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Dad Found Murderer Daniel LaPlante In His Late Wife's Wedding Dress Standing In His Daughter's Bedroom

Murderer Daniel LaPlante Taunted A Family While Living Inside Their Walls

By Jasper WolfPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Daniel LaPlante is a murderer that hasn't taken headlines like the notorious Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer. He didn't get as far into his criminal career before he got caught.

I was recently watching a show on Hulu called, "Your Worst Nightmare". This episode surrounds the family of A dad, Brian, and his daugthers, Annie and Jessica. Their mother had died from losing her battle to cancer.

Daniel Laplante lived in the area. He was the same age as both of the sisters. Reports state he started to talk them. He one day, called the family home and spoke to Annie. He asked her out to ice cream, she accepted. They had no reason to think anything strange of LaPlante. They just believed one of their friends gave their number to Daniel. He was persistent, he had called several times. So he was given the chance.

Reportedly, Annie met Daniel and he was not at all what she expected. She was disappointed to say the least. They did go to get ice cream, but she had rushed the date because she was not interested in him.

Daniel LaPlante

A few weeks had gone by and the two girls were discussing trying to reach their late mother. The two decided on a séance. In their basement they lit candles and had a pendulum necklace. If the necklace swung one way, it was yes, the other way was no.

They were asking questions and the pendulum was swinging. In the middle of this spiritual ritual, dad walked in. He told the girls to put everything away and go work on their homework.

Starting that evening, the girls started to be tormented by knocking on the walls. It would be all over their room and it came to the point where the girls were terrified. They tried to explain to their dad, but he didn't believe their stories. He told them to stop playing tricks.

At that time, the girls knew they were on their own. One day they were in the kitchen and in the basement they hear a knocking. Terrified the two went down together, and they never imagined what they would find. On the basement wall was a message in a red liquid, assumed to be blood, that said, "I'm in your room. Come find me." Authorities stated the red liquid was ketchup. Nothing was found.

A few weeks more went by and there was a rattling upstairs while the girls watched a movie. Dad was working the evening shift, so the girls were the only ones home. The two got up and walked to the stairs and they found another message in ketchup saying "Come find me."

Dad came home a little while later and saw the neighbor guy outside with his crying daughters. He pulled into the driveway and entered the house. He saw the message on the wall. He also noticed a second one saying, "Marry Me."

Dad walked into his girl's room to see someone standing in the middle of his daughter's room with his late wife's wedding dress and blonde hair. The dad stated, "Sweetie?" The person turned around and that's when he saw a young man with war paint on his face. He had a hatchet in his hands and chased the father out.

The police were called and they searched the house, only to find Daniel LaPlante was living in the closet underneath his stairs for a number of weeks. He had sleeping bags, food, alcohol, etc. He was arrested that evening.

Laplante was charged with several crimes. He stayed in a juvenile facility until October 1987. He was released and forced to stay with his family.

Mom and Two Girls Killed By LaPlante

Reports state once he was released, he stole handguns from a neighbor's house and started stalking another family. A mother and her two daughters. Until one day, the police found the mother raped and shot to death and her two daughters drowned in the bathtub.

Police knew that Laplante was behind these killings and they went to arrest him. While at his residence, Laplante snuck out the back and ran through woods behind his home. They tracked him and found him inside of a dumpster.

Daniel LaPlante Arrested

Facts state that while police were arresting Daniel, he laid face down on the ground and couldn't stop laughing.

LaPlante received 3 life sentences for the death of the mom and two daughters. But after finding out from psychiatrists, LaPlante is remorseful for his doing, the judge gave him 45 years. He is in prison still today.


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