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Brazilian Father of Taylor Swift Fan Who Lost Her Life Speaks Up About the Tragic Event.

Brazilian Father of Taylor Swift Fan Who Lost Her Life Speaks Up About the Tragic Event.

By uff nayenPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Brazilian Father of Taylor Swift Fan Who Lost Her Life Speaks Up About the Tragic Event.
Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

Weiny Machado recently addressed the tragic passing of his daughter, Ana Clara Benevides Machado. Ana Clara fell ill during a Taylor Swift concert in Brazil, and despite being rushed to the hospital, she unfortunately passed away.

Weiny Machado is currently grieving the loss of his daughter, Ana Clara Benevides Machado, who tragically passed away after falling ill at a Taylor Swift concert in Brazil. In an interview with local outlet Folha de S.Paulo on November 18th, Weiny expressed his profound sorrow over the loss of his only daughter, describing her as a happy and intelligent young woman. Ana Clara was on the verge of completing her psychology degree in April and had been diligently saving money. Weiny struggled to find the words to convey the depth of his pain, explaining that his daughter had left home to pursue a dream but returned lifeless.

Weiny, the father of the 23-year-old, emphasized his desire to gather more information regarding the incident. He expressed his wish for a thorough investigation to determine whether there were any restrictions on bringing water into the venue and whether there was any negligence in providing assistance. Weiny acknowledged that the singer had been distributing water to her fans, which he found absurd given the scale of the event. While he acknowledged that nothing could bring his daughter back, he expressed hope that if negligence was indeed confirmed, those responsible would be held accountable to prevent such a tragedy from befalling others.

Ana Clara attended Taylor's Eras Tour concert at Nilton Santos Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on November 17th. In a translated statement, T4F (Time for Fun), the organizer, mentioned that Ana Clara was not feeling well and was promptly attended to by first responders. She was then taken to the medical center at Nilton Santos Stadium for initial medical assistance.

The statement further explained that due to the circumstances, the medical team decided to transfer her to Salgado Filho Hospital. Unfortunately, despite almost an hour of emergency care, Ana Clara passed away. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Ana Clara Benevides Machado.

According to local news outlet G1, the Rio Municipal Health Department reported that Ana Clara experienced a cardiorespiratory arrest. The exact cause of her death will be determined by the Instituto Médico Legal (IML) and has not yet been disclosed.

Upon learning of Ana Clara's passing, the "Delicate" singer expressed her sorrow. Taylor took to Instagram Stories on November 17th to share her heartbreak, stating that she was at a loss for words. She described Ana Clara as incredibly beautiful and far too young, and expressed her condolences to the family and friends of the fan. Taylor also mentioned that she would not be able to address the tragedy during her show, as the grief was too overwhelming. She ended her message by stating that this was the last thing she expected to happen during her tour in Brazil.

At a certain moment, she expressed, "The heat is simply unbearable. Therefore, if someone claims to require water under such scorching conditions, it is undoubtedly a genuine necessity."

Furthermore, the recipient of 12 Grammy Awards made an official statement regarding the rescheduling of her November 18th concert in Rio, attributing it to the excessively high temperatures. She emphasized, "Ensuring the safety and welfare of my fans, fellow performers, and crew is and will always be my top priority."

The father who is mourning the loss of his daughter has requested an inquiry into the death of Ana. He has urged the organizers of the event to verify if the attendees were prohibited from carrying water bottles into the scorching venue during a heatwave in Brazil.

Machado expressed his desire to investigate whether there was a prohibition on bringing water and if there was any negligence in providing assistance. He mentioned this while stating that he was on his way to Rio de Janeiro to repatriate Ana's body. Videos shared by fans from the concert depicted audience members chanting for water, as the temperature inside the stadium reportedly reached 60C. Unofficial estimates suggest that around 1,000 people fainted during the show, as reported by Folha. Swift, who was deeply saddened by Ana's death, was observed repeatedly requesting stadium staff to distribute bottles of water among the crowd of 60,000.

The representatives for Swift and event organizers T4F have been contacted by The Independent for their comments. T4F had previously expressed their condolences to Ana's family and friends, stating that she received immediate attention from the team of firefighters and paramedics at the venue before being taken to the Salgado Filho Hospital. T4F also announced that water stations would be available at the Nilton Santos stadium for the second show. However, Swift later announced on Instagram that the performance was postponed due to the extreme temperatures in Rio.

Expressing deep sorrow over Ana's passing in a heartfelt tribute on social media, the singer known as the "Anti-Hero" expressed her profound devastation.

In disbelief, she shared, "It is with a heavy heart that I write these words, as we lost a devoted fan earlier tonight, just before my show."

Although lacking much information, she emphasized Ana's remarkable beauty and the tragic fact that she was taken from this world far too soon.

Overwhelmed by grief, she acknowledged her inability to address the matter from the stage, as even attempting to speak about it brings an immense wave of sorrow.

Demise was initially announced by Folha, with confirmation from her cousin Estela Benevides. I would like to express my profound sorrow for this loss, and extend my heartfelt condolences to her family and friends.


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