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by Thavien Yliaster 5 months ago in Secrets · updated 5 months ago
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I woke up

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"The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window."

David started, setting the mood for the rest of his colleagues around him. As they all leaned in, he waited for them to signal him to continue once more.

Peterson sat there, smiling away puffing on his smoke pipe. Sam seemed content with slowly chewing his smore next to the electric camp fire. Mallory, though not wanting to display any sign of fear, clutched onto her sleeping bag ever tighter.

Though it wasn't really roughing it like how they'd originally planned, there was an eeriness to the organization's building, especially out in the main lobby floor, with nothing but empty rooms above them. Even though they were entirely surrounded by civilization, even the setting of the story was enough to give them goosebumps, even David, and he was the one telling it.

"Come on now David," Mallory spoke up, "how does it end?"

"That's the thing Mallory," he replied, "it didn't."

"What- What do you mean?"

"I mean that-"

*record scratch*

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Hey guys, it's me, Thavien here. *Sighs* As much as I'd like to continue on with this story for the challenge, I- I just can't. It's not that I can't make a decent horror story, it's that, I feel like I have something of more importance to relate to you.

Now, before I relate my experience to you, I ask of you that if you're not a fan of scary, horror, or any form of spiritual or ghost stories in any form of way, then to please leave now. I wish not to traumatize anybody. As the experiences that I have encountered, I would never wish upon another person.

If you continue to read from here on, please do so at your own risk, but do not drag others into it. This is no longer a story, but a letter.

Reader discretion is advised.

To all whom read,

Hi there. I plan on doing my best to relay my experience to you.

1 June 2022, Wednesday 09:34. I had sent a long drawn out text message to my family. I had experienced something that was out of place, let alone out of sight, at least to the anatomical human eye.

Please, allow me to relate to you what I can recall from what I had sent my family. It was my first day off after a seven day work period. I had woken up that morning and enjoyed a Chobani yogurt along with a bowl of frozen mango chunks and some microwaved eggs.

Having stayed up late the past evening, I decided to relax my mind a bit with some guided meditation. Opening up YouTube on my TV I typed in "Calm" into the search engine and pulled up the YouTube channel. Quickly I headed over to their playlist. While relaxing on the couch, I let the meditation take over as I felt myself start to drift off.

"Daily Calm | 10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation | Letting Go" was a favorite of mine at the time. It helped me to relax as I would let go of all of my feelings and allow them to wash over me as if I were a seashell on the beach shore. Letting go of my insecurities, of my inadequacies, and my fears, I drifted off closer towards an inner peace that allowed me to feel free. Sad to say, that feeling of fear that I let go, *shudders* it returned to me more than ten-fold.

Since my TV wasn't connected to my phone I couldn't loop a specific video. Naturally the playlist continued. "Daily Calm | 10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation | Impermanence" pulled up. When the narrator said, "feel the pull of gravity" I felt as if my nervous system was being pulled out of my body with a force unlike that of any other.

"Holy crap!" I thought. My breathing wasn't strained, nor did it become any harder, but it wouldn't have been the first time I was yanked from my body and thrown across the universe. No, I wasn't hanging on by any of my limbs, nor was I flying into the earth only to still be attached by the heel of my left leg, nor was my entire body being lifted upwards with only my head remaining in place at the base of my neck, let alone by my C2 vertebra, the axis, but the weight of my body was definitely being pushed into the couch, and regardless of the comfortability and humidity of the room, I could sense the indent that this force of gravity was causing my body leave upon the couch.

Commercials, they're rather annoying aren't they. If it wasn't for a rather loud and obtrusive one, I would've been stuck in that state for a while longer.

*Sips water*

By Manki Kim on Unsplash

Less I digress, I had decided to replay the video about impermanence. However, this time I had decided to lay upon the weighted blanket I had set out upon my floor. Laying in front of my window, as the sun continued to rise in the east, I felt like Andia or Fidget. Those floofa loofas are always lazing about in the big bay window of my parents' house.

Who knew that a weighted blanket would feel so perfect to sleep on? Let on on their back, belly-up, with the nostrils straight to the air. Now, I'm not a fan of dried nostrils, but it was just something about this weighted blanket, the warmness of the sun's rays, or just the meditation itself that seemed to make everything seem alright.

What I didn't notice was that I was knocked out for so long that I had gone past the playlist and something entirely different had pulled up into the queue. "Connect to HIGHER SELF Guided Meditation | Hypnosis for Meeting your Higher Self" was now playing. I must say, that I did thoroughly enjoy the sounds of nature, especially the birds. The narrator's voice was more soothing than a warm glass of honeyed lemon water. Almost nurturing, if not refreshing.

Then I felt something. I was contemplating getting up, but I was also tired and desired to relax even more so. Reason being was that recently at Sunday Mass I remember what a speaker preached about. The image in my mind was that of a man having all four of his limbs tied to ropes and then being pulled apart by four horses. What I called "draw and quartered" he called "DEATH by distraction."

I felt something grabbing at me. It felt like whenever I would lean back fully to spread out and relax, I was having my arms and legs forcibly yanked on. I was being pulled, stretched, almost in a torture like way. I remembered watching a video that debunked the scam of "The Law of Attraction." An important message from within that was, "if you fear of being attacked you may actually attract the attack to you."

In a sense, since I was being afraid of being attacked, I could of been attracting a form of negative energy, vibes, or even entities since my fear would be acting as bait.

I told myself to calm down, to relax, and that I have nothing to worry about. There's nothing to fear of as long as I choose to not live in fear. I was wrong...

