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The contract

by Ianis😜 3 months ago in Teenage years
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Chapter one

Ayșe Gurel is forced to marry the most influential man in the world due to family problems. The two can't stand each other because of the personalities they have. He is calm and calculated, but he is impulsive. Will the two be able to overcome these differences and give love a chance?

Today was a happy day for Ayșe.

He had just received an acceptance email from the world's most prestigious university, Harvard.

Enthusiastic about the news she received, Ayșe goes to her parents, who were in the kitchen.

- I entered Harvard!

- Congratulations! Our little girl is going to be a lawyer.

They take her in their arms and kiss her. Even though they were happy for her, there was great pain in their hearts.

- Enough enough! I have to go to Cemre and give him the news, then I think we'll go out and celebrate, says Ayșe.

- OK Go! her mother answers.

After leaving the room, Pelin, Aysa's mother, became nervous.

- What are we going to do? Our daughter doesn't know we don't have the store anymore and now she's at Harvard. We cannot disappoint, we must find a solution.

Murat looked down, unable to look at his wife. He felt that he had disappointed this family. He was the man, he had to find a solution.

He got up from the table and left.

The thought that he could not support his family and that they lost the store because of him destroyed him.

The steps led him in front of the house of Ferhat Aktaș, the most dangerous man in Turkey.

Two men led him to Ferhat's office.

"Mr. Murat, I didn't think I'd see you again after you lost the store." What brings you here? Ferhat says mockingly.

- I have a problem and only you can help me solve it. I need money. See, my daughter ...

- I don't want to hear any more details. I don't care about your daughter. Now, tell me how much you want.

"I think 50,000 pounds would be enough."

- And how are you going to give me back?

- I work for you. Anything.

Ferhat thought for a few seconds. How could an old man like Murat help him?

- Works for me. I never refuse a person who is willing to work for me for free. Although ... money is not easy. Your daughter will return it to me, with interest.

Ferhat snapped his fingers and a suitcase full of money, along with a contract, were brought into the room.

Without thinking too much, Murat signs the contract.

He was happy that he had managed to get the money for his daughter, but also sad because she would have to give it back.

After a day in the city, Ayșe returns home. She was tired, but her happiness had not yet disappeared from her face.

When she entered the house, she was surprised by her parents. They organized a small party for him. Tears began to form on her face.

- Wow, I didn't expect that! Thank you!

- We have another surprise for you.

Her father went to the bedroom and took the suitcase with the money. Then he went back to the living room and gave it to his daughter.

Ayse opened the suitcase. Happiness was gone, but anger had appeared. She had known for several months that her parents no longer had the store, she knew they had no money, she knew everything.

- Dad, where did you get this money from?

"What do you mean, my dear?" What's that question? It's our savings.

"Savings," he heard. Dad, I already know we don't have any money left. I ask you one more time. Where did you get them?

Embarrassed, the man looked down. So does his wife. They knew the truth would make her even angrier, but they had nothing to do.

"From Ferhat Aktas," says her father at last.

- Ferhat? Of all the rats with money, did you go to Ferhat? La Ferhat? Dad, what did you do?

"You went to Harvard and I knew you were going to need money."

- I could find a job.

- No, I refuse you to do that. I'm the man in the house, I have to take care of this family.

- Going to Ferhat, is that how you take care of your family? What did you give him in return?

- Nothing.

"Dad, lie and tell me what you gave him in return."

"I promised to work for him for free and ...

" "And ...

" "He said he wanted you to give him your money back."

"It will be my pleasure."

Ayse took her suitcase and left. Her gait was hurried. She was nervous. She couldn't believe her father turned to a man like Ferhat.

That rat ... she thought.

Arriving in front of Ferhat's house, Ayșe was ready to confront him. The only people preventing her from entering were Ferhat's bodyguards.

"I came to see Ferhat Aktas," she said authoritatively.

"Mr. Aktas is busy." He can't receive you.

Aysa didn't care if Ferhat was busy or not, she just wanted to come in and give him the money back.

He knew he couldn't get in front. So he tried to get behind the house and jumped the fence. She entered the house through the back door without being seen.

