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Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

By Mehak Abdul RehmanPublished 7 months ago 25 min read

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer (born May 21, 1960—died November 28, 1994) was an American serial killer and sex offender who killed and dismembered seventeen males between 1978 and 1991. He was also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster. Necrophilia, cannibalism, and the permanent preservation of body parts—typically all or a portion of the skeleton—were common practices in many of his subsequent murders.

Dahmer was found to be legally sane at his trial, despite having been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, and borderline personality disorder. On February 17, 1992, he was found guilty of fifteen of the sixteen murders he had committed in Wisconsin and was given a sentence of fifteen terms of life in prison. Dahmer was later given a sixteenth term of life in prison for another murder he had committed in Ohio in 1978.

Christopher Scarver, a fellow prisoner at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin, beat Dahmer to death on November 28, 1994. Jeffrey Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on May 21, 1960. He was the first of two sons born to Lionel Herbert Dahmer, a chemistry student at Marquette University who went on to become a research chemist, and Joyce Annette Dahmer, who went by the name Flint and worked as a teletype machine instructor. Lionel is of German and Welsh parentage, and Joyce was of Norwegian and Irish lineage.

According to some sources, Dahmer was not given much attention as a baby. Despite the fact that his mother was known to be tense, greedy for both attention and pity, and argumentative with her husband and their neighbors, other sources suggest that Dahmer was generally adored by both of his parents when he was a baby and a toddler.

As Dahmer entered 1st grade, Lionel's college concentrates on got him far from home a significant part of the time; at the point when he was home, his better half — a neurotic who experienced sorrow — requested consistent consideration and invested a rising measure of energy in bed. On one event, she endeavored self destruction utilizing Equanil. Thusly, neither one of the guardians gave a lot of chance to their child, who later remembered that, since the beginning, he felt "uncertain of the strength of the family", reviewing outrageous strain and various contentions between his folks during his initial years.

Before having double hernia surgery shortly before his fourth birthday, Dahmer had been an "energetic and happy child." At grade school, Dahmer was viewed as peaceful and tentative; One teacher later said that she noticed early signs of Dahmer being abandoned because his father wasn't there and his mother was sick, which made her feel worse when she was pregnant with her second child. Despite this, Dahmer did have a few friends in elementary school.

The family relocated to Doylestown, Ohio, in October 1966. Dahmer was given the option to name his new brother when Joyce gave birth in December; he picked the name David. That very year, Lionel procured his certification and began function as a logical physicist in neighboring Akron, Ohio.

Since the beginning, Dahmer showed an interest in dead creatures. His interest with dead creatures might have started when, at four years old, he saw his dad eliminating creature bones from underneath the family home. Lionel claims that Dahmer became preoccupied with animal bones, which he initially referred to as his "fiddlesticks," and was "oddly thrilled" by the sound they made. He looked under and around the family home for additional bones on occasion, and he also looked at the bodies of live animals to see where their bones were.

In May 1968, the family moved to Shower Municipality, Culmination Area, Ohio. This address was their third in two years, and the Dahmers' 6th location since marriage. Dahmer began collecting large insects like dragonflies and moths as well as the skeletons of small animals like chipmunks and squirrels from a small hut just a short walk from the house, which was situated in one and a half acres of woodland. Formaldehyde jars were used to store some of these remains inside the hut.

Dahmer asked Lionel, two years later, at a chicken dinner, "What would happen if the chicken bones were placed in bleach?" Lionel demonstrated how to bleach animal bones safely and preserve them, pleased by what he believed to be his son's interest in science. Dahmer integrated these saving procedures into his bone gathering, and furthermore started gathering dead creatures including roadkill which he would analyze and cover next to the cottage, with the skulls sporadically positioned on shoddy crosses. As indicated by one companion, Dahmer cleared up for him that he was interested concerning how creatures "fit together". Dahmer decapitated a dog once in 1975, then nailed the body to a tree and stuck the skull on a stick in the woods behind his house. He later invited a friend to the display as a "prank," claiming that he had accidentally discovered the remains.

Joyce began increasing her daily consumption of Equanil, laxatives, and sleeping pills the same year Lionel taught his son how to preserve animal bones, further reducing her physical contact with her husband and children.

