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with you all the way

by APRIL JOHNSON 2 months ago in Friendship
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with you all the way

The shadow of the leisurely cloud pool is leisurely, and the things change and the stars move several times in autumn. Old things become yellow and people grow old, but a heart, which is the wind from east to west, never changes. Years slip through the fingers, and years pass by without knowing it. Once, I was a toddler by your side. Once, I thrived under your careful care. On the road of my life, there is you - Mom! You don't have the pedigree of a scholarly family from a wealthy family, so of course you will "roughly" educate me. However, I like it! Your sayings are like wind chimes for my growth. The long ringing of the wind chimes shows my bravery, my self-reliance, and my beloved heart!


do you remember? When we were young, our family was so poor that we had to go up the mountain to chop firewood and sell it. So, timid and cowardly, I followed behind you and went up the mountain to chop wood... However, that time, you deliberately left the hatchet on the road. When you got home, you told me to pick it up by myself, otherwise I would not have lunch. I am so aggrieved! But more of a fear. Along the way, I ran, but I always felt that there was something in the lush forest, and my fearful heart was revealed! After I got the hatchet, I rushed forward, afraid of…. Calm down after returning home. And after a while, I saw you sweating and panting, and handing me a few fruits in your hand. I'm stuck! It turns out that you were always behind me and helped me pick the fruit that I was afraid to pick out of fear! I'm really stuck.... From now on, I am no longer afraid, because I know that you will always be by my side! Your "violent" way taught me to be brave.


When it was noon, suddenly the sky was furious, and the dark clouds overwhelmed the city. Without an umbrella, I was uneasy in the classroom. Because, it means that I will accept the "baptism" of God. Not long after class, other students went home under the warm words of their parents. And I, can only lead the line of hope to the home. However, the pouring rain cut the line again and again! "It is better to be respectful than to obey," I accepted. However, when I got home, I didn't even have a chance to be angry and coquettish, and you said, "If you don't bring an umbrella, you'll get caught in the rain. Go and boil water for a shower!" What? In addition to being sad, I am more regretful and angry. But, since then, I have learned to be self-reliant. When the teacher casts a glance of approval, I understand your good intentions! From now on, I am more confident, because of you!


I'm so sick in bed, it's so painful! But you, as soon as you heard that I was sick, immediately put down your work and went straight home. At this time, you can't care about your stomach pain. You just want to see me right away...I'm sitting on your bike and I'll never forget the feeling of my hot face on your wet clothes on your back! I will never forget the first sight when I woke up from my sleep and saw the haggard you sleeping beside my bed! At this point, I firmly believe that you love me! You have been protecting me!

The world is changing, the white clouds are rolling, the river is flowing east, and the days are flying by... And only you, live with the sun, shine with the sun and the moon, and follow with love! And I have you all the way!


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