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Chilling Tales of Notorious serial killers

Exploring the Twisted Minds Behind Infamous Crimes

By Yogitha SPublished 9 days ago 13 min read

1.The corpse collector

The corpse collector a russian historian was caught after robbing the graves of 29 young girls and then taking their corpses home where he turned the bodies into dolls. anatoly moskvin 53 also expressed no remorse about his activities and refused to apologize to the parents of the deceased girls claiming you left him in the cold i took them home to keep them warm the mummified remains of the girls were covered in masks and he dressed them and applied makeup to them as well one of the stranger aspects of this case and there are obviously many moskvin actually shared his home with his parents his parents told authorities they had absolutely no idea that he was collecting bodies and turning them into giant dolls they just thought the large dolls were part of an unusual hobby during the days of the soviet union moskvin worked as a translator for military intelligence he went on after the collapse of the soviet union to write history books he had a deep comprehension of biology and apparently of cemeteries over the years he dug up many corpses brought them home dressed them in clothing and kept them preserved in his own house he even celebrated their birthdays with macabre parties the corpse collector was captured in 2011 when he confessed to 44 counts of abusing graves he was moved to a mental institution and as recently as 2020 there were discussions of releasing him as his schizophrenia was reportedly cured the judge in the case overturned the appeal and he remains in custody.

2.The Soapy killer

The soapy killer the italian serial killer Leonarda Cianciulli was born in 1894. she got married in the 1930s opened up a little shop in the small town of correggio and started selling soap leonardo's shop may have been doing all right but the rest of her life at the time was filled with strife she served a short jail sentence for committing fraud her home was destroyed in an earthquake and she was constantly battling with her parents about her marriage which they didn't approve of not only that but leonardo was experiencing major fertility issues she'd been pregnant 17 times but of the 17 children three died due to miscarriage and 10 died during early childhood she became incredibly superstitious about her children and also became more deeply interested in fortune telling palm reading and tarot a childhood interest of hers it was during a meeting with another fortune teller who predicted her remaining four children would also die that she was told that the only way to prevent her still living children from dying was to start sacrificing people leonardo was frightened but she didn't start the human sacrifices right away however in 1939 her son told her he was joining the military this pushed leonarda into action and she began luring women back to her soap shop and killing them in an effort to keep her surviving children safe how did she kill these women and what did she do with them that's the true horror of it she first tricked the women into going into her shop by promising to tell their fortune or offering to help them find whatever they were looking for including telling one victim she could help them find a husband she drugged her victims with spiked wine then she killed each woman with an axe and boiled their body in caustic soda she then used her victim's flesh and fat to make soap that she sold in her store she gave these bars of soap to her neighbors her friends and anyone who would pay for them she also used some of her victims fat to make cakes which she ate but her killing spree ended after just a third victim a witness saw the victim going into her soap shop and then never coming out when police went to investigate she confessed everything and was arrested.

3.Food for workers

In the united arab emirates a moroccan woman went seriously off the deep end back in 2018 she suffered a fit of insanity in which she killed her boyfriend of seven years and then cooked him according to a report from the bbc her boyfriend had been planning on leaving her he was actually planning to marry a different woman from morocco and this naturally upset the unnamed killer feeling like a thrown-away piece of trash she murdered her boyfriend cut him into pieces ground up his flesh in a blender and turned him into a traditional moroccan dish with rice and vegetables she then took the dish to some nearby pakistani construction workers and watched them eat it this part of the killing goes beyond unwarranted the construction workers were made to eat a person without their knowledge and were likely completely horrified why she went to this extent of horror is beyond understanding it was the murdered boyfriend's brother who ended up solving the case when he went looking for his missing sibling he found a single tooth sitting in a blender in the woman's house he phoned the police dna tests confirmed the tooth belonged to the victim and she broke down and confessed last we heard she was sent to a mental hospital.

4.Ed Gein’s Furniture of Horror

When it comes to killers who made a career out of crafting things from the remains of their victims ed gein holds the title of most creative when the authorities raided ed's house back in the 1950s they found so much horror that it's hard to even describe ed had a fascination with decapitation necrophilia and arts and crafts he started out as a fairly ordinary resident of plainfield wisconsin but when his mother died he really went off the rails he had been oddly obsessed with his mother and didn't seem able to process the fact that she was gone in the mid-1950s when ed was alone and confused residents of plainfield began going missing by 1957 the police had linked ed to both mary hogan and bernice werden both of whom had vanished when the police went into ed's house they found suits lampshades and chairs made from human skin masks made from people's faces a belt crafted of human nipples and several human organs stuffed into jars not only had ed been killing multiple local women he had also been digging up graves at the nearby cemetery using the bodies of the recently deceased in his arts and crafts experiments the man who is credited as being the inspiration for the killer buffalo bill in the movie silence of the lambs was later found guilty of murder and criminally insane he died in captivity in 1984.

5.Old Lady Killer

Ed gean may have been one of the most notorious serial murderers but juana baraza samperio is a criminal mastermind she is currently spending the rest of her days locked up in the santa marta de akatitla prison in mexico the reason for her incarceration she killed at least 48 people she's known as the little old lady killer when still living on the outside she spent her days selling popcorn and occasionally fighting in wrestling matches the rest of her time she was hunting and killing elderly women according to the mexican authorities juana killed nearly 50 people in mexico city between the 1990s and january 25th 2006 she only got caught when a neighbor witnessed her leaving the scene of a crime although the cops couldn't get evidence for every murder they did manage to pin her in 17 of them these 17 murders alone earned her 759 years in jail during her trial it came out that juana was a psychopath incapable of feeling remorse she actually thought she was helping society by getting rid of elderly women likely because of the trauma she experienced in her own childhood when juana was just a young girl her mother would trade her to dangerous men for things like beer and cash when she grew up she took that hate of her mother and transformed it into something evil lashing out at older women perhaps because they reminded her of her mother.

