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Derek Chauvin is a Racist Murderer: Please Stop Pretending He's Not

Despite the painfully obvious, intolerant people seem to have this idea that Derek Chauvin is innocent

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

You know, I never thought I'd have to write this, because all of this--all of this--goes without saying. Usually, things that go without saying are things that are just common sense; things that everyone knows and we've all seen evidence of. A good example is this following statement:

Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd as part of a hate crime.

See? Statements like that fall in the "stating the obvious" category. It's a clear and blatant proven fact. Yet for some reason, there are clowns coming out in droves claiming that Chauvin is innocent. Even worse, these same morons are trying to say that George Floyd was not only on drugs that day, he always was. This is a horrendous trend in these racially charged murders; bigoted jackoffs making up nonexistent criminal histories in regards to the innocent Black victims. To put it bluntly, these pricks act like the victims had it coming.

Some examples:

This man, who still thinks Superman and Clark Kent are two different people, is Tucker Carlson. This guy is a staunch bigot; anti-Black, anti-LGBT, anti-anything that's not White and straight. He's coming out of the woodwork with "evidence" that George Floyd wasn't murdered; claiming that drugs killed him. News flash: there was no drugs. Tucker Carlson is one of those who thinks that everyone who looks like me has to be a druggie. This "evidence" doesn't exist. A knee to the neck killed George Floyd. Period.

He's not the only one, sadly.

There are many reasons why I, as a Green Bay Packers fan, almost never mention Brett Favre anymore. It began with this "I'm going to retire" drama that he dragged out during his last years with the Packers. Honestly, it's the only thing I hated about Aaron Rodgers going to the New York Jets: because that was Favre's route, and Rodgers is not only a better QB than Favre, he's a much better person. Rodgers defended Colin Kaepernick for his stance against these racially charged murders. As for Favre, well, moments after Chauvin was rightfully convicted, ol' #4 came out of the woodwork and said that Chauvin was innocent. My goodness. I guess Favre was too busy stealing welfare money to see the forest for the trees.

Remember, kids: don't be a Favre, be a Rodgers. Or a Jordan Love. That works, too.

Very recently, social media has been flooded with racist idiots using their platform to actually claim that Chauvin is "innocent" and should be out of prison. These same morons actually claim that Floyd was on drugs, because, again, they think all Black people use drugs. Sadly, this is part of a trend. I said this before, in each of these racially charged killings, the victim gets horrendously slandered and deemed as a criminal, and it's just hideous. Here's another example.

This hideous waste of skin is Kim Potter; we all know that name. She's another one; she shot and killed Daunte Wright in cold blood during a traffic stop, and gave the flimsiest lie everyone's ever heard: "I thought it was my taser." 20 years on the force, mind you. Sadly, Potter didn't get much of a sentence: only two years for a hate crime. Even worse, when she got out, oh man did the racist supporters come out of the woodwork to kiss her ass. One comment I read blamed Daunte for "resisting." Others said that she "shouldn't have been in jail for a mistake." Yeah, because a murderous hate crime is definitely the same as misspelling a word or accidentally wearing your t-shirt backwards. Oh boy.

OK, time for the reality check. Derek Chauvin is a racist who killed George Floyd in an act of outright police brutality. There were no drugs involved. A knee to the neck ended George Floyd's life. Plain and simple facts. Those who can't see any of that, well, they have their heads up a body cavity that I just won't mention.


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I am an avid fan of sports and wrestling, and I've been a fan of female villains since the age of eight. Also into film and TV, especially Simpsons and Family Guy.

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  • S. A. Crawford4 months ago

    It's always mind boggling that people who claim to be intelligent can be so blind to the truth when it suits them (I say claim to be because I personally wouldn't class Tucker Carlson as a particularly smart man). Watching it all unfold from the UK was horrific - the lack of compassion people had, and have, for victims of police brutality is... well, there are no words strong enough.

  • Mariann Carroll4 months ago

    It’s just sad when a person does not know how to be compassionate for their fellow man. People who don’t understand what love me. I hope this help you . It is painful to be a victim of someone ignorance .

  • Babs Iverson4 months ago

    Chauvin did the crime and found guilt!!! Nine minutes kneeling on Floyd's neck is murder.Chauvin is a disgrace to law enforcement.

  • Cathy holmes4 months ago

    George Floyd was murdered period. I have no opinion on the drugs issue because I haven't reaeaeched the facts for or against that statement. But here's the thing. I don't care whether he was on drugs or not. I care that the racist asshole cop knelt on his neck for 9 minutes. He was murdered! And Chauvin is the complete opposite of innocent.

  • Jason Ray Morton 4 months ago

    Please remember that I came from a law enforcement background. But, there are a couple of things about this piece that are worthy of mentioning. Murder isn't the correct terminology for what happened. That's why Chauvin didn't get life in prison. I found what he did on the scene to be undeniably excessive, but he was found guilty of charges indicative of negligence cases involving death. George floyd, according to USA Today, did in fact have fentanyl in his system. Whether it was enough to kill him is a subject of debate between conservatives and liberals. However, in my experience, fentanyl is a serious killer in this country and I've seen a couple of people with what was called small amounts end up dying. I do think that Chauvin was a disgrace to the badge and those guys got what they deserved. At any point in time any one of them could have done something to intervene, and Chauvin keeping the knee on the neck of a guy while in cuffs was wrong. I don't think anybody does anyone a service by denying that Chauvin was wrong, and got what he deserved, but I also think that it's unfair to deny that there were drugs in George Floyds system. Fact checkers have gone over this and reported that he did have the fentanyl in his system. That's my thoughts, for whatever they may be worth.

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