriend for three and a half years. He cheated on her and she was angry. They were playing hide and seek and while playing, she put him inside of the suitcase and zipped it shut.

If that action wasn't mind blowing enough, she sat back in a chair and recorded him on her cell phone as he pleaded to be let out.

"Sarah, Sarah. I can't breathe." Angrily she said, "That's how I felt when you cheated on me." along with, "That's what I felt like when you choked me! You should shut the f*** up!" With a vengeful voice, she shut down his pleas every time. In the midst of his pleading, she went upstairs and went to bed. She slept peacefully while he was suffocating inside of the suitcase.

According to The Law and Crime Network, Boone states that she woke up late expecting him to be on his laptop. She didn't hear from him after she woke up. She then remembered, "He's in the suitcase!" She ran downstairs and opened the suitcase to find her boyfriend not responsive.

According to Court TV, She called her ex husband who told her to call 911. At that time she did call 911. 911 dispatch asked if she needed fire or medical, her answer was, "My boyfriend is dead." As the fire department came on the line, she explained they were playing hide and seek and she put him in the suitcase. She tried doing CPR.

The fireman on the 911 call continued to ask if her boyfriend was hanging somewhere. She continued with, "No, I pulled him out of the suitcase and tried to give him CPR."

The fireman on the call at that point instructed Boone on how to do chest compressions. He told her to not stop and talk. Just count out loud for him. That's when she yelled, "He's stiff and purple!"

A full body camera video shows the investigation after authorities showed up. It shows a frantic Boone not sure how to explain what happened to her boyfriend. She states they had a full bottle of wine and were playing with a puzzle. She states they removed art off the wall to put up new art. Then they played hide and seek. She explained she didn't know he couldn't get out, but evidence showed otherwise. She was then arrested.

In the interrogation, she tried to play down the suspicious death. She tried to make it sound like an accident. A fatal accident of Hide and Seek. She stated she left an opening of two fingers in the zipper and that he should have been able to get out.

At that moment, the police investigators revealed what she had forgotten. The video of her crime she recorded herself on her cell phone. The cell phone showed her "taunting and laughing at Torres as he struggled to get out", according to court tv.

Sarah Boone's trial has been rescheduled multiple times. According to Fox 35, her trial was supposed to start earlier this year, but was rescheduled for November 2022 then to January of 2023.

Besides the consistent letters she writes to her lawyers which caused her court dates to be pushed out.

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