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My Eerie Dreams That Foretold My Life Episodes

Spirit tried to tell me something beforehand

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
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Dream 1: I was being shot up into the high sky

Soothing music, soft yellow lighting, cozy interior, quiet place. Anyone could feel calm and relaxed in such an environment. I was in a facial center ready to pamper myself.

As usual, I’ll fall asleep in this cozy environment.

I purposely chose the weekend and upstairs for this recharged ritual, as I prefer the super quiet environment. I didn’t know that spirit will come to ‘disturb’ me.

When I was just about to doze off, I suddenly feel like I was injected into the sky! There was a powerful invisible power that trajected my body like a rocket! The speed was crazy till I could feel the wind brushing against my skin!

My hair was flying everywhere!

I was just going up and up without seeing the sight of slowing down. I shot through the clouds and kept reaching for the stratosphere. My body was starting to feel the chill over such an extreme sensation!

‘Where am I going?’

“Who is doing this to me?’

“What’s happening?’

The height scared me when I looked down on the earth! Nothing was protecting me. My body was frozen as though I was being tied up by some invisible ropes, with my hands and legs straight up. If I were to fall I would surely be broken into pieces!


Now I was being pulled back to the earth! With the equally high speed!


Again the same sensation as I was being injected up earlier! It was scarier as I could be smashed like a meat tart on earth with such high speed! Boom! I was back to the earth — on my bed in the facial center. My room was still as cozy as earlier.

Then my beautician opened the door and walked in. She asked with a polite smile, “You had a good nap?”

Have I just traveled to the astral realm? Or is it indicating that someone dear to me will be going there in near future? My mom passed away a few months later. Spirit wants me to have a quick taste of the journey to heaven after passing?

Dream 2: A surprise hug by a big white-yellowish snake

A big size white-yellowish snake jumped at me and spirally down my body at a lightning speed! It traveled spirally from my shoulder till my toes, as though it tried to ‘wash’ something away from my body.

The ‘dream’ was too vivid and real till I jumped up from my bed, dashed on the floor, and used both hands to try to brush it off from my body! After I calmed down I only saw myself in the room and no sight of the snake at all.

Snake is my number one scariest animal in the world!

I still remembered my nightmare after I watched a movie with many snakes crawling on the floor when I was a kid. Their long and slick body movement terrifies me to no end. Just the sight of them even from the picture will send a chill to my spine.

This was my first-time dreaming of a snake yet its impact was so great that it jerked me up from my bed!

As usual, Google is always my encyclopedia for everything. It told me that dreaming about snakes could have different indications depending on how the snake came about to you.

I couldn’t find anything that matches exactly my case, but I can see snake symbols on the WHO (World Health Organisation) logo, and also on EMS (Emergency Medical Services) ambulances, etc.

I found this excerpt about such symbol of the snake:

This snake symbol originates from the story of Asclepius, who was revered by the ancient Greeks as a god of healing and whose cult involved the use of snakes. Overall, the snake represents medicine and healing, with the skin-shedding serpent being indicative of renewal. — Star of Life —

My interpretation of my dream is I’ve healed and I’m heading for renewal.

My curse is being broken — just as what the fortune-teller told me fifteen years ago. I didn’t believe him at that time, but it not only happened but happened at the age he predicted. I tagged along with my bestie when she went to see him for consultation.

I still remember this profound and wise-looking uncle examined my palm and my face for a while, then he looked at me solemnly with his earnest eyes –

‘You’re a lonely star.’

Yes, I have always been a loner, many times by circumstances.

‘You can’t marry young, otherwise, you’ll divorce’

Yes, I was divorced at a young age.

‘You will be the true love to a man, but appeared being ‘secondary’ in the eyes of the society.’ He awkwardly explained.

Yes, I’m a secret lover of a married man.

‘However, when you are about 50 years old things will start looking up for you!’ His eyes blinked with little joy.

Yes, things seem slowly changing for the better for me.

My late father who was a psychic used to tell me when I was a teenager, ‘ Your love life is going to be a very difficult journey.’

Yes, he was so right!

Parting Words

As much as I wanted to believe in science, there are still many things science could not explain from my experience and also those around me. Such foretelling dreams and fortune-telling are some examples. The universe is much larger than we humans are.

I was someone who doesn’t believe in all these things but it amazed me how it played out my life story as per their descriptions without me believing in them.

Can I still not believe them?

* * *

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