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CRIME Tearful David DePape testifies in the Paul Pelosi assault trial;murder

"Thought he was dead"

By Williams EmmanuelPublished 3 months ago ā€¢ 3 min read

When David DePape went on the witness stand on Tuesday morning in his federal trial, he sobbed as he described the reasons behind his actions, which were stoked by right-wing media and conspiracy theories, that culminated in Paul Pelosi, the spouse of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, being brutally attacked at their San Francisco home the previous year.

The 43-year-old DePape went into great detail about his absurd scheme to "take down" a number of well-known individuals by himself who have been maligned by right-wing media all year. When DePape was questioned about his shift from being "left-wing" to becoming more conservative during his testimony, he started crying.

"Biassed against Trump"

"I had a bias against Trump at the time. However, there is truth there," he sobbed. I therefore want to know if there is truth out there that I am unaware of.

DePape, who is originally from Canada, said that at the time of the attack, he was staying in a friend's garage in Richmond, working as a carpenter, and using public restrooms at restaurants or parks. He admitted in court that he watched and listened to political stuff online for endless hours in addition to playing video games.

According to DePape, he primarily listened to podcasts and viewed videos on YouTube from conservative media sources and celebrities like Glenn Beck and Tim Pool. Echoing bogus Q-Anon diatribes, he portrayed his worldview as taking up arms against a diabolical cabal of politicians, celebrities, and paedophiles pushing the nation to disaster.

The Pelosis family attack, according to the defence, was a component of a larger scheme to eradicate corruption in the United States. DePape has begged for

Untrustworthy scheme

DePape thought he was taking action to halt political corruption, the decline of American freedom, and the abuse of children by politicians and actors, according to defence attorney Jodi Linker, who testified before jurors last week.

Paul Pelosi described the attack in public for the first time on Monday during his testimony. He said he was awakened by a man barging through the bedroom door and asking, "Where's Nancy?" He claimed that DePape threatened to tie him up while they waited for his wife when he replied that she was in Washington.

Pelosi stated that he made an effort to maintain composure and good manners while managing to dial 911. DePape said on the witness stand on Tuesday that he was deeply sorry for Pelosi following the evidence of a neurosurgeon who had operated on him during the incident. Pelosi had surgery to fix injuries to his hands and right arm as well as a fracture to his head.

"We had a good rapport going on," DePape stated when testifying on Tuesday. "I offered him a To be comforting, give someone a shoulder squeeze. I honestly never gave limiting him any thought."

When police arrived at Pelosi's front door and discovered the two men fighting over the hammer, DePape gave her a blow to the head.

DePape responded, "I reacted because my plan was basically ruined," when asked why he struck Pelosi.

Before learning of the charges, I truly believed he was dead," he remarked. "He was never my target and I am sorry he got hurt."

Multiple Objectives:

In his testimony, DePape stated that his goal was to persuade Nancy Pelosi and other targets to acknowledge their wrongdoings in order to persuade President Joe Biden to pardon them all. Hunter Biden, Congressman Adam Schiff, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Tom Hanks, former Attorney General Bill Barr, and California Governor Gavin Newsom were among the other targets on his list.

"It's just easier giving them a pardon so we can move forward as a country," he said while weeping.

Here, there's a defence of sympathy. A legal defence differs from a sympathy defence. The goal of a sympathy defence is to persuade the jury to All

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