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6 Easy Ways to Make Her Sexually Excited

The top super tools to make her sexually addicted

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
6 Easy Ways to Make Her Sexually Excited
Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash

Every love relationship has an ultimate aspiration. And this is to have a lot of sex with the people you love, to enjoy some exciting moments. Women want it too. The more you can satisfy her sexually, the more she will accept. But maybe she doesn't show extra sexual addiction to you out of shame.

They do not express excessive sexual behavior beforehand. Because they think that by doing this they will break the traditional gender roles of men and women, women will not get acceptance and praise anywhere.

At the same time, they think that they may be rejected and that they will not be able to please men. But there is no reason to think so. You can solve it yourself. Below are the top 6 tips on how to make your girlfriend more sexually attractive.

1. Start from the beginning

Only when you start having sex with your lover's clothes undressed does she not fall in love with you. You have to be proactive to attract her sexually so that you can spend a beautiful moment. Women take a little longer to get sexual arousal. So if you can arouse her in advance then you will get the benefits of having sex.

If you want her to have sex with you, start some activities before you finish your office work. Whenever you have time in the middle of work all day, give her short messages, call her and talk sexually provocatively, and make her mood to have sex with you. Looking back from the office, she's waiting for you.

2. Favorable environment for sex

Your mind wanted and started having sex with her, but that's not the case. Girls think, 'I have to be perfect to give a man sexual satisfaction'. To create an environment just before sex so that she feels that she has all the qualities to give you sexual pleasure. It's as if she's saying, 'I'm fine.' So that she may surrender herself completely to you, as you do.

3. Relieve her

It is not easy to have sex with her if she is under stress for any reason. Girls have a trait that they want to solve a problem first. They do not show interest in happiness without a solution. All they want is to solve all kinds of problems. So keep her mentally stress-free.

She has a shortlist of tasks that she prioritizes, such as cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, babysitting, and so on. Reassure her that these things are not more important than relationships. Tell her more, you will like to happily help her with her work after spending a nice sexual time.

4. Respect her insights

Arguments and quarrels cannot create the right environment for sex. Rather they push you further away. Occasionally, to be happy and to enjoy sex, the true and right thing has to be abandoned.

If you have any suggestions or arguments about the relationship then that is another matter. But talk about some common topics, such as politics, horror movies, superheroes, etc. See her 'point of view'. If you agree with her preferences, you will be rewarded for the time of sex!

5. Make her initiative by herself

If you want her to always be enthusiastic about you, do not let her down when she tries. Suppose you are not ready for sex or romance, but she is trying to be initiative. Don't disappoint her at that moment. Because girls do not like to be rejected, especially when it comes to sex. So the important thing is, you don't do it. When she is eager to have sex on her own, stay positive. If you show a positive attitude, she will always want to do it.

6. Her happiness should be your priority

The key to good and happy sex life is to be generous. She may have some likes and dislikes. If you can prioritize the things she likes while having sex in bed, then you will see that you can enjoy the sex life more than you expect. She wants to be happy in bed and double the profit if you are good at it!

By Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash

Then one of her goals is to make you happy and she will want to have sex with you again and again. To find out what she likes most when she has sex in bed. If you think she has a secret about something she likes, talk to her, try to find out, and flatter her while you're out of bed.


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