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Feelings for him

I confessed to my crush

By Rhea Cathleen De GuzmanPublished about a month ago 5 min read
Feelings for him
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The air in the small cafe felt thick with unspoken words. Lily, her cheeks still flushed from the confession, clutched her iced coffee, the melting ice mimicking the way her heart was breaking. Across from her sat Jake, his brow furrowed in a way that made his face seem even more handsome, if that was possible.

'I... I understand,' she stammered, her voice barely a whisper.

Jake, bless his soul, was trying his best to be gentle. He’d never been good with words, especially when it came to girls, and the way Lily was staring at him, eyes brimming with unshed tears, made him want to melt into the floor.

'It's just,' he began, then stopped, his gaze falling to his cupped hands. 'It's not that I don't think you're great. You are. Really. But... I just don't feel the same way.'

Lily nodded, a single tear tracing a path down her cheek. She knew she shouldn’t have confessed, not in this way, not like this. But the pent-up emotions, the longing, the stolen glances across the crowded hallways of their university, had finally overwhelmed her.

“It’s okay,” she managed, forcing a smile. “I understand.”

The silence stretched, awkward and painful, punctuated only by the clinking of spoons against ceramic mugs. Lily, desperate for an escape, looked around the cafe, her eyes falling on a familiar figure sitting at a table by the window. It was Ethan, Jake’s older brother, his gaze fixed on his phone, a faint smile playing on his lips.

Jake followed her gaze and his smile softened. “Ethan’s been meaning to ask you out,” he said, a hint of a blush creeping onto his cheeks. “He’s just... well, he’s not the most confident guy.”

Lily’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. Ethan? The one with the perpetually rumpled clothes and the shy smile? She had barely exchanged a word with him, but now, the idea of dating him, of seeing him like this, with his brother confessing his feelings on his behalf, felt strangely appealing.

“Ethan?” she echoed, trying to process the sudden shift in the atmosphere.

Jake nodded, looking relieved. “He’s really taken with you. He’s just... been too afraid to say anything.”

Lily’s heart, which had been sinking moments ago, suddenly felt a flutter of hope. Ethan had a kind face, a gentle demeanor, and his awkwardness, somehow, felt endearing. He was nothing like Jake, and yet, there was a warmth about him that drew her in.

“Maybe,” she said, a slow smile spreading across her face. “Maybe I should give him a chance.”

The following week, Ethan nervously asked Lily out for coffee. The conversation flowed easier than she’d anticipated. He was funny, surprisingly witty, and his shy demeanor, which initially made her hesitant, turned out to be charming. They spent hours talking, laughing, and discovering shared interests.

As the weeks turned into months, their relationship blossomed. They spent evenings exploring hidden corners of the city, sharing late-night conversations, and indulging in spontaneous movie marathons. Ethan, emboldened by her affection, finally came out of his shell. He was still shy, but the hesitancy in his eyes had been replaced by a newfound confidence.

Lily, who had been heartbroken after her confession to Jake, found herself falling for Ethan in a way she hadn’t expected. His kindness, his genuine heart, and the way he looked at her with such adoration, filled her with a sense of security and happiness she hadn’t known she craved.

One evening, while sharing a bowl of ice cream, Ethan surprised her with a question. 'Lily,' he began, his voice soft but firm. 'I know things started a bit... oddly, but I want you to know that I'm completely head over heels for you. And I was wondering if you'd consider...'

He paused, his eyes searching hers.

Lily, her heart pounding in her chest, leaned closer. 'Ethan,' she whispered, her voice laced with a hint of amusement. 'I think I already know the answer to that.”

She took a deep breath, her eyes sparkling with love. 'I want to be with you, Ethan. And I want to explore this with you, whatever it may be.”

Ethan’s face broke into a wide grin. He leaned forward, taking her hand in his. “Then,” he began, his voice filled with quiet joy. “Then I guess we’re officially together.”

Lily smiled, feeling a sense of relief and happiness wash over her. She had found love in the most unexpected of places, and it had been worth the journey.

Later that night, as she drifted off to sleep with Ethan’s arm around her, a faint thought crossed her mind. Maybe, just maybe, the universe had a plan for her all along. Maybe she was meant to be rejected by Jake, to find her true happiness with his brother.

And maybe, just maybe, Jake had done her a favor, even without knowing it, by leading her to the love of her life.Chapter 2: The Fall from Grace

As Adam and Eve stepped out of the gates of Eden, a sense of loss and longing filled their hearts. The once vibrant colors of the garden now seemed dull in comparison to the paradise they had known. They walked hand in hand, their footsteps echoing against the barren land that stretched out before them.

Eve's eyes were downcast, her mind consumed with guilt over her disobedience. She could still taste the forbidden fruit on her lips, a bitter reminder of her betrayal towards God. Adam, too, carried the weight of their transgression heavily upon his shoulders. He felt responsible for leading Eve astray, for failing to protect her from temptation.

But as they journeyed further away from Eden, a new world unfolded before them—one filled with challenges and uncertainties. They faced harsh climates, wild beasts, and unfamiliar landscapes that tested their resilience and determination.

Despite the hardships they encountered, Adam and Eve found solace in each other's presence. Their bond grew stronger as they relied on one another for support and companionship in this unfamiliar world. Together, they forged ahead with hope in their hearts, believing that redemption was possible even in the face of adversity.

As time passed, Adam and Eve bore children who inherited their parents' curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Their descendants spread across the land, building communities and civilizations that flourished under God's watchful gaze.

But darkness still lingered within the hearts of men—a seed planted by the serpent's deceit that continued to grow and spread like a poison through generations. Greed, envy, and hatred festered among humanity as conflicts arose over power and control.

God watched with sorrow as his beloved creations strayed further from his light. He sent prophets and messengers to guide them back onto the path of righteousness but found resistance at every turn. His heart ached for humanity's lost innocence—for the purity that once dwelled within their souls now tainted by sin.

Yet amidst despair, there remained a glimmer of hope—a prophecy foretold of a savior who would come to redeem mankind from its sins. A chosen one destined to bring salvation to all who believed in him—a beacon of light in a world shrouded in darkness.

And so it was written that God's love would endure through all trials and tribulations—that his mercy would shine bright even amidst humanity's darkest moments. For we are all children of his divine creation—bound together by faith, hope, and love for eternity.

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