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No Where To Hide

Your Money Can't Save You When Walls Start To Talk!

By Danielle DeutschPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
No Where To Hide
Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash

If walls could talk… Just imagine it.

What would run wild through your mind? Would it be more anxiety-stricken thoughts, or confident, nothing-to-hide steadfastness? It depends on what you’re doing. For me when the walls start conversing back and forth like my home office is suddenly a big cocktail party, the world would hear all about how I’m a mindful movement nerd who doesn’t like mindlessly sitting in positions that keep the hamstrings short.

“Why do those funny humans sit in front of screens most of the day?” the younger wall asked the older.

“Oh, she’s pushing on me again… Momma, do you think I’m strong enough to hold her yet?” asked the younger wall.

But I imagine it’s a different story for someone dealing in dirty illegal businesses as is the case with the twisted truth behind the billion-dollar business of human trafficking.

“Who is he talking to on that screen again? He has such an intense demeanor in these moments,” whispered the wise old wall.

“Psst… Why are we whispering?” asked the younger wall.

The older wall replied, “You don’t want him to punch you in the gut like your brother over there do you?”

“Sigh, I wish he’d acknowledge us more than that glass screened device thingy and those weird pill and needle substances over there."

“Ah, must be a new package!” Just then the man got up from his computer to check the door. “Welcome home, miss!”

“Run away, now!” shouted the young wall to the girl entering.

She shrieked and before she could turn around, the man grabbed her arms and escorted her to her new bedroom.

“Now shut up, wall before I punch you in completely” yelled the pimp.

“Ha. Ha. Ha." The walls laughed...

"Go ahead, we're not afraid because we're calling your bluff,” the walls spoke together. “You wouldn’t because then you’d have nowhere for your shady business, huh?”

“STOP! In the name of love…” the walls start singing in unison.

“…before you break… hearts beyond repair.”

“What-cha gonna do, what-cha gonna do… When they come for you… after hearing our songs shake this house down?” “What are you gonna do? Go underground where those walls will challenge you too?”

Everyone’s eyes grew wide when they heard sounds of sirens outside the house and then pounding on the door.

“Game over,” proclaimed the walls.

One month later – the pimps sit in a jail cell serenaded by the chatter of the walls that surround them offering guidance and peace in their presence. “Grandma was right” spoken with tears rolling down his cheeks. “Drugs and alcohol were no way to deal with issues of loneliness and abandonment… What can I do to turn this life around while I’m in this place?”

The man stood on his tip toes to look outside the narrow window, watching other inmates doing community service, anything to not be left to themselves.

Imagine if walls could talk. How many more cases of human trafficking could be detected and stopped before it’s too late? There would be nowhere for them to hide their dirty dealings. The lost souls demanding this kind of “service” could find comfort and guidance through the unlikely counseling of the walls that surround them. If only they can quiet the negative thoughts in their mind.

This short story was written to bring awareness to an issue that flies under most of our conscious radars every day.

For further awareness on this issue, check out the documentary of a true story (you will hardly believe what is actually going on around you).

Don’t be a silent wall. If you see something suspicious, tell someone.

And of course, if you’re feeling lonely yourself and have an urge to turn to alcohol, drugs, porn, or sex talk to someone – don’t keep it to yourself. Because I guarantee you there is more solace and peace outside of alcohol, drugs, and sex than the so called short-term pleasure that those things could ever offer.

Stay vigilant and alert, always!

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Danielle Deutsch believes all of us have the greatest super power ever - THE ABILITY TO CHOOSE! Some of us learn from our mistakes faster than others. Find a slower learner and give them a lift today! :-)

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