Youth and secondary school

From his first year at Adore Secondary School (RHS), Dahmer was viewed as an outsider. By age 14, he had started drinking lager and liquor in the sunlight hours, often covering his alcohol inside the coat he wore to school. When one of his classmates asked him why he was drinking Scotch in a morning history class, Dahmer said that the alcohol was "my medicine." Even though Dahmer was largely uncommunicative during his freshman year, the staff thought he was polite, very intelligent, and had average grades. He played tennis competitively and briefly played in the high school band.

At the point when he arrived at pubescence, Dahmer found he was gay;he didn't tell his folks. He had a brief relationship with another teenage boy in his early teens, but they never had sexual relations. By Dahmer's later confirmation, he started fantasizing about ruling and controlling a totally compliant male accomplice in his right on time to mid-teenagers, and his masturbatory dreams slowly developed to his zeroing in on chests and middles. These dreams bit by bit became entwined with analyzation. Dahmer had a fantasy when he was around 16 years old of making sexual contact with a certain male jogger he found attractive by knocking him unconscious. Dahmer used a baseball bat to hide in the bushes and wait for this man on occasion. In any case, the jogger didn't pass by on that specific day. Dahmer later conceded this was his most memorable endeavor to assault and deliver an individual accommodating to him.

Dahmer, imagined in the 1978 Love Secondary School yearbook, Dream

Among his friends at RHS, Dahmer became something of a class comedian who frequently organized tricks, which became known as "Doing a Dahmer"; These included crying and imitating cerebral palsy or epileptic seizures at school and in local stores. Dahmer would occasionally engage in these behaviors in exchange for money to purchase alcohol.

By 1977, Dahmer's grades had declined. His parents hired a private tutor, but their efforts were in vain. That very year, trying to save their marriage, his folks went to mentoring meetings. They continued to fight often. At the point when Lionel found Joyce had participated in a short illicit relationship in September 1977, they chose to separate, telling their children they wished to do so genially. Lionel left the house in early 1978 and temporarily resided in a motel on North Cleveland Massillon Road as the divorce process quickly became increasingly bitter and acrimonious.

Dahmer graduated from high school in May 1978. A teacher saw Dahmer drinking several cans of beer close to the school parking lot a few weeks before his graduation.[58] When the teacher threatened to report the incident, Dahmer informed the teacher that he was having "a lot of problems" at home and that the school's guidance counselor was aware of them. Joyce moved out of the family home with David in the spring of that year, in violation of a court order, and she did so without informing Lionel. She lived with relatives in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Dahmer had just turned 18 and was still living with his family. On July 24, 1978, Dahmer's parents' divorce was finalized. Joyce received alimony payments and custody of her younger son.

Late adolescents and mid 20s: first homicide

Murder of Steven Hicks

Dahmer carried out his most memorable homicide in 1978, three weeks after his graduation. Steven Mark Hicks, who was almost 19 years old when Dahmer picked him up on June 18th, was a hitchhiker. The youth was enticed to Dahmer's house under the guise of drinking. Hicks, who was hitchhiking to Chippewa Lake Park, Ohio, for a rock concert, agreed to go with Dahmer to his house with the promise of "a few beers" since Dahmer would have the house to himself.

Dahmer claims that Dahmer had sexual thoughts when he saw Hicks standing at the roadside with his chest exposed, but when Hicks started talking about girls, Dahmer knew that any sexual advances he made would be rejected. Following a few hours of talking, drinking and paying attention to music, Hicks "needed to leave and I didn't believe he should leave." Using a dumbbell that weighed 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms), Dahmer crushed Hicks. He later claimed that while Hicks was sitting on a chair, he struck him twice from behind with the dumbbell. At the point when Hicks fell oblivious, Dahmer choked him to death with the bar of the free weight, then, at that point, took the garments from Hicks' body prior to investigating his chest with his hands, then jerking off as he remained over the carcass. Dahmer dragged the body to the basement hours later.

The next day, Dahmer analyzed Hicks' body in his cellar. The body parts were later buried in a shallow grave in his backyard. He removed the bones and flesh from the remains a few weeks later. He broke up the tissue in corrosive prior to washing the arrangement away forever. He squashed the bones with a demolition hammer and dissipated them in the forest behind the family home.

