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Celebrity Security: How England’s National Football Team Are Using Dogs for Protection

With the rise of fame comes the rise of threats to celebrities. Not only is their net worth common knowledge, but their mansions’ locations and prices are often available on the internet. This invites a host of unwelcome attention and, recently, a spat of burglaries and security issues.

By Rachel GrayPublished 22 days ago 3 min read

To deal with this rising threat, many celebrities have taken to buying specially trained protection dogs with security insurance to help protect their family and assets. Companies such as Chaperone K9 and Elite Protection are some of the biggest in the security dog sector, providing some of the UK’s leading footballers, musicians, and the World’s Strongest Men with the protection they need.

But which of the England squad are deploying protection dogs to protect their homes?

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling has had an impressive career from Liverpool to Manchester City and Chelsea. He debuted for England’s National Team in 2012. His net worth currently lies at $45 million – with his Cheshire-based mansion costing £3.1 million.

To help protect his family, as well as his home, Sterling invested £15,000 in home security when he bought Okan, the rottweiler, back in 2018.

After the burglary of his home in December 2022, while he was away at the Qatar World Cup, there is no doubt that Sterling is determined to keep his family and fortune safe. And Okan is the only one way to ensure a more secure home for this famous footballer.

Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker debuted for England in 2011 and played for teams such as Aston Villa and Manchester City. With a net worth of £25 million, he believed a specialised guard dog was crucial for the protection of his family and home.

Back in 2021, he spent £40,000 on a Doberman named Apollo to offer added protection to his £3.5 million six-bed mansion in Cheshire.

Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish is one of the great faces of the England squad, playing for Aston Villa, England, and now Manchester City. Grealish is reported to have a net worth of approximately £20 million.

And with his growing popularity and income comes a growing concern for safety and security. When Dele Alli’s house was raided in 2020, Grealish invested £25,000 in a Belgian Malinois.

Since then, Jack Grealish has gone on to purchase again from Chaperone K9 Services this year. Adding another two protection dogs to his home, spending a further £40,000 on his security. This comes after his popularity at the 2021 World Cup and his transfer to Manchester City.

Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford has seen incredible success since his club and national debuts back in 2016, playing for Manchester United and England. As of May 2023, Rashford’s net worth was £65 million.

Home security is increasingly important for footballers, especially those with the status of Marcus Rashford, as an increased concern for their safety grows. Previous attacks have taken place with Rashford’s brother, Dane, and Trent Alexander-Arnold’s brother, Tyler, being robbed at a restaurant in Manchester by two armed men.

It is no wonder that Rashford invested so early in K9 home protection. Back in 2018, Marcus Rashford invested in his protection dog, The Saint. This was seen in succession with other footballers, such as his teammate Phil Jones, who also invested in one of Chaperone K9’s 12-month-trained guard dogs.

Harry Maguire

While Harry Maguire has not purchased a permanent protection dog, he has had dogs involved in his security. The Manchester United player has had his fair share of protection worries throughout the years.

With an approximate net worth of £20 million and a £4 million Cheshire mansion, Maguire has had his own threats to deal with. After a bomb threat was made on his house, sniffer dogs were deployed to check the security of his home.

Whether it is a unit of sniffer dogs seeking out bomb threats or specially trained Doberman and German Shepherds bought for added home security, footballers are looking for ways they can protect their families, homes, and assets. Protection dogs offer loyal security against home invasions and burglaries, and with an escalation in the number of footballer-targeted crimes in the past 15 years, it is no surprise that many of England’s National Football Team are opting for this level of protection.


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