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"O(LD)h Boy!... Men, Men, Men!"... Is Today's Topic.

When men act immature and how it can affect a relationship.

By Carla SofiiLove Garcia Published 2 years ago 4 min read
"O(LD)h Boy!... Men, Men, Men!"... Is Today's Topic.
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In the years that I've dated, I can't say I've dated a specific type of man, but have always been drawn to older men. I have heard it all before, people's theories as to why that is; daddy issues, mentality of older men being more mature, different life experiences, wanting to learn something new from them... blah blah blah! What I have to say to that, is some of these are true but I view this as an opportunity for growth, exploring different options, and expanding my knowledge. Men in general are smart and interesting creatures, put on this earth for a multitude of reasons, but hurting women should not be one of them. This article is being written based on my own experiences with both men my age and older men, and is not based on facts or scientific proof.

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In my opinion, older men have a lot more to bring to the table apart from the obvious (life experience), and I appreciate the ones I have met so far. Its something about their demeanor, personal/work ethics and morale (most of the time) that makes me feel at ease. Like I said, this is my opinion based on most of my experiences, I have had my share of doubtful situations, but they also taught me a few things as far as what to look for moving forward. I will try to stay on the course of a positive article to I may shed some light for those who are skeptical on dating an older man... I am not wanting to scare you away, lol.

The oldest man I've dated was about 13 to 14 years my senior... yes, I know it sounds like a lot considering I am only 31... I promise it was consensual and I was of age when this took place. I guess I can say my interest peak while going to the office with my mom after school and seeing how professional they would carry themselves. Then I had the experience of growing up around my dad's friends, which would come over every single day for their late night gatherings that my mom loved so much (sarcastic tone to this sentence, lol). My dad had a large group of male friends and since I was the only child at the time, they would spoil me with love and affection, so I grew up thinking that older men would be like this while I got older. I enjoyed their company, they were like father figures to me; kind, caring, loving men. During High School, I went into taking a part-time job with my dad at a Bankruptcy office; I met a handful of professional gentlemen, both attorneys and sale reps... awesome! The point is, I grew up around more older people so it developed my personality of who I was wanting to be and what I was striving for, professionally and personally. I have a mature mentality thanks to those relationships I built.

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The further I got into life, the more I chose to explore a world outside of the professional realm; I dated men that I would meet at cafes, restaurants, clubs, you name it. I have dated quite a bit but have only had a handful of serious relationships. I can say I have been happily engaged twice to two amazing men, but I do believe it never reached its peak due to not being 100% what I was looking for. I enjoyed the exploration that an older man would provide men, but I was engaged to men that were around my age; my interest in those relationships diminished before they could begin. I felt I was trying to make things work with those relationships but being unhappy at the same time. So, I left them on great terms, I didn't leave with any bad blood, and continued on my ventures. May I have made some vital mistakes letting them go? Maybe, but its too late now to try to look back. Then I met someone that I felt was the love of my life, a man that was 17 years my senior... a kindred spirit. We had many similarities if not all things in common; he truly became my other half. I have to admit to something now, the reason the relationship ended so tragically, it was purely my own insecurities and doubts of the relationship. I do still love my ex, I miss him everyday, and wish I could go back and fix things.

The conclusion of this article, is that older men have taught me so many things about life that my parents hadn't... I'm not speaking of sexually, I am speaking about general life experiences and life lessons. I appreciated the men I had in my life and nothing bad to say against any of them. I love you all with all my heart and wish you all the best! Ladies, if you choose to date an older man, not as a sugar daddy... like actually date them, I promise it'd be the best decision you've ever made. Look good!


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