'Castle': A Rom-Com Procedural

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The ABC Series I Never Knew I Needed

'Castle': A Rom-Com Procedural

One show that has stayed with me a few years after ending is the television series Castle starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. While the show has ended much to fans' dismay, I'm happy we had it for as long as it lasted. What was so special about this series, and what made it work more than just being a procedural series, is that there was comedy mixed into the plot more than other cop shows these days.

The pilot explains very quickly what type of show this could be and immediately grabbed my attention the first time I watched the episode. We meet two polar opposite people in the opener: a tough detective, Beckett, of the NYPD and Rick Castle, a famous mystery writer who has just published another best seller. These two characters cross paths over the titular murder case of the episode when Detective Beckett comes to question Mr. Castle about said murder, due to the case having the crime scene from the murder plucked from one of Castle's books. He finds it interesting and wants to solve the mystery; she just wants to close her case. He gets under her skin; she sees him as a pest.

After solving their first case together, Castle is inspired by Detective Beckett and plans to base his new character off of her. Wanting to follow her at work to write an authentic take on a female cop, he gets to be "on her case" as he puts it. Kate sees him as a liability and someone who could cause the case to fall apart if not careful. However, Castle is able to pull a few strings and he is somewhat welcomed to the precinct. Over the course of each episode, we have a case of the week and Castle and Beckett attempt to catch the killer before it's too late.

Almost immediately as a viewer, you notice the chemistry between the two leads of the show. While it could seem like the will-they-won't-they thing would get stale after a few episodes, as a fan of the show myself, that is one aspect of the series that kept me tuned in every week.

The show kept me tuned in week after week due to the chemistry of the entire cast, which changed minimally throughout the eight years being on the aired. Creating relationships and surprising storylines at times, yet these moments helped make this series unique to other cop shows. We all know how often procedurals pop up on every network over the years. This one stuck out above others to give us mystery and crime solving along with a rom-com aspect not usually seen much in a show mostly solving crimes.

With many memorable episodes, intriguing mystery arcs, and unusual murders, the NYPD fictional team from the 12th precinct had some great moments of television over the years. But all good things, unfortunately, must come to an end. While I knew the series wouldn’t last forever, I was sad when one of my favorite shows left the air in 2016. While I think the show had a bit of life left in it to go into a final year, the powers that be at ABC network decided to end our time with Castle and co. You can definitely nowadays read online about the rumors and circumstances possibly behind the series getting canceled before it’s time. I choose to look at it in a different way. As a fan, I was sad for a series I liked a lot to end. But re-watching episodes recently I was reminded what I liked about the show in the first place and had a fun time revisiting old episodes I hadn’t seen in a long while.

As I am a fan of many types of shows; over the years I’ve come to love certain shows long after they’re gone. With Castle, in particular, I see the many things I love about being a fan of TV: the complex relationships between certain characters to the more funnier moments of the show you could pay more attention to in a second or third viewing. Castle might not be a show for everyone, but for someone like me, I feel very attached to the characters of this series and am very happy to be able to still view the series on DVD as I have recently been doing in my free time. Sometimes all you need is a crazy murder scene and your favorite cop/author duo to team up and solve the case for you to have a fun day binging an old favorite from recent years.

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