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Our Best Ever Sex Happened During the COVID Lockdown

by Mythili about a year ago in Dating
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Well, technically it was not sex but it was the closest to the best sex we ever had in a long time.

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Our love story started 7 years ago in the sinusoidal world of the software consulting industry.

We were both young, brash, and full of beans and we struck off immediately. That, I was almost giving competition to Adonis and she to Aphrodite added fuel to the passionate fire already burning within us.

Friends, frenemies, and colleagues envied us and soon we were the talk of the town for painting the town red at all sorts of ungodly hours. And our parents approving my relationship was the biggest icing on our love cake. We moved in together lock, stock, and barrel.

Then the cracks started appearing. We ignored them but they soon became fissures. We continued ignoring them. And one day finally, a big, massive misunderstanding mushroomed its way into our life. I will not delve into what exactly happened at that point in time, but the output was pure disaster.

I still remember that night when we screamed our guts out at each other and the neighbors had to call the police to reign us. He threw my luggage out (yes, he owned the apartment), I burned all his gifts in front of his eyes.

We even maligned each other massively on Facebook, Instagram, and every possible social media just to the delight of our naysayers. That we were immature would be an understatement. We could have handled things in a much more dignified way, but we goofed it up badly.

Anyway, the story ends. I got an assignment in Korea and he got in the US and our love story ended unceremoniously without a proper closure. This was 5 years ago.

And then the COVID pandemic came and started locking us into our houses indefinitely. Everything was shut down. Everything was canceled and my 16-hour-long programming workday suddenly reduced to a barely moving crawl. Clients had postponed my contracts and I suddenly found myself with a lot of time in my hands; to dwell, to think, and to introspect the life that has gone by.

It was at this time I got a message from him on Facebook (that we had still not unfollowed each other is still a mystery to both of us)

“You there? Are you safe?”

I read the message nearly 13 hours later (time zone issues) and it took me another 8 hours to realize that he has messaged me after all this time. I read the message for the hundredth time. I was in a dilemma.

I was confused. Why now? He could have just let sleeping dogs lie. All kinds of thoughts, from anger to revenge, to ignoring, to the whole story of 5 years of our courtship flashed before my eyes. And I finally came to realize that I had never really forgotten him and this seemingly innocuous text of his again brought his memories painfully back to the surface.

“Yeah, I am fine. How about you? Hope you are safe. “I finally replied.

The funny thing about relationships and about breakups, in general, is that you never know when you will get the opportunity to fix it. Sometimes you wait for an entire lifetime for closure and finally end up at the deathbed with more questions than answers and sometimes you get answers when you are least expecting it.

Yes, there are many relationship experts available, doling out bits of advice for every possible situation, but I am damn sure no relationship expert in this world can ever predict the resurgence of a dead relationship.

That is what exactly happened to us during the lockdown. The chats gradually increased. We started spending more and more time with each other. Both of us are married now with families and both of us shared the similar fate of having been stranded in a foreign country in dangerously uncertain times. Our lives are at stake. Our careers are at stake and back home we have people praying for us to be safe.

Yes, we graduated to video chats and video calls shortly. We also cleared the misunderstandings that separated us 5 years back. We had a good laugh over it but deep inside, we kicked ourselves for goofing it up badly. A lot of water had passed under the bridge but strangely the water still carried the flames of our passion and we became uncomfortably aware of it as our eyes still lusted after each other.

We ignored it. We tried changing topics. We did everything possible not to get attracted by each other. We even stopped video calling for some time. However, the passions only increased, and episodes of our awesome sex life flashed before our eyes.

We knew it was wrong. We knew we ought to be guilty about it as we might be cheating our partners but then the situation was spiraling fast out of control with both of us even occasionally talking about “leaving our partners” to get back together.

That was when we decided to give closure to our chapter. We were both matured, and we realized that we had already burnt a relationship and now in order to rejuvenate it back, we are planning to burn two more great relationships (mine and his). This is sheer hara-kiri that needs to be stopped.

Therefore, we decided to meet one last time, have sex, and then unfriend each other completely.

I remember that night. Aromatic candles all around my place and his place, the video screen showing both of us undressing in front of each other gently, peeling one clothing at a time, mouthing dirty talk, and self-touching our bodies exactly the way we would do with each other.

We revealed our deepest sexual fantasies with each other and mutually masturbated slowly in front of each other until we climaxed together into a mind-blowing shared orgasm.

Yes, you may argue here; this is not sex. Yes, it is not in the truest sense, but this was the best sex we had after a long long time. We moved beyond our physical bodies and created a positive bond of eroticism and trust that keeps us closer despite the remoteness.

We just focussed on giving each other pleasure selflessly while making this moment a memorable one for both of us in the times to come.

As Hans Nouwens has rightly said.

“In true love, the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.”


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Mythili is a programmer by passion and a connoisseur of fine arts like painting, calligraphy, and pottery. She writes in the twilight between relationships, creativity, and human behavior.

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