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A Momentary Loss of Hope

By Michael O'ConnorPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Nothing's satisfying anymore

Not bourbon, not arguments, not masturbating, not a great movie, only the morning coffee and cigarette. There's no relief or release anymore, we're nothing but stuck, without the hope of a road trip, or the wish of a gold coin.

We're trapped in the realm of forever hoping for it to end. I am enjoying some things in between, but nothing that says yes. Nothing that says this is what you should be doing right now, nothing that gives you that tingle of hope for something better, everything just is what it is, and what it is, is dull. Dull, and plain, and boring, and a thousand other synonyms for the same words. We're living in a place called limbo, where life is lost and hope is born, a hope that shall never be fulfilled. A hope that shall not be fulfilled until we are on the outward trajectory of this miserable state and finding something that might mean something. But the something that we seek to find, just may be something within, buried deep from our view. Buried within ancient texts and cryptic mythology which we no longer understand. We cannot have a true grasp on that which we have not lived, and neither shall those who surpass us have a grasp on what we are living now. We have no respect for the second world war, we have no respect for the invaded aborigines, how should we have respect for them when we have no respect for ourselves? And how should our succeeding generations have any respect for that which they have not lived through? They may not.

Through argument of the previous examples, our current situation has zero standpoint. We can never live up to the struggles of those who have struggled before us, comparatively; we have the lifestyle of an Indonesian holiday. What is isolation, if not a brief disturbance of our otherwise luxurious lifestyle?

In Western society, most of us seem to forget that our struggles and misfortunes can be solved with relative ease. We have a government that is not only paying us to survive, but to thrive, during a time of crisis. Every attempt that is made, is made for the betterment of the people. Us doll bludgers have been given twice the amount as usual in an attempt to stabilise the economy, and to continue the production of independent business, in times of total uncertainty. But still we feel unfulfilled.

Inevitably, we feel unfulfilled due to the lifestyle of which we are forced to live. Those of us who remained emotionally stable due to a high social life - whether it be work or recreational - have been stripped of the opportunity to indulge. We have had a part of us taken away, which made us who we are. We're talking about the people who worked in customer service, in retail, in hospitality, in the two dollar store, assisting everyday people with their everyday needs or desires. We were allowing people to indulge in their false realities, as we were indulging too. The society we live in is a society of which we do whatever we must to survive. Funnily enough, embracing the falsehoods of modern society in the pursuit of happiness, is just as difficult as being satisfied with life in itself. As they say, if only we were to live with our bare necessities, instead of our lavishness that brings outer peace, we could be happy, but is it true? I do not believe so.

Nothing is satisfying.

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