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My Feel Good

Music Has No Boundaries

By Beautiful IntelligencePublished 3 years ago 6 min read
My Feel Good
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It has been said that money drugs and sex are vital things people need to feel alive or create happiness. So much so, that there have been hundreds of songs, if not more created behind the feelings of having these things. The irony in this trio is that although they create a sense of happiness for a period, the feeling usually leaves when it ends. But music is one of the top paramount pleasures that create a long- lasting generational effect. It is what makes people move, feel emotion, come together in harmony, and feel free. Music is played with, during or while in the act of the trio. Music takes you into a different place and you never forget the feeling. It doesn’t matter what class, background, social status, country or disability music is heard and felt with practically anyone or everyone. The great thing about music is that there are over 1,300 genres to choose from, and it breaks through all kinds of barriers. People from all walks of life can suddenly become relatable or influential to the masses. The beauty and power of music transcends, deepens our connection in/with or even outside of this world. The downside of music can also encourage worldliness pleasures that go against humanity or social norms.

I am a person who gets lost in whatever kind of music that makes me feel good. Most of the songs that have an irresistible trance on me, where I leave this world and just have a tingling sensation of ease, peace and happiness are from some of the greatest singers and musicians known across the world.

Prince’s “Adore” is a beautiful song describing the love of his life and how there are no words to describe the amount of love he has for the person. It is not only the simplistic romantic words that catch you, but it is instruments behind the music as well. Prince was one of those artist’s that played twenty-seven instruments. And if I’m not mistaken, I think I can hear all of those instruments in this one song.

Musiq Soulchild’s song “Who Knows” is beautiful and expresses romantically to a significant other to give love a chance and allow their love to grow in one another. The idea of the song is that their love grow just as beautiful and indescribable as the love Prince has in the song “Adore” for his lover. The video to this song is so artistic, as well as the instruments played, and high notes hit together with his amazing vocals.

Stevie Wonder’s “Until the Day” is a classic beautiful song. This expresses more of the length time, while using creative analogies and reversal of mathematical congruencies to assure his lover of their security and his faithful allegiance to one another. The words make you really think about the message he is conveying.

Teena Marie’s “Dear Lover” song mesmerizes me with its lyrics. This is another song that uses artistry dealing with space and time, and intertwined souls traveling to find one another. It sheds light on the strength of love and how it always finds each other.

Mary J. Blidge’s song “I Wanna Be With You” is smooth R&B song that talks about the in’s and out’s of a relationship and choosing to stick together throughout the good and the bad. I love beat, the harmony and passion sung behind the lyrics. I feel the energy of the song.

Another song I feel the energy behind is Chris Brown’s “No Bull..” melody. This is just a fun slow jam to listen to when you’re in the mood for love making. There’s a release in the song that makes you feel all the passion he’s singing about. Chris Brown also has a great, soft voice with crazy runs.

Troop’s remake of “All I Do Is Think of You” and Hi-Five’s “I Like The Way” is a feel good dance song about the person of their dreams and how they make them feel. It’s a catchy, cute, rock from side-to-side beat that gives the same tingle inside as seeing a beautiful person of interest.

Most of Ronald Isley’s music is way before my time, but I love “Who’s That Lady.” The funky beat, talented musicians, and rhythm sound of the guitar makes me want to get up and dance, move my feet. It takes control of my body and I can’t sit still. I love it. The irony in it, is that there aren’t that many words. The lyrics are literally a repetitive paragraph. Yup. It’s the music for me.

I have one last song before I get into the sadder Debbie downer side of the music. Mariah Carey’s “Make It Happen.” I believe this song was one of her first releases if not the first. It was a hit too. I loved it as a child and although the lyrics have an empowering statement she wanted to get across of beating the odds, it’s the beat, the choir in the background, and the high notes for me. Before Mariah, we hadn’t heard a woman with her style. Although she was often compared to the late great Whitney Houston, the two had different styles and sounds. I must add, we were probably wowed with what the two of them could do with their voices.

Speaking of Whitney, I cannot say a song that I really love from her. I just loved her voice. The effortless way in which she tackled tremendously hard tones, puts her as one the top singers in the world of all times. I do love a lot of songs from her, but I will say “Why Does It Heart So Bad” really touches my spirit and brings out the emotions felt by the song, even before I hade experienced heartbreak. That is the beauty of music. The ability to make you feel things, way before you yourself have experienced it.

Michael Jackson’s “Heartbreak Hotel” is another song allowing me to share in the beauty of an experience I had yet to live through. The techno beats, high notes and creative sound effects gives a sad long song an upbeat jazzy “feel good” anthem. Plenty of people may have felt better after listening to it.

Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain” allows you to feel the shame in connecting with someone so frivolous. The temperament of the song gives you insight on the feelings of rejection and the split torn feelings of reliving the moments within the connection that were beautiful, or when feeling alive. You can feel the amount of repair the mind goes through when someone has touched you so deep and you fall in love.

Lauren Hill is another really talented legend that will never be forgotten. Her creativity, capability as a musician, singer, writer, lyricist, and rapper made her a unique and untouchable artist for decades. Her first album and even, groupmate’s album will always be a reliable to source to bring forth positivity and longevity to stand on. One of my favorite songs from her is “Care For Me.” It is a passionate song, expressing the pain it feels like to not be with the one you love for many minute reasons, but the very big reason of abandonment. You actually feel the frustration and discord of the connection within the song.

If anyone knows these songs, I guess they would categorize me as a person who not only loves songs expressing the idea of true love, but when that love is broken how angry or hurt someone can be from it. These songs are very beautiful to me for different reasons, no matter the similarities. Playing them puts me at ease and helps me to experience something so beautiful, words can’t even describe. This is how I meditate.


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