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Top 7 Ways to Love Your Girlfriend

Show your girlfriend how much you love her

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Top 7 Ways to Love Your Girlfriend
Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

When two boys and girls fall in love, their feelings and language change. This is a great feeling. It’s hard for you if she doesn’t know about your love, then you have to put in a few more activities to make her feel about you. If she doesn't know how much you love her, you may not get her in life. How to express your love to a girl? Here are the top 7 ways to love your girlfriend.

1. Make yourself attractive to your girlfriend

Girls expect a lot of care and responsible behavior from their boyfriends. Touch her politely to make yourself attractive to her. Put your hand on her shoulder, hold her hand. Also, too, such her physically in any other way. But that doesn't mean you have to touch her unintentionally. You take care of her a lot, that feeling must be born in her. You can also charm her with a nice and small kiss and a careful hug. Walk hand in hand and occasionally walk with hands behind her back.

2. Be helpful to girlfriends

Always help and encourage her as much as you can. For example, your girlfriend got a job offer in a good company. But she doesn't give viva. Your job at the moment is to encourage her, to appreciate her talent. Give motivation to her work. If you always help and encourage her, she will help you too. Will feel attracted to you. It will create a tender feeling in her heart for you and she will love you very much. She will make you believe that you are serious about achieving success in your life. She will feel encouraged by your work. Many times, she will be in sorrow and despair. Then you should be by her side. Stay by her side at both good and bad times.

3. Be a polite person

A girl wants her boyfriend to be a polite and smart person. If you want to feel her love, then you have to put in some extra effort. For example, when two of you go out for dinner outside, you should give her a chair from yourself to sit down in front of you. For this little thing, you may get some deep affection from her. You don't have to be over-smart for getting love from her. But you have to maintain a little intelligence. Such as, you can drop her home on your bike, you can give her a gift sometimes, you can take care of her family members and solve her problems as you can. You have to help and be gentle. All in all, you have to gain trust from the inside of her mind.

4. Be a thoughtful person

This may seem difficult to many. Again, many may be worried about how to be thoughtful! Think about your girlfriend. That is, you need to know what your girlfriend likes or dislikes. So when she tries to tell you something, listen carefully. When she does something, she is happy or upset. Celebrate if she is happy, write a love letter for her if she is disappointed, try to make her happy. Come see a good movie about her. Buy her favorite chocolate. So take the time to try to understand her. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present and future tenses of her likes and dislikes.

If she is depressed or having a bad time, talk to her and tell her, "I can understand and feel your pain. Don't worry, don't be sad, everything will be fine." Give her peace in this way. You will see that she will feel much peace and love you more. Concentrate on her desires. For example, if she has a favorite book, give it to her as a gift. You see, she's surprised and says You eat! I can't believe that you remembered my wish! "That way she will be attracted to you.

5. Try to understand your girlfriend

No one is above mistakes. If she makes a mistake she will stop talking to her for but a week, but that's not the case Because she too may have, may have needs. She is human too, so don't expect anything from her that she can't afford. Don't blame her if she doesn't make a fatal mistake. If she wants to break your anger, don't ignore her. Doing so may cause her to slowly begin to despise you.

Try to understand her. She must have some problem. Or having difficulty adapting to a new situation. Maybe she's having a bad time. Maybe some of her close relatives have died. So don't treat her badly without understanding.

6. Get rid of girlfriends

You must continue with the respite. You need to know how to get rid of your girl. Maybe she wants to go for an outing with her girlfriends. Then you should agree to it. When hanging out with them, refrain from calling or texting frequently. Maybe you're too excited to text her every five minutes. But she may be upset. Neither extra care nor discipline is good for the relationship. Give her freedom. As a result, she will feel more love for you. Moment her reverence. You see, you got a return gift for it.

You need to know if she needs you or not. Maybe she doesn't want to be a burden to you. For each of these things, you need to know.

7. Be romantic with your girlfriend

No matter how much you love her, if you can't express it, you'll just waste time. So treat her with some kind of romance, so that she realizes that you love her very much. Again, there is no need to do anything that you think is coercive or unnatural. Express your love for her naturally. You can send her flowers and give her a favorite chocolate gift. Besides, you can write sweet love poems for her. Can cook her favorite food. You can send her a beautiful love message. You can dance together. Can go for a moonlit night. You can listen to her favorite songs and so on.

By Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash

If you are more romantic then your love will not decrease. This is how you love your girlfriend.


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