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Can I Go to Prison for a White-Collar Crime?

by Lancy Bragg 2 months ago in guilty
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Who Is A Criminal Lawyer And What Is Their Purpose?

Criminal lawyers defend people accused of crimes. They also help determine if a crime is prosecutable in the first place, and how criminal rules relate to civil law. Criminal lawyers can work on behalf of prosecutors or defence attorneys, but not both at the same time.

A criminal lawyer can help you if you're facing criminal charges, including drug and theft charges. If you are accused of having sexually assaulted someone, your lawyer might act as a consultant on your case so they can ensure both sides are being treated fairly. They also ensure that evidence - like your DNA sample - isn't tampered with or lost. You can also get legal aid for white-collar crimes. What are those? Let's find out.

What Are White Collar Crimes?

White collar crimes are any criminal act that involves an element of dishonesty or deception on the part of the accused. Crimes in this category include embezzlement, bribery, tax evasion, fraud, and other crimes where a person is accused of using their authority over others to commit crimes.

Criminal lawyers can also help you if you're facing charges for driving with a suspended license or committing a hit and run. Let's take a deeper look into some specific white-collar crimes:

1) Bribery

Bribery is an act of corruption that involves an agreement and promise to give or transfer money, property or favours in return for a bribe. The bribe must be generous and more than monetary, such as offering to protect trade secrets. Bribery is a common white-collar crime.

2) Money Laundering

Money laundering is intended to hide criminal proceeds and evade law enforcement agencies who might otherwise discover them. Making or receiving a large amount of money in a shorter period is an indicator of money laundering, and if your criminal defence lawyer suspects that you may be involved in money laundering, they will investigate the matter.

3) Tax Fraud

Tax evasion involves taking advantage of loopholes in the tax laws to pay less tax than you are legally obligated to do. Criminal lawyers can help you get justice in tax fraud cases based on allegations and charges.

4) Pension Fraud

Pension fraud involves taking advantage of loopholes in current law to steal from your company's retirement plans. Your company may give pension plans that are open to everyone, but if you find a way to take advantage of the plan, you may be committing a white-collar crime. Employment lawyers too can take a look at such cases.

5) Cyber Crimes

Cyber crimes involve the use of computers and networks to perform criminal activities. Criminal lawyers are always helpful in white-collar crimes like cyberbullying, threats online, and much more.

6) Insider Trading

Insider trading is the practice of using material non-public information to trade securities. It often involves company directors, officers, employees, or their immediate family members. Insider trading is a serious crime, and those accused have been fighting back by using criminal lawyers for the best possible outcome.

Punishments And Prison Sentences

White collar crimes can bring about a number of punishments based on the degree of the felony. A second-degree misdemeanour can land you behind the bars for a maximum period of 60 days while a first-degree misdemeanour can put you in jail for a year and you may have to pay fines up to a thousand dollars.

A third-degree felony makes you liable for being behind the bars for a five-year sentence while a second-degree felony results in a 15-year prison sentence and a third-degree felony would results in a 30-year prison sentence. Hence, getting a criminal lawyer can be more important with the degree of felony.


If you find yourself being falsely accused of a crime that you haven’t committed, it is imperative to consider legal assistance from experienced and professional criminal lawyers. Choose a lawyer who can offer you the best possible legal representation for your criminal cases. Regardless of whether you're being charged with a drug offence or a violent crime, criminal lawyers can assist you with various criminal cases and through all stages. Choose a law firm with a great winning record when it comes to white-collar crimes and that can certainly help you out with your case.


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