School and Armed force administration

A month and a half after the homicide of Hicks, Dahmer's dad and his life partner got back to his home, where they found Dahmer residing alone. Dahmer applied to Ohio State University (OSU) in August with the intention of majoring in business. Due in large part to his persistent alcohol abuse, Dahmer's one-and-only term at OSU was completely fruitless. In Administrative Science, Classical Civilizations, and Introduction to Anthropology, he received failing grades. Dahmer received a B in Riflery, the only course he passed with success. His general GPA was 0.45/4.0. When Lionel surprised his son one time, he found his room littered with empty liquor bottles. Dahmer dropped out of OSU after just three months, despite the fact that his father had already paid in advance for the second term.

Dahmer, imagined in West Germany in 1979. His off the clock drinking made him be considered unsatisfactory for military assistance in 1981.

Dahmer joined the US Army in January 1979 at his father's insistence. Before becoming a medical specialist at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, he completed his basic training at Fort McClellan in Anniston, Alabama. He was infrequently reproved for inebriation while positioned at Stronghold Sam Houston. Dahmer received a severe beating from his fellow recruits when one of his acts of insubordination resulted in the punishment of the entire platoon.

On July 13, 1979, Dahmer was sent to Baumholder, West Germany, where he filled in as a battle surgeon in second Force, 68th Defensively covered Regiment, eighth Infantry Division. As per distributed reports, in Dahmer's most memorable year of administration, he was an "normal or somewhat better than expected" trooper.

Dahmer's performance deteriorated as a result of his alcohol abuse, and in March 1981, he was deemed unfit for military service and discharged from the Army. He got a fair release, as his bosses didn't really accept that that any issues Dahmer had in the Military would be relevant to regular citizen life.

Dahmer was given a ticket to fly anywhere in the United States and sent to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, on March 24, 1981, for a debriefing. Dahmer later told the police that he was "tired of the cold" and wanted to try to live on his own, so he chose to go to Miami Beach, Florida, instead of returning home to confront his father. Dahmer rented a room in a nearby motel and got a job at a delicatessen in Florida. Soon after he was kicked out of the motel for not making payments, he spent the majority of his pay on alcohol. Dahmer initially spent his evenings on the beach while working at the sandwich shop. In September of that same year, he contacted his father and asked to return to Ohio.

Re-entry into Ohio and move to West Allis, Wisconsin Upon his return to Ohio, Dahmer initially stayed with his father and stepmother and demanded that he be assigned a variety of chores to keep him busy while he looked for work. He returned two weeks later and was arrested for drunkenness and disorderly conduct. He continued to drink heavily. He was fined $60 and given a suspended 10-day prison sentence. Dahmer's dad tried and failed to wean his child off liquor. He was sent to live with his grandmother in West Allis, Wisconsin, by his stepmother and Dahmer's stepmother in December 1981. Dahmer's grandma was the main relative to whom Dahmer showed any friendship. They hoped that the move and her influence would convince Dahmer to stop drinking, get a job, and live responsibly.

At first, Dahmer and his grandmother lived together in harmony: he went with her to chapel, energetically embraced errands, effectively looked for work and submitted to the greater part of her home guidelines (in spite of the fact that he proceeded to drink and smoke). In mid 1982, he found work as a phlebotomist at the Milwaukee Blood Plasma Center. Before being fired, he held this position for a total of ten months. Dahmer lived on the money his grandmother gave him for more than two years while he was unemployed.

Dahmer was detained for indecent exposure shortly before losing his job. On August 8, 1982, at Wisconsin State Fair Park, he was noticed uncovering himself "on the south side of the Arena in which 25 individuals were available including ladies and kids." He received a $50 fine and court costs in addition to his conviction for this incident.

Dahmer was hired as a mixer at the Milwaukee Ambrosia Chocolate Factory in January 1985. He worked six nights a week, 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., with Saturdays off. Soon after he secured this position, an episode happened in which Dahmer was propositioned by one more man while perusing in the West Allis Public Library. Dahmer was presented with a note by the unidentified individual promising fellatio. Despite the fact that Dahmer didn't answer this recommendation, the episode mixed to him the dreams of control and strength he had created as a youngster, and he started to really get to know Milwaukee's gay bars, gay bathhouses, and book shops. He likewise took a male life sized model from a store,which he momentarily utilized for sexual feeling, until his grandma found the thing stashed in a storeroom and requested that he dispose of it.

