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Little Things

That keep the butterflies dancing.

By Caitlin FladagerPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

It takes the littlest things to keep things going. This list is just a few of the things you can do when you have been together for a long time to make the connection stronger. They are the things that I have discovered.

These are ways that I have learned to help me and help my partner fall in love again and again. Or maybe just stay in love.

- Start kissing them goodbye and hello every time they come home from work, or leave to go.

- When you fall asleep, face each other, and make sure one part of your body is touching theirs.

- After you have an argument, before you say you are sorry, hug each other first. Pull your partner in tightly and just hold them. After you do that, then begin your apology.

- Hold hands when you go out in public. Over time this can happen less and less, but it reminds you of this amazing person that is yours, while you are out in public for all to see.

- Grab their hand randomly, in the grocery store or on your way into a restaurant, and do not let go for as long as possible.

- When you stop to get a drink and know that they are at home, grab them something too. It shows you were thinking of them, and they did not even have to ask.

- Start saying “thank you” more. Over time, saying thank you is forgotten because we assume our partner just knows by now, tell them that you love them and that are thankful for them.

- Start saying it more. Start saying 'i love you' more.

- When your partner is talking to you, turn off the phones, computer, or tv. Overtime we begin to just assume our partner knows we are listening while also on our phones. This is not fair to them or us, start listening the way you want to be listened to.

- Put it all down, and give your partner eye contact. It is worth the extra effort.

- Put more effort into your partner's interests. Even if it does not interest you. This shows you still will put their happiness first some days.

- Start watching tv show together. Pick something you have never seen, and that you both want to see.

Do not watch this special show you choose together, without your partner. Not watching it without each other, and making it a tradition to watch it together a few nights a week creates a tradition, something special and simple and inexpensive you can look forward to doing together. A time to cuddle and laugh together.

- When you sit on the couch, or next to each other, sit close. Remember when that used to give you chills and thrill you? It can do that again. Or at the very least, make sure a small part of you is touching them, it does not have to be a lot ... it helps.

- And last but most importantly, do not forget to ask them, your partner, the person you are choosing to live with, how they are feeling. We often forget to ask simple questions. And then if we forget those simple questions, we do not know important answers.

Ask them how their day was, how their mental health is, and if they need help with anything they are struggling with.

Do not let routine get to you two.

Do not become roommates.

Love is not found in a bunch of big gestures.

It is found in the little things, that you may not even realize mean so much.

Look deeper at the little things, and that is where you will find the deepest, best love.

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  • Mariann Carroll5 months ago

    Beautiful 😻

  • Estera Lupu5 months ago

    that's something we need to be reminded of as often as possible. Thank you!

  • Ba Kit6 months ago

    Very well written and enjoyed.

  • Derwall Don6 months ago

    Very well written and enjoyed.

  • dewayne cheyney6 months ago

    Good writing

  • Bo Ellis6 months ago

    Very well written and enjoyed.

  • Vranes Samaha6 months ago

    Go for it!

  • Kirchimova6 months ago


  • Angelina F. Thomas6 months ago

    Sheer excellence! Keep up the awesome work. I am not happy about the fact that I don't have it to tip my peers online at . . .

  • Thank you Caitlin for this insight. Little things go unnoticed a lot and should be given more appreciation. Wonderful article.

  • Kylara6 months ago

    I enjoyed reading it! There are quite a lot of important points.

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