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10 Shocking Secrets About Pablo Escobar

You Never Knew

By Shadow ManPublished 8 months ago 8 min read
Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar, that infamous drug lord we all know and love from the hit Netflix show Narcos. But yo, even though he’s a household name, there’s still mad facts about this dude that the history books ain’t talkin’ about. So, listen up homie, we’re about to drop some knowledge bombs on ya with 10 little-known deets about the King of Cocaine that’ll leave ya shook.

10. He’s the Reason There Are Hippos in Colombia

Pablo Escobar was known for runnin’ a tight ship in the drug biz, but here’s a little-known fact — this dude was also the proud owner of a herd of hippos! That’s right, he imported ’em all the way to Colombia for his own private zoo. And get this, after he went down, these hippos were set loose and now they call the Amazon river homeboy! These animals adapted real well to the South American climate, and while some are contained on Pablo’s old property that’s now an amusement park, others roam free like bosses. Nowadays, there’s a big debate goin’ on whether these hippos should be put down or protected as part of Colombian history. Ain’t that wild?

9. He Was a Major Driving Force for Medellin’s Transformation

Yo, check it — Medellin’s been killin’ it lately as a tourist hot spot, makin’ it on lists as one of the top spots to visit in South America. But, let’s be real, it wasn’t always like that. And, if we’re gettin’ real, Pablo Escobar’s got a lot to do with it’s recent fame. But hold up, we’re not talkin’ ‘bout how he put it on the map, we’re talkin’ ‘bout how the city’s made a major come up to shake off it’s association with the drug lord.

The city’s been hustlin’ for the past 30 years, pourin’ money into improvements to overcome the violence, hardship, and all that other mess that was goin’ down. And boy, let me tell ya, it’s paid off big time. They’ve got their own metro system now and they’ve been workin’ hard to eliminate any spots connected to Escobar, turning ’em into parks and cultural spaces. Like, the Monaco Building, where Pablo once lived? That joint got destroyed just two years ago and now it’s a memorial park dedicated to the victims of his reign of terror. So, Medellin’s comin’ up and it’s leaving the past behind, fo’ real.

8. There’s Speculation as to Whether His Death Was Suicide

so the DEA takes credit for catchin’ and killin’ Pablo Escobar on a rooftop in Medellin, but hold up — that’s not the whole story. According to the man’s own son, Pablo was a pro at stayin’ one step ahead of the law, havin’ strict rules for stayin’ under the radar and keepin’ himself and his fam safe.

But, get this — despite knowin’ the DEA was hot on his trail and monitorin’ his calls, Pablo made a phone call to his son from a line that wasn’t exactly safe. He told his son where he was and said a sort of goodbye, tellin’ him to stay safe. A few hours later, the DEA ambushed Pablo on the rooftops nearby and took him out.

Now, some folks say this was all due to some top-notch detective work, but others think somethin’ fishy might’ve gone down. It seems a little strange that Pablo would give up his location like that, leading many to wonder if he actually wanted to get caught and was ready to end his reign as the king of Medellin.

7. He Was a Family Man

who knew the most notorious drug lord of all time, Pablo Escobar, had a soft side? Despite causin’ all that chaos and destruction, homeboy had mad love for his fam. According to his old lady and his offspring, he went all out to keep ’em protected and safe, even though he did some sick stuff on the daily. He’d be doin’ the dirt and then switch it up, actin’ all normal with his family. Word is, he even taught his kids about kindness and bein’ good peeps. Sounds crazy, right? But it seems like deep down, Pablo knew he was in the wrong and wanted a better life for his kids. And it worked, cuz they’re still kickin’ today, just keepin’ a low profile and away from the spotlight.

6. His Prison Wasn’t Really a Prison

So in ’91 Pablo made a deal with the Colombian g-men where he agreed to do time, but only in Colombia to dodge being shipped off to the US where the consequences would be waaaay worse. He agreed to serve five years, but of course he wasn’t gonna do it just any old way. He had himself a private jail built, more like a luxe mansion with a bar, nightclub, and billiards room, you feel me? He was getting regular visitors and living the high life, even though he was off the radar to the public. In his mind, he was living life like a king, no doubt.

5. You Can Meet His Brother if You Visit Medellin

While Pablo’s fam keep a low profile, one relative’s out here makin’ bank off Pablo’s infamous rep. Yup, we’re talkin’ about Pablo’s bro, Roberto. Tourists love takin’ these Pablo Escobar tours in Medellin, and the cherry on top is sittin’ down for coffee with Roberto at the end. This reserved dude’s more than happy to reminisce and give the tourists a real taste of what life was like during Pablo’s reign. And if you’re lucky, Roberto’ll even snap a pic with ya and spill some tea on the darker days.

4. One of His Former Homes Is Now a Theme Park

Even though the luxe Monaco building bit the dust a few years back, there’s one Escobar joint that wasn’t wrecked: Hacienda Napoles. Hacienda Napoles was one of Pablo’s many vacay homes in the Antioquian countryside. What’s sick is instead of tearing it down, the Antioquian gov decided to turn it into an amusement park. Today, you can hit up the water slides, swimmin’ pools, and petting zoo. You won’t see any nods to Pablo there either, unless you know the deets on the hacienda’s shady past.

3. His Old Prison Has Been Converted into a Monastery

Yo, remember that baller jail Pablo built for himself? Well, it’s been given a fresh start now. La Catedral, as it was known, sat unused for a minute after Escobar’s downfall. But then a group of monks came along and bought the property. They cleaned it up, renamed it La Virgen Desata Nudos, and made it a house of worship. Now, they and the locals gather there to pray and give thanks. You can still visit, but you won’t see any remnants of Pablo’s wild lifestyle. The monks keep it righteous now.

2. His Old Gardener Holed Up in a Bombed Home for Years

Turns out not all of Pablo’s cribs got a facelift to erase the shady past. Take Hacienda La Manuela, sittin’ on the shores of Guatapé res. It got blown up in ’93, just before the big man went down. That joint was one of his favs, but even after the explosion, the gardener/guard stayed and gave illegal narco tours to anyone willing to visit. People were hopin’ to find stacks of cash left by Pablo, but nah, no luck so far. Nowadays, the Colombian gov’s got control and it’s off limits. But if you’re feelin’ daring, there’re still sketchy tours that’ll take you there, or you can check it out from a distance on a boat tour cruising by.

1. He Almost Became the President of Colombia

Despite all the violence he brought, Pablo Escobar was actually a major player in the hearts of many in Medellin. People knew about his brutal crimes and tactics, but he still managed to win over the community by playing Robin Hood. He showered the town’s struggling folks with loads of dough, buying their loyalty and silence, and they saw him as a hero giving them a better life. His popularity was so high that he even ran for prez, and he was killin’ it in the polls. If it wasn’t for the justice minister Rodrigo Lara Bonilla spilling the tea on Pablo’s wrongdoings in a public speech, he might’ve actually won. Sadly, Bonilla’s bravery cost him his life.


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