By the end of 1985, Dahmer had begun going to the bathhouses on a regular basis, which he later called "relaxing places." However, during his sexual encounters, he became annoyed that his partners were moving during the act. Following his capture, he expressed: " I prepared myself to see individuals as objects of delight rather than [as] individuals". As a result, beginning in June 1986, he gave his partners liquor laced with sedatives and sleeping pills. After that, he performed a variety of sexual acts while he waited for his partner to fall asleep. Dahmer informed doctors that he worked nights and required the tablets to adjust to that schedule in order to maintain an adequate supply of this medication. Dahmer's membership was revoked by the management of the bathhouses after approximately 12 such incidents, and he began using hotel rooms to continue this behavior.

Dahmer read a newspaper report shortly after his bathhouse memberships were revoked about an 18-year-old man's upcoming funeral. He came up with the plan to steal the newly buried body and take it home. As per Dahmer, he endeavored to uncover the casket starting from the earliest stage, tracked down the dirt too hard and deserted the arrangement.

Dahmer was arrested on September 8, 1986, for masturbating in the presence of two 12-year-old boys while standing close to the Kinnickinnic River. He was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior. He initially stated that he had just been urinating, oblivious to the presence of witnesses, but soon admitted to the crime. On March 10, 1987, the charge was changed to disorderly conduct, and Dahmer was given a one-year probation sentence along with additional instructions to attend counseling.

Early 30s and late 20s: subsequent murders Ambassador Hotel On November 20, 1987, Dahmer, who was living with his grandmother in West Allis at the time, met Steven Tuomi, a 25-year-old man from Ontonagon, Michigan, at a bar. He persuaded Tuomi to return to the Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee, where Dahmer had rented a room for the evening. Dahmer had rented a room there at the time. As per Dahmer, he in no way wanted to kill Tuomi, yet rather expected to just medication him and lie adjacent to him as he investigated his body. Dahmer, on the other hand, awoke to find Tuomi on the bed beneath him, with his chest "crushed in" and bruises "black and blue." Blood was leaking from the side of his mouth, and Dahmer's clench hands and one lower arm were broadly swollen. Dahmer expressed he had no memory of having killed Tuomi, and later educated examiners that he "was unable to accept this had occurred."

Dahmer bought a big suitcase to get rid of Tuomi's body, and he took the body to his grandmother's house in it. Multi week after the fact, he cut off the head, arms, and legs from the middle, then fileted the bones from the body prior to cutting the tissue into pieces sufficiently little to deal with. Dahmer then, at that point, put the tissue inside plastic trash containers. He sledgehammered the bones into splinters after wrapping them in a sheet. The whole evisceration process took Dahmer around two hours to finish. All he discarded Tuomi's remaining parts — barring the cut off head in the junk.

Dahmer kept Tuomi's head wrapped in a blanket for a total of two weeks after the slaying. In an effort to preserve the skull, Dahmer boiled the head in a bleach-and-Soilax mixture after two weeks, which he then used as a stimulus for masturbation. Dahmer ground up the skull and disposed of it because the bleaching process eventually made it too brittle.

Intermediate incidents According to Dahmer, Tuomi's death was a pivotal event after which he "didn't even try" to control his compulsions, despite the fact that it was not planned. He started to effectively look for casualties, a large portion of whom he experienced in or near gay bars, and whom he normally baited to his grandma's home. Before or shortly after engaging in sexual activity with his victim, he would inject them with temazepam or triazolam. He strangled his victim after numbing them with sleeping pills and killing them.

James Doxtator, a Native American male prostitute who was 14 years old, was Dahmer's first encounter two months after the Tuomi murder. Dahmer tricked the adolescent to his grandma's home with a proposal of $50 to model for bare pictures. Doxtator and Dahmer had sex there before Dahmer gave him drugs and strangled him on the cellar floor. After a week in the cellar, Dahmer dismembered the body in much the same way he dismembered Tuomi. Except for the skull, he disposed of all of Doxtator's remains in the trash. The skull was bubbled and purged in dye before Dahmer tracked down that it, as well, had been delivered fragile by the cycle. Two weeks later, he smashed the skull to pieces.

