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Decades of Darkness; The Long Road to Justice for Jennifer Bastian

Decades of Darkness

By Johnny SixPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Over the course of three decades, the community of Tacoma, Washington, was plagued by the haunting memory of the savage killing of Jennifer Bastian, a 13-year-old girl. In the summer of 1986, Jennifer vanished without a trace during a bike ride to Point Defiance Park, leaving the community in a state of panic and bewilderment. This tragic event not only initiated an intense search effort but also gave rise to an enigmatic puzzle that would endure for years to come.

Patty Bastian, the mother of Jennifer, has a vivid recollection of that fateful summer day. It was a picturesque afternoon, with the sun shining brightly and warmth filling the air, creating an irresistible invitation for people to venture outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. Jennifer, a spirited and adventurous individual, embarked on her bike ride, leaving a note for her father, Ralph, assuring him that she would be back by 6:30 p.m. However, as the hours ticked by and Jennifer failed to return home for dinner, anxiety began to consume the Bastian household. The initial concern gradually transformed into fear, and eventually, despair settled in as the search for Jennifer proved fruitless, offering no clues about her whereabouts.

Throughout the passing days, the community's cohesion grew stronger as they rallied behind the Bastian family, offering solace and assistance in their time of anguish. Driven by an unwavering determination, volunteers dedicated countless hours to meticulously scouring the vast expanse of Point Defiance Park, meticulously combing through its dense forest and expansive coastline, hoping to uncover any clue that could lead to Jennifer's discovery. Concurrently, law enforcement officials left no stone unturned in their relentless pursuit, employing bloodhounds to track Jennifer's scent and conducting exhaustive interviews with potential witnesses. Despite the tireless efforts invested, Jennifer's whereabouts remained shrouded in mystery, leaving her loved ones and the wider community grappling with a profound sense of uncertainty and mounting apprehension.

The discovery of Jennifer's disappearance took a disturbing twist when it became evident that it shared eerie resemblances with another unresolved case in the vicinity. Merely five months earlier, 12-year-old Michella Welch had gone missing while cycling near Puget Park, just a short distance from where Jennifer was last spotted. Sadly, Michella's life was tragically cut short as her lifeless body was eventually discovered. The revelation that two young girls had been kidnapped, assaulted, and brutally murdered in such close proximity sent shockwaves throughout the community, intensifying concerns about a disturbed predator roaming free.

Amidst the prevailing ambiguity, Patty Bastian clung tenaciously to hope, adamantly refusing to abandon her search for her daughter. Even as the years elapsed and the investigation reached a standstill, Patty's unwavering determination to bring justice to Jennifer never wavered. Establishing a strong bond with Detective Lindsay Wade, who assumed the reins of the case, they embarked on a joint endeavor, leaving no stone unturned in their relentless pursuit of the truth. Together, they explored every possible avenue, determined to uncover the elusive answers that lay hidden beneath the surface.

In 2018, their determination finally bore fruit as a significant advancement in DNA technology emerged, offering a ray of hope. An examination of Jennifer's attire led to the discovery of a DNA sample that matched a suspect named Robert Washburn, a former resident of Tacoma who had relocated to Illinois. Armed with this vital piece of evidence, law enforcement acted swiftly to apprehend Washburn and ensure that justice was served.

After years of enduring anguish, the Bastian family finally found a sense of closure with the arrest and subsequent confession of Robert Washburn. In a poignant display within the courtroom, Washburn openly admitted to the heinous crime, sparing the family from the harrowing experience of a trial. Nevertheless, the family now faces the daunting task of grappling with the profound trauma caused by the loss of Jennifer.

Patty Bastian discovered solace in the knowledge that her daughter's memory would endure, not only in the hearts of her loved ones, but also through legislative reform, despite the mixture of bitter and sweet emotions that accompanied this resolution. Motivated by Jennifer's story, Patty dedicated herself tirelessly to championing for the enactment of laws that would enhance DNA collection and enhance the management of unsolved cases. As a result of her unwavering efforts, "Jennifer and Michella's Law" was successfully passed, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of justice.

The impact of Jennifer Bastian's life continues to shine brightly, serving as a source of inspiration and resilience in the midst of tragedy. While the ache of her absence will never fully diminish, her family finds solace in the fact that her memory has sparked meaningful change and brought a sense of closure to a community that will forever cherish her presence.


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