Bail Bonds: Expectations vs. Reality

The good and the bad. A bail bond isn't what you think.

Bail Bonds: Expectations vs. Reality

Everyone thinks a bail bond is used for a criminal; someone put in jail for wrongly committing a severe crime. But that's where you are wrong. There are various ways a man can be placed in jail; in fact, even smaller innocent crimes that seem like nothing can cause someone to be put in jail.

Much like most businesses, the bail bond industry is a lot different than what most people expect, and that is why I am here to tell you the reality of Bail Bonds and their purpose.

Every business, whether great or small, is not always perfect, and even companies that protect our states have their flaws. So like them, the bail bond industry is not perfect, but we are here to talk about the good and the bad.

Granting Freedom: Expectation vs. Reality

As most everyone knows, a bail bond is used to grant freedom to someone in jail. Bail is the amount of money they have to pay to get out of jail. Each person arrested is given a bail amount. Most of the time, it's an amount that the person may not be able to pay, but that's where collateral comes in. A valuable item can be set as collateral for the bond payment until the court date is assigned and completed. When you pay the bond in cash or collateral form, you are free to go home.

Not everyone can be granted the opportunity for bail. Repeat offenders, people considered a flight risk, and anyone that deems a threat to the public will be denied bail. All of this is decided by the court.

Sadly some people are given a chance for bail because unknown to the judge; they were a threat. If only we were able to read the minds of these criminals and see a person's appearance based on their heart rather than what's on the outside.

Posting Bail for a Friend: Expectation vs. Reality

Your friend is in jail, and you have no idea what to do. Should you post their bail? Not many people posting bail for their friend knows the sad facts that come with posting someone else's bail. If you post someone's bail for them, you are automatically stating that if they don't show up to their court date, you are willing to pay their bond in full. This puts trusting someone to a whole new level.

Showing up to Court: Expectations vs. Reality

After someone has been released on bail, they are given a court date. Mark this one on your calendar. Forgetting your court date might be worse than forgetting your wife's birthday, but who knows we'll let you be the judge of that. If you forget this significant court date, not only will you be put back in jail, you will also have a bench warrant sent out, which is given to your bail agent, police officers, and even local bounty hunters. What may have been a terrible mistake might cost you your freedom and point evidence against you in your case.

The Price of a Bond: Expectations vs. Reality

Getting a bond from a bail bond agency means you're paying more than you would have thought. While most companies charge by the hour, bail bondsman charge 10% of the bond. Even though you are not required to pay for bail, if you show up to your court date, 10% of your bond is a forever fee that doesn't go away until you pay it. What's worse is that if you don't pay the 10%, they can go to the police and courts.

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Sarah Rodgers
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