Richard Guerrero, a 22-year-old bisexual man, was Dahmer's date on March 24, 1988, outside The Phoenix, a gay bar. Guerrero was enticed to his grandmother's house by Dahmer, but this time the reward was $50 for just spending the night with him. After that, he gave Guerrero sleeping pills and strangled him with a leather strap. Dahmer then had oral sex with Guerrero's body. Dahmer eviscerated Guerrero's body in the span of 24 hours of killing him, again discarding the remaining parts in the garbage and holding the skull prior to pummeling it a while later.

Dahmer lured Ronald Flowers Jr. to his house on April 23; However, he and Flowers both heard Dahmer's grandmother say, "Is that you, Jeff?" after he had given Flowers a drugged coffee. In spite of the fact that Dahmer answered in a way that persuaded his grandma to think he was separated from everyone else, she saw that he was in good company. Dahmer waited until Flowers became unconscious before transporting him to the County General Hospital because he was unable to kill Flowers.

In September 1988, Dahmer's grandma requested that he move out, generally due to his drinking, his propensity for carrying young fellows to her home late around evening time and the foul scents once in a while radiating from both the cellar and the carport. Dahmer tracked down a one-room condo at 808 North 24th Road and moved into his new home on September 25.Two days after the fact, he was captured for medicating and physically stroking a 13-year-old kid whom he had tricked to his home on the guise of presenting naked for photos.

Gerald Boyle, an attorney, was hired by Dahmer's father to defend his son. Dahmer underwent a series of psychological assessments prior to his upcoming court appearances at Boyle's request. Dahmer's deep feelings of alienation were revealed by these evaluations. Two months later, a second evaluation revealed that Dahmer was impulsive, suspicious of others, and dismayed by his lack of accomplishments. For the purpose of presenting him to the court, his probation officer also made reference to a 1987 diagnosis that Dahmer had schizoid personality disorder.

On January 30, 1989, Dahmer conceded to the charges of second-degree rape and of tempting a kid for unethical purposes. On March 20, Dahmer began a ten-day Easter leave from work, during which he moved back into his grandmother's house. The assault sentence was postponed until May.

Dahmer murdered his fifth victim, a mixed-race 24-year-old aspiring model named Anthony Sears, on March 25, 1989, two months after his sexual assault conviction and two months before his sentencing. Dahmer claims that he did not intend to commit a crime this time around; notwithstanding, right away prior to shutting time that night, Burns "recently began conversing with me". Sears was seduced by Dahmer to his grandmother's house, where they had oral sex before Dahmer strangled and drugged Sears.

The next morning, Dahmer set the carcass in his grandma's bath, where he beheaded the body prior to endeavoring to excoriate the cadaver. He shredded the bones and removed the body's flesh before throwing them away. Dahmer said that he found Sears "exceptionally attractive," and Sears was the first victim from whom he had any body parts that he could keep forever: He used acetone to preserve Sears' head and genitalia and put them in a wooden box that he later put in his work locker. He moved the body there the following year when he moved to a new address.

On May 23, 1989, Dahmer was condemned to five years' probation and one year in the Place of Revision, with work discharge allowed all together that he have the option to keep his work. He also had to sign up as a sex offender. Dahmer was released from this regimen two months before his scheduled departure from the work camp. At this point, his 1989 probation of five years began. Dahmer temporarily relocated to the West Allis residence of his grandmother following his release.

Killings in the Oxford Apartments in 1990 On May 14, 1990, Dahmer moved into Apartment 213, 924 North 25th Street, bringing Sears' mummified head and genitals with him. Despite being in a high-crime area, Dahmer's new apartment was furnished, close to his workplace, and affordable at $300 per month, including all bills except electricity. Dahmer murdered Raymond Smith, his sixth victim, within a week of moving into his new apartment. Dahmer lured Smith, a 32-year-old male prostitute, to Apartment 213 by promising $50 for sex. Inside the condo, he gave Smith a beverage bound with seven dozing pills, then, at that point, physically choked him.

