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By Monet GrahamPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Self Love - My Own Mother's Day Flowers 2021


The very thing that can destroy communities can also bring peace to the world. I’ve decided to contribute to the latter. My goal is to create thought provoking or motivating material to help guide or uplift anyone that need some inspiration. I don’t consider myself an expert in anything because my personal beliefs are, we are forever students. We never cease to stop learning while we are here in this life.

By Jaredd Craig on Unsplash

I have to be honest, I wanted to make a deep introduction for my first post entry (I ended up having to revise this entry a few times actually), however the truth is that I am so excited and fueled with creativity it feels like my brain is running at 6000 mph!!

So instead of all the fancy verbiage, I've chosen to act like a kid entering their Kindergarten class for the first time and just say Hi.

Hi, my name is Monet Graham and I want to welcome you to my profile and thank you for taking the time to read my words, my thoughts. I won't say my writings will remain within a certain theme or style of writing. I plan on using Vocal to express my thoughts, utilize my creativity in writing short stories, poems, etc.

A little bit about my background, I am a single mother to an amazing son, I also have an angel baby of who’s presence I feel around me daily. I recruit full time for my 9-5 job, I am also an entrepreneur and spiritualist. I like to include spiritualist when describing myself because normally that gives people a good idea of what I’m about. I believe in doing good, thinking good, and good will in return enter my life. I work with frequencies/energies, and I understand manifesting.

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Some of my hobbies include eating, road trips, traveling and finding myself on new adventures. I love reading, and playing video games, cooking, and discovering new foods, and music. Music is a huge part of who I am. My love from music seems to stem from birth. I lost my birth mother at the age of 3, and it seems I’ve always had this sense of void or lost in my life. I can’t really describe it; I just know that it is there. I feel it, I live it every day. The one thing that normally takes me out of this “never ending funk” has been music. My friends laugh at me sometimes because I kid you not, regardless of what radio station you turn to, there is a 92% chance I will know every song that is playing and will sing along to it quite humorously I think. My Aunt, who I now refer to as mom, being that she is really the only mom I’ve known and can remember, decided to sign me up for piano and guitar lessons as a kid, in turn I’ve had an electric keyboard and an acoustic guitar in my home/room since I can remember. Music feels natural to me. Music feels safe.

Some more quick facts, about myself I love beaches, I love animals exotic and domestic, I sometimes have “grandma” tendencies and enjoy a good word search or crocheting. And for the grand finale, I love creating. Since COVID, entered our lives in 2020, I’ve been so proud of myself because I finally have been taking on projects that I’ve wanted to for years but never felt good enough for. So I’ve been working on my drawing (both manually and digitally), and I’ve added soooo many new songs onto my SoundCloud account I really surprised myself! Let alone the fact that people are actually listening to my music!!!

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Hopefully this rambling has been somewhat entertaining to you. I won’t go on for too long about how insanely not normally my life is. But I do want to say that this platform is open to anyone! I never discriminate for any reasons. I consider myself a decent human being and friend. If there is a topic you would like for me to write about, let me know. Or you can also send a tip with a suggestion as well.

I’ve been feeling a poem trying to emerge from my brain, so I look forward to how that turns out....

If you’ve made it to the very end of this post, I appreciate you!! I also, hope that a flood of blessings, love, and joy opens upon your life. And final reminder, always be true to who you are.

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Monet Graham

Full time mom. Entrepreneur. Spiritualist. Over thinker.

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