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Writing is my way of expressing myself.

By Burnt BaguettesPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
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There are many ways to be your authentic self. But for me, there are three. When I’m writing, sleeping, and speaking Spanish. The one thing I can talk about for hours is writing. I enjoy it a lot and it is a way I can express myself and it is a way for my true authentic self to come out. Writing is my happy place and has always been my happy place. Just imagine your own world. You can do whatever you’d like in that world. That’s what writing is.

This is how I express myself using writing. I got back into writing in 2019. Around October and i just got the urge to write again and just write and write. Nothing really just writing and not stopping until I was satisfied. I will never be satisfied when it comes to writing, so that’s just something I can do forever. It’s my way to express my sexuality and just be open about something that the world will judge me for. Keeping things in google docs forever. Making random stories.I genuinely don’t know what to write about. So I am just gonna type random things, usually, that works to get the ideas flowing. My mom likes to talk to her friends about how I write a lot, mainly fanfiction and she likes to tell her friends that I made it through quarantine because I wrote so much. I am gonna talk about that. So I like to write fanfics in the third person about some Minecraft YouTubers, I am mentally unstable if you could tell. Yeah. I would write these fanfics every day since summer school last year. I was studying for the ISEE over zoom and I was going into the 8th grade and so I just started to write whatever I felt like I didn’t want people to read it, this was just for my own good. I posted it on a site called Wattpad and the next day I already had 65 reads, which was a lot when I first started and still is. That’s like half of my grade. It is crazy really. I can’t write them anymore because I’m so busy, one of them is 111k reads and then the original one that I started in summer school has 212k and I haven’t had time to update recently for like the past few months but people still leave request and comments and its crazy after all this time people are still enjoying my fanfics. I have 300 followers which I just realized I was at 239 last time I checked so that’s crazy. I joined on October 11 2019 and started writing some interesting stuff that I refused to bring up and even think about. Those should have stayed in the docs (they are now long gone off the internet). I feel like it’s a part of me now, I want to just have a free weekend where I can write again, but that hasn’t happened, maybe in the near future, it will happen. But I don’t think I will ever stop writing, it has just become a part of me and I may want to even be a writer one day.

I am just gonna rant about regular writing now. So I know how to make a google drive and like folders and stuff thanks to English. And yeah. So I made a few folders pertaining to different things I have written. One of them is one-shots. With is just a bunch of short stories in like different chapters that could legally count as one chapter. My brain can’t comprehend how to write an actual story. With like the same plotline. It just gets boring and I want to start each chapter fresh. So yeah. A lot of my friends know I write and they find it really cool. Its my happy place. And I just write what I’m thinking and make it into a story. It is pretty cool. I have the tabs for the stories I was writing open at the moment. I mainly write after school or after homework. And on the weekend. It is my break from this world. I make up my own characters and put them in unreal love scenarios because that makes me happy. I can’t write anything but love. I don like giving false hope to people, but I really don’t understand how love works. Or how real love works. I just write things that come to mind.

I started writing fanfics and just all of writing, I just picked it back up in 2019 and started to write. It was because of a story I read. It was on Wattpad and I am going to find the name of it right now. It was called prosthetic leg. I don’t really remember what it was about but it was gay and one of them had a prosthetic leg. But I remember the person with the prosthetic leg, was about Josh or something like that, and his lover’s name was Tyler, I think it’s the opposite way around. But they loved each other. Tyler got done with life and after like 30 chapters he ended up killing himself. When I tell you I was crying, I was crying. I had read that all in one go and I was sobbing a lot while in the downstairs bathroom. Josh then also committed suicide, because the world was so damn cruel to his lover who was a flower boy, a boy obsessed with flowers, with a prosthetic leg. That inspired me to write love stories because it just broke my heart how that ended. I wanted them both to live and that’s why I write stories now. So I can make my own world and my own endings. I control the way they speak, the way they look, and how they act. Enemies to lovers is my favorite trope to do because of the chemistry between the two. I will write stories about two males, two females, a male and female, two females and a male. Someone who is nonbinary and a female. The sky’s my limit, well the galaxy is. The galaxy is the only thing stopping me from writing.


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Burnt Baguettes

I like to write sad, dystopian lesbian love stories. That is all you really need in life.

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