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Cupid's Revenge

Vanished into Thin Air: The Mysterious Murder of Alice Smith

By Keerthana ThirumalairajPublished about a year ago 3 min read

It was Valentine's Day, and the city was awash with red hearts and love letters. But for Detective Sam Johnson, it was just another day at the office. He was sitting at his desk, going through a pile of case files when his phone rang.

"Detective Johnson speaking."

"Detective, we've got a body."

Sam put down his file and picked up his coat. He headed to the crime scene, which was at a park in the city's outskirts. The victim was a young woman, lying face down on the grass. She had been shot in the back.

Sam looked at the victim's ID. Her name was Alice Smith, and she was a florist. He wondered what she was doing in the park at night.

Sam and his partner, Detective Sanchez, interviewed the witnesses who were in the park that night. A couple who had been sitting on a bench near the crime scene said they heard gunshots and saw a man running away.

Sam noticed something strange. All the witnesses said they saw a man running away, but no one could give a description. It was as if the man had vanished into thin air.

The detectives searched the area around the park and found a car parked nearby. They traced the owner to a man named Jack Thomas. Jack was a known criminal, with a record of theft and assault.

When Sam and Sanchez went to Jack's apartment, they found him lying on the floor, bleeding from a gunshot wound. Jack told them that he had been in the park that night, but he didn't see anything. He claimed he had been shot by someone who had been following him.

Sam wasn't convinced. He thought Jack was lying, but he couldn't prove it. As he was leaving the apartment, he noticed a picture of Alice Smith on the wall. It seemed odd that a criminal like Jack would have a picture of a random florist in his apartment.

Sam decided to investigate Alice Smith's background. He found out that she had a boyfriend, a man named Mike Davis. Mike was a musician who played at a local bar. Sam went to the bar and talked to Mike.

Mike told him that he had been in a relationship with Alice for over a year. They were planning to get married. Mike was devastated by Alice's death.

Sam noticed something odd about Mike's story. He said that he had been playing at the bar on the night of the murder, but no one had seen him. It was as if he had vanished into thin air, just like the man the witnesses saw in the park.

Sam had a feeling that Mike was involved in Alice's death, but he couldn't prove it. He decided to keep a close eye on Mike.

A few days later, Sam got a call from a friend who worked at a local flower shop. The friend said that he had received an anonymous letter, addressed to Alice Smith. The letter read, "You broke my heart. Now I'm going to break yours."

Sam realized that Cupid's Revenge was more than just a random crime. It was a crime of passion.

He went to Mike's apartment and found him with a gun in his hand. Mike confessed to killing Alice because he had found out that she was cheating on him. He couldn't bear the thought of losing her.

Sam arrested Mike and took him to the station. As he was leaving, he noticed a card on Mike's table. It was a Valentine's Day card, addressed to Alice. The message on the card read, "I'll love you forever."

Sam shook his head. Cupid's Revenge had struck again. But this time, justice had prevailed.


About the Creator

Keerthana Thirumalairaj

An Independent Solitude girl, who recently found the interests in writings and converts Facts and imaginations into writings.

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