The next day, Dahmer bought a Polaroid camera, with which he took a few photos of Smith's body in interesting situations prior to dismantling him in the restroom. He was able to rinse the bones in his sink after boiling the legs, arms, and pelvis with Soilax in a steel kettle. Dahmer used acid to dissolve the skull and the rest of Smith's skeleton in a container. He then spray-painted Smith's skull and put it inside a metal filing cabinet next to Sears' skull on a black towel.

Roughly multi week after the homicide of Raymond Smith, approximately May 27, Dahmer baited one more young fellow to his condo. Dahmer accidentally drank the sedative-laden beverage intended for his guest on this occasion. The following morning, when he awoke, he discovered that his intended victim had taken $300, a watch, and several items of his clothing. Dahmer never revealed this occurrence to the police, albeit on May 29, he disclosed to his post trial agent that he had been looted.

Edward Smith, a 27-year-old acquaintance, was enticed to Dahmer's apartment in June 1990. Smith was drugged and killed by him. Dahmer placed Smith's skeleton in his freezer for several months in the hope that it would not retain moisture, as opposed to immediately acidifying the skeleton or repeating bleaching procedures that had rendered the skulls of previous victims brittle. The victim's skeleton became acidified several months later because freezing it did not remove moisture. When Dahmer put the skull in the oven to dry it, he accidentally destroyed it, which caused the skull to explode. Dahmer later told the police that because he couldn't keep any of Smith's body, he felt "rotten" about the murder.

It was my way of recalling their physical beauty and appearance. I also wanted to keep their skeletons, even if I couldn't keep them whole there with me.

Jeffrey Dahmer, recalling his inspirations for both capturing his casualties, and holding areas of their skeletal construction. January 1993

Dahmer met a 22-year-old Chicago native named Ernest Miller outside a bookstore on the corner of North 27th Street less than three months after Edward Smith's murder. In exchange for $50, Miller agreed to accompany Dahmer to his apartment and permit him to listen to his heart and stomach. Dahmer gave Miller a drink laced with two sleeping pills after being told, "That'll cost you extra," when he attempted oral sex with Miller.

Dahmer only had two sleeping pills to give his victim this time. Subsequently, he killed Mill operator by slicing his carotid vein with a similar blade he used to analyze his casualties' bodies. Within minutes, Miller began to bleed to death. The naked body was then posed for a number of suggestive Polaroid photos by Dahmer before being dismembered in his bathtub. While he cut the body apart, Dahmer kissed and talked to the head that had been severed.

Dahmer wrapped Mill operator's heart, liver, biceps, and segments of tissue from the legs in plastic packs and set them in the cooler for later utilization. Using Soilax, he boiled the remaining organs and flesh into a "jelly-like substance," allowing him to remove the skeleton's flesh that he intended to keep. Dahmer put the bones in a light bleach solution for 24 hours before letting them dry for a week on a cloth to preserve the skeleton. Before being painted and enameled, the severed head was first stored in the refrigerator before being stripped of its flesh.

On September 24, three weeks after Miller's murder, Dahmer met David Thomas, a 22-year-old father of two, at the Grand Avenue Mall. He offered him more money if he would pose for pictures, and he persuaded him to return to his apartment for a few drinks. Dahmer told the police in his statement after his arrest that he did not feel attracted to Thomas after giving him a sedative-laden drink, but he was afraid to let him wake up because he would be angry about having been drugged. As a result, he deliberately dismembered his body and strangled him before dismembering his own. He captured the evisceration cycle and held these photos, which later supported Thomas' recognizable proof.

Following the homicide of Thomas, Dahmer didn't kill anybody for very nearly five months, albeit on at least five events between October 1990 and February 1991, he fruitlessly endeavored to draw men to his condo. Throughout the course of 1990, he made frequent complaints to his probation officer about his anxiety and depression. He also frequently mentioned his sexuality, his solitary lifestyle, financial difficulties, and his fear of meeting his father and younger brother just before Thanksgiving. On a few events, Dahmer likewise alluded to holding onto self-destructive considerations.


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