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A teen boy to a cyber crime officer

A boy follows his passion

By Malik BilalPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
A teen boy to a cyber crime officer
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

There once in a small town called POCO TOWN lived a by named Ali.Ali belonged to an middle class family and his father owned a small shop as mall as a car of bike repairing.When the young boy was 11 his father passed away and left Ali and his mother alone. Ali was a kid to control the shop or earn money. Soon his mother started to work at peoples houses’s to run the home and manage the expenses of Ali .Ali was an excellent and smart boy. At the age of fifteen he thought that he has no one to support him as his mother was getting old and she will not be able to work at multiple houses anymore.Ali was now in middle school and he was interested in computers. His mother just worked at two houses now as Ali was studying on scholarship. He was passionate about his love. His uncle George asked his mother that if he could work at his barber shop as a hair dresser and earn money.But his mom knew that he can be more than just a normal barber.In the middle school his friends made fun of him as he walked to school and his friends came on bus or car. But what possibly was he able to do as he was unable to afford the school bus. His motive was to become a hacker for the cyber crime as his teacher Sir.Zubair set some dreams in his mind.Dreams of becoming an good officer and hacker for cyber crime.He pursued his motives and worked hard. At age twenty he was doing good in college but the problems didn’t left him alone. He came home from college as normal and saw an ambulance and stretcher with his mother’s unconscious body lying on it.He rushed to the ambulance and found out that his mom has a heart disease and she was being taken to the hospital. He sat with his mom and tears started felling down his eyes saying mom you will be fine.He was glad to hear that his mother is safe but she is under an coma of 2 years. He was not so happy and started praying. He prayed everyday and started as an intern of his college teacher so he could pay his moms medical bills and food for himself.Many days he didn’t ate food just for hides mothers medicine. As his motive of serving the country was very strong so he passed his exam and was now selected as a chief of cyber department.All his hardwork brought back his happiness but still he was not able to share all of his achievements with his mom.When he was 22 he one day returned from office and saw his mom awake by the nurse. The level of his happiness was so good that he started crying tears of joy.He shared everything with his mom and moved into a new house. He got the surgery of mother and was so glad to have her back.This lesson tells us about to be passionate about our dreams and always follow our dreams,never give upon anything.Hardwork is the key to success.Middle school child’s should always think about their future motive and have a lesson from Ali’s story as our own life.By the unity and continuous struggle of middle schoolers our country can reach its peak in literacy and employment and by all these works our country can grow and rise as we are to learn.The story of Ali can make people get inspired,get dissolved with the passion he had and most importantly his story can change lives.So let’s think about it and follow our passion.


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Malik Bilal

I am just a teenager who is 14 and half years. I am interested in writing stories to boost my confidence and check my productivity,capability and writing skills.THANK YOU.

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  • Malik Bilal (Author)4 months ago

    Mashallah what a story

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