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How I Meet Your Mum

An African tale of how couples meet in the early 90's

By George Wayne Published 4 months ago 4 min read
How I Meet Your Mum
Photo by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash

An African tale that tells us in dept of how couples meet in the early 90’s in Africa.

In a secluded area deep in the forest bellow the great oak trees and no shrubs due to little sun light that hits the surface, around here its called a forest a home for wild animals. Though during the day the forest is calm due to fact that most of the wild animals live in the deep dark parts of the forest. There might be little or no game during the day and the catch depends on stealth and precision still so the animals are very wise and can sense the human from a mile away and make a run for it so as not to become the prey.

A young fearless hunter named Preston, the forest is his home and his lively hood they barely make it out alive some days because of the harsh nature of some animals but as long as they linger on the face of this earth they have no where else to turn to so he sticks to his roots and what he was taught to live longer and pass on the tradition to the generations they have an opportunity to meet.

As a hunter its essential to know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Cause time is of the essence that’s if as a hunter want to live long. Hunting like any other job except farming can be done both during the day and night. Night hunting is the most difficult but once you grasp it you will never need to worry, it is difficult because you encounter forces beyond this realm. Some are passing on, others waiting for hunters to harm, some are going about their unfinished businesses, in all like his predecessor once said “Spirits mean no harm unless you try to get in their way”.

One morning when Preston went to check on his traps as usual when there is a catch its taken to the bush market to be sold and some to the house for food, depending on how much was caught and if it can be shared for consumption and sale, it’s always the person who laid the trap makes the decision.

Despite hunting as a source of lively hood farming is essential, since to keep the surrounding and mark our territories is important. As the women spend time in the farm lands hunters go deep into the forest to explore and become the man they were born to be, fearless, brave and strong. Cause his adversaries don’t take any chances when it comes to attacking a hunter in defense and prepare for flight.

Preston upon returning from the thick forest and passing through a certain farm land meet a beautiful lady, named Kendra, as she effortlessly worked the earth, sun rays reflected on her dark soft skin, with dark eyes and soft dark hair, with sweat rolling down her hands hitting the ground. She was no doubt the most beautiful lady he have ever meet, the young fearless hunter could not help it but watch her work from a distance, his courage as a hunter helped him walk up to her and when they talked for some time, they got to know each other, from then they will meet at the village square and share stories about each other, from when he encountered a monkey in one of his expeditions and had to let it go since he blew his cover when he hid in the trees.

Kendra and Preston laughed shared moments and be the last to leave the camp fire. As they got more closer they longed for each other as the days went by and could not help being apart so they had to bring in the elders from both families and a crowd of witnesses to bind the couple together. And happily ever after though hard times came they went about their usual's and the love grew stronger.

In Africa we do not have stories of meeting at the gym, at the grocery, at the games, at the movie theater, or fancy places but when it comes to the farm, the bush market, funeral, at the road, at the stream and a special tree trunk to always meet and share some time together.and since there was no technology the family did not bother about what the husband did for a living. Once married the family gives the couple farmland to work on and raise their own family.


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