Even though it was a large, multi-room house, she knew exactly where Ferhat was. He was in the bedroom with an appetizing brunette trying to win him over and make him fall in love with her.

If there was a romantic atmosphere in the room, it was now destroyed by Ayșe, who threw the suitcase on the floor, thus reaching Ferhat's feet.

The brunette turned to her in fright,

not knowing what was going to happen. But Ferhat was not at all impressed, on the contrary, he was bored.

"I think they belong to you," Ayse said.

"You can go," Ferhat motioned to the brunette.

The brunette gathered her clothes from the floor and left the room.

Ayșe wanted to do the same, but she was stopped.

"You're not going anywhere!"

- Yes, I said what I had to say, now I'm leaving.

Ferhat rushed to the door and closed it. Ayse was cornered. His arms were on either side of the door. His whole body was tense. Ayse knew she had summoned the monster, but that didn't terrify her.

"Look, I know I ruined your one-night stand with that girl, but if you opened the door now you could still catch her." I bet he's in no hurry to get out of the house.

- Why go after someone when I can play with you, who is already in the room. You look more interested.

- Dream, this will never happen.

A smile appeared on Ferhat's face.

- Won't you? Honey, maybe you forgot, but it's already happened.

These words annoyed Ayșe.

- You bastard! Enjoy this life as much as you can, because in a few years I'll put you in jail and make sure you never get out again . And this is not a threat, but a promise.

- You can't, you owe me. If I were you, I'd be much nicer to the person who gave you the money.

- I brought them back. I don't need them.

Ferhat turns his gaze to where the suitcase is. Then he walks away from the door.

Now it was time for Aisha to leave, but she stayed.

- This suitcase stays with you. Your father and I have already struck a deal. I don't care what you do with them. But I'll want them back as soon as possible. Oh, yes, with interest.

Ayse gives way. The thought that her father would work for him frightened her. Her father was quite old and had heart problems. He certainly wouldn't have resisted.

- Let's find a way. I can't let Dad work for you. He is also ill.

"I'll tell you exactly what I told him when he wanted to tell me why he wanted the money. I don't care!"

- Ferhat, understand, I'm turning to your human side.

- My human side? I'm pretty sure you told me I was a monster the last time we saw each other. So not Ayşe, I won't please you. Now go and get your suitcase.

At that moment, Ferhat's bodyguards appeared.

"Sir ...

" "Don't even try to explain it to me." You are all fired. Now take the young lady out. It's been almost a week since Aysa's visit.

It is still trying to find a solution. She'll have to leave in less than a month, so she had to hurry.

Her father started working for Ferhat. From morning till night. He works at some of his family's warehouses. For someone else, picking up containers, boxes and other things would have been easy to do, but for Murat it is a torment, especially at his age.

Aysa's morning started exactly as she started a week ago, looking for a job.

After several failed attempts, Ayșe goes to the kitchen for breakfast. She was frustrated that she couldn't find a job.

The kitchen was empty. Her parents were not there.

- Mom, Dad, where are you?

- In bedroom.

- What happens?

"Your father was hurt."

- No, Wormwood, I'm fine. I have to get up. I have to work.

Murat tried to get up, but he was so weak that he fell back into bed.

"Dad, I'm leaving," Ayse said.

- No ...

- No "No". I set. I'll go until you get better. Now rest!

It was 10:00 and Aysa was in Ferhat's house again. His house reminded him of their relationship they had 2 years ago. Sometimes he hoped that the old Ferhat would return and destroy this monster. A monster who gave up her love for the family business.

- What are you doing here?

This man's voice startled Ayșe.

- I came to work.

"Your father is already working for me."

- I came to work for him ...

- I've had this discussion before.

- Not feeling well. Maybe it's because you work him like a donkey. Now give me something to do.

- Okay, as you wish. I want you to clean the whole house. You have 8 hours. If you fail, the debt increases.

- You bastard!

- Time passes. You can keep these insults to someone who really cares. Nurten, show the lady where the cleaning products are.

A rather old, short lady appeared from the kitchen.

Ferhat leaves.

Teenage years

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