6.Serial killing Santa

Bruce mcarthur was seen on the outside as a happy man those that knew him described him as outgoing friendly and even jovial he had white hair a white beard and played the perfect santa claus at the agincourt mall in toronto as recently as 2016. he was a 66 year old landscaper who posed a santa during the holidays and it seemed that he loved children what no one knew was that bruce had a bizarre attraction to the dead not only did he have an obsession with dead bodies but he was also a serial killer as a landscaper bruce used his cover to bury the bodies of his victims in his customers gardens while his clients thought he was simply creating beautiful landscapes he was actually turning them into secret graveyards between 2010 and 2017 bruce mcarthur murdered eight men that we know of his targets were the homeless the destitute and immigrants in the predominantly gay neighborhood of church and wellesley bruce's method of killing is what will really give you chills strangulation was his preferred method he would wrap a rope around his victim's throat then use a metal bar to tighten the ligature once his victim had stopped breathing bruce would then do a photoshoot he would dress up his victims in things like fur coats sometimes positioning them as if still alive with one victim even photographed with a cigar hanging out of his mouth when bruce was finally caught by the police authorities in toronto had to check out 75 properties in search of remains bruce had concealed many victims in the planters and gardens he had worked on as a landscaper.

7.The Torso Murders

From 1935 to 1938 between 12 and 13 bodies were found dumped in cleveland's kingsbury run the area is a creek bed that runs through the city down to the cuyahoga river the victims included at least seven men and five women most of whom were unhoused or sex workers these unfortunate people were living far below the poverty line in the days when cleveland was still suffering from the impacts of the great depression most of the individuals weren't reported missing for months after their disappearances sometimes not even until their bodies were found what makes these murders especially disturbing was the fact that every single body was found without a head or limbs the only parts of the remains that turned up were the torsos of the victims after over 80 years this is still the most gruesome crime spree in the history of cleveland the killer is known today as the mad butcher of kingsbury run and believe it or not he or she has never been identified by the police the killings only stopped when the killer presumably lost interest moved or died even years after the torso stopped turning up authorities still were unable to locate all the heads to this day no one knows what the mad butcher did with the heads and the limbs of their victims.

8.The bone collector

In mexico authorities recently discovered approximately 3787 bone fragments that they say belong to at least 17 different murder victims the killer in this story was a bone collector he had a fascination with killing and dismembering.The mexican authorities have not been able to release his identity but they do say that by the time they caught up to him he was 72 years old the cops actually arrested this serial murderer in connection with the killing of a 34 year old woman whom he reportedly cut up with a hacksaw it was when they began looking at his home that they discovered the true scope of his crimes during careful excavations the police found the bones and bone fragments as well as 91 photographs eight cell phones a bucket full of women's jewelry and actual videotape of the man murdering his victims he had been dismembering his victims cutting them up so small that he had pieces of them hidden all throughout his house the police were shocked and horrified when they realized the extent of the crime scene as of right now the police are still trying to extract dna from the bone fragments to identify the victims many of which are probably missing people in the meantime the identity of this prolific serial murderer has still not been released.

9.Human Burgers

Joe methamy much like jeffrey dahmer and john wayne gacy was a truly gruesome killer but for some strange reason despite the horror of his crimes he is not as well known if you're one of those people who haven't heard of him get ready to be shocked joe was arrested in baltimore back in december of 1996 at the time police knew he was responsible for at least three murders but after he was convicted of these murders he finally spilled the beans that he killed at least 10 people he also admitted that he was a cannibal and that he served his victims to unsuspecting patrons of his burger stand he would take the meat from people he killed and mix it with pork or beef or simply use it as it was and shockingly enough joe told the authorities that not a single person could seem to taste the difference between regular burgers and those made with his victims joe was given several life sentences to be served continuously and without the possibility of parole since his arrest however he has repeatedly begged for the death sentence in an interview joe told the press that the only thing he regrets about his killing spree is that he was caught before he had the opportunity to kill the two people he really wanted, his ex-girlfriend and the guy she replaced him with.

10.boyfriend stew

Katherine knight killed her boyfriend and then turned him into a stew for this bizarre crime she became the first australian woman to receive a life sentence without parole the terrible murder came after a lifetime of toxic relationships catherine's life and relationships were plagued with abuse violence and frightening fits of temper in 1995 she moved in with john price the man who she would eventually murder according to friends and family she had wanted to marry him but john declined when he refused to get married catherine turned violent in 2000 the pair argued and catherine tried to stab him in the chest price had to get a restraining order against her but they later reconciled price however would not let knight move back into the home in order to protect his two older children on february 29 2000 she let herself into john's house seduced him in the middle of the night and once he was asleep she stabbed him 37 times catherine then went downstairs dragging his body behind her she hung him from a meat hook in the living room one of the tools of her trade as a butcher removed his head then cooked up a meal using his body along with potato and pumpkin some squash and a bit of gravy that she intended to later serve to jon's children after catherine finished cooking her lover she took john's headless body and lay down with it in bed she swallowed a whole bunch of pills and fell asleep when the police arrived the next morning at the behest of john's co-workers who were worried because he didn't show up to work they found catherine covered in blood john's body and the remnants of her macabre meal she claimed to have no memory of what she had done but was charged and convicted of murder.

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