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Playdoh Bikini FAIL

by Melissa Bezborotko 2 months ago in Embarrassment

Why did we think a playdoh bikini would work?

Let me tell you the story of when my two besties (Jessica and Chelsea) and I had a sleepover that went embarrassing for Jessica! But, of course, it started like every other sleepover. First, it was convincing my friend Jessica's mom to take us to the store for snacks. We got chips, chocolate, gummies, and of course Slurpee's! Then to our local Blockbuster (note this is 1998) to rent a movie. I wish I could tell you what we rented, but other points of this night are forever stuck in my mind. When we got back to Jessica's house, it was a little too early to start a movie. So, we decided to play truth or dare. No sleepover is legit if you don't play truth or dare. We dared each other to kiss Jessica's younger brother, tell the truth about your current crush, tell a dirty secret, etc. You know moral truth or dare protocols. After a few rounds and some good laughs, we decided to move on. Putting on the latest Back Street Boy cd, we danced around and sang (poorly, I might add). Then our tummy's started to rumble. We left Jessica's room and asked her mom if she could order a pizza for us? I know we could have eaten the junk, but that was for the movies and a snack at 2 am. Jessica's mom said ok and ordered us the pizza. It would be about 30 minutes to arrive. Now what? That's when Chelsea noticed on the kitchen table Jessica's little brother's playdoh set. She suggested we play with the playdoh. So we did.

STOP... Information you should know is that we were 14 years old at this time. Ok, continue...

We decided to sculped our dream date. We were giving our playdoh man muscles and a large penis. Of course, we thought that was super hilarious. Then Chelsea got an idea, "Why don't we use this playdoh to make bikinis on ourselves and wear them to answer the door when the pizza guy arrives!"

I don't know why we thought this was a great idea! However, upon making our playdoh bikinis, we realized we did not have enough playdoh. So, Chelsea and I dared Jessica to do this solo. She agreed, haha! We did help her, of course, make the best seashells we could to cover her boobs. But it wasn't sticking all that great to her skin. So I suggested some water to try and make the playdoh stick better, maybe even some tape. We were successful just in time to hear the doorbell ring.

"We got it!" All three of us yelled.

I grabbed the money off the kitchen table and handed it to Jessica. She opened the door wearing the seashell playdoh top and a pair of black shorts. The pizza guy just started at Jess as she stood there with a big smile on her face. He finally went to hand the pizza box to Jess, but when she lifted her arm to grab the pizza box, that movement made her playdoh bikini fall apart. Now, Jess was standing at the front door. TOPLESS! Panicking, she covered herself with her hands and ran off into her room. Chelsea and I completed the transaction and brought the pizza back to Jess's room. To our surprise, she was not crying; Jessica was laughing. So, we joined her in the biggest laugh-fest I think we ever had. Jessica put back on her top, and we ate the pizza. We vowed to each other that we would never tell this story (Opps) and to never forget the night our make-shift playdoh bikini failed!

The End!


Melissa Bezborotko

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Melissa Bezborotko

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