As soon as I had laid down, I had felt my arms being stretched and pulled on yet again. Now, I'm a guy who's all too common at the local gym. I love to do muscle ups, chin ups, when I hit the swimming pool I'm lapping the infinity pool against the jets and even at times doing the butterfly strokes. Never, have I ever felt something like this trying to dislocate my arms from my shoulders such as this before.

Thinking that it would pass if given enough time, I couldn't bear the pain for more than a few seconds. Yet, this time, I had awoken from my sleep like state, and had grabbed it.

With a newfound strength and vigor, I had the wrist of- of- of... something. No... someone.

I had yelled out "I'VE GOT YOU!" All at the top of my lungs. Meanwhile there was a big grin upon my face now. We were in a game with which now I believe that I was in control of.

Allow me to explain. Before this event while I was back in my hometown, I was with my old group of friends. One of my best friends at the time had recently joined the Marines. I wrestled against him and he used Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu against me. That being typed, he's extremely formidable. I told him that he could've killed me three times that night when we sparred, and he told me, "I was cranking my rear naked choke as hard as I could. You seem to be able to hold your breath very well, but you did manage to reverse into me and break my grip several times. Tonight was the most difficult fight I've ever fought." Still, I don't ever plan on sparring again with my belly full of pizza and fried rice.

I thought that I was in control of this tussle with this being since I felt stronger than it. I had it by the wrist, I had it in the palm of my hands, I was still facing the window. Let it be known, this isn't the first time I've fought in scenarios like this. In an earlier attack before 2022 had begun I had fought against three or four other instances such as this. One experience being a three versus one scenario. Each time that had I awoke, I was more tired than when I had gone to sleep.

This time, since of my previous attacks and fights, I thought I was more battle hardened for this. I was wrong. So, terribly wrong. *Sighs*

Like in a wrestling match, we had shuffled our feet, but this, didn't have feet. It didn't have a form, or a body. At least it didn't have one that I could see. What I was fighting- No... Who I was fighting, was invisible. Yet, I had it by the wrist.

I had started to say the "Our Father Prayer." The terrible thing was it was trying to influence me in whatever way it could. Strength wasn't its strength. Manipulation was.

It had tried to muddy and cloud my thoughts like a flooded, muddy, river bank or a great hurricane in the sky. My tongue was getting twisted. I kept biting parts of the inside of my cheeks.

"Focus," I thought to myself. The more present and focused I came to my prayer, the more scared and fearful it got. As its influence was draining and I was regaining consciousness. No matter what I was determined to complete my prayer through to the very end regardless of how tired or tongue-twisted I was. As a young child I used to pray so much as night that I would end up falling asleep at the foot of my bed, until I woke up from my knees being sore from my bedroom's hardwood floor. My determination was set on weakening this creature as best, as much I could.

While I was getting the words out of my mouth, as in a normal grappling match, we had shuffled our feet. My back was now facing the blinders to my sliding door window, and I faced the wall. Still wrestling, grappling, holding my grip firm on this invisible opponent.

Then from the wall, something was blended in. There was an insect. Camouflaged the same color as my wall with wings of a moth, but the wingbeat and speed of a raging horsefly, the invisible entity had flown this insect at my mouth. It was trying to silence me. It was trying to prevent me from speaking. It feared me summoning the name of the Lord.

What came to my mind? Let me tell you. "Lord of the Flies. The drunk man from the story of Macbeth mentions him by name. Beelzebub."

The dryness of my lips would be stuck together, failing me to speak the words. "You fool! Do you not know?! Only God has the authority to touch me!" My mother told me that phrase. Whether I was to think it or speak it, she told me that it would always keep evil at bay. If I could not say the prayer with my lips, I could with my thoughts. At least I tried to. Doing my best to regain focus.

Its attempts didn't stop there. If you've ever seen the movie "Shallow Hal" there's a scene where he's looking through petroleum jelly that's he's wiped on his eyes. Yeah, it messed with my vision, pretty badly. I could barely see, let alone drive. I felt like I was a walking DUI, but even though my vision was made a mess, my coordination was still intact.

As if it had vanished, gone, nowhere without a trace, the invisible entity now had an invisible presence. As if it knew it couldn't win the fight, it tried to do its best to leave any form of residual damage against me whatsoever.

My vision now being tampered with, I was furious, frustrated, and above all, fearful. Shirtless, sockless, and grey sweatpants on, I had rushed over to my door with a burst of speed, hoping that if by leaving my room, that its effects would leave me. Throwing my apartment door open to the corridor, nothing had changed.

Frantically panicking, I had run up the stairs and out the door. I could feel the concrete beneath the naked soles of my feet. I could get in my car and drive away, but not with my vision so terribly impaired in a state like this. Everything was blurred and as if the entire world was a painting that was now smeared across the cones of my eyes and corneas. My car, the gift of freedom packed in a combustible engine of a metal frame on wheels, it was no longer the beautiful shape and curves that it normally was, but some terrible crayon drawing that some grubby handed child had smeared due to lack of basic motor control.

"I have to do something about this," I told myself. "I need to get Dad's gift."

Without haste, for some inexplicable reason I rushed back into the my apartment building, down the staircase, into my apartment, slamming the door behind me doing so, I ran back towards the weighted blanket. I lied down.

Then I woke up.

I arose from a groggy like state, the sound of birds from the guided meditation still played on my TV. Without hesitation, I walked over towards my bedroom, not being able to run due to my lethargy. Finding the gift from my father, I grabbed it, walked back towards the sunlight, sat down and began to pray.

As I did so, I felt something lift up from off of me. My hairs on the back of my neck and along the length of my spine arose and stood up immediately, and every time I recited the prayer. Was something being removed from me? Was something being placed atop of me? I do not know the answers to those questions.

I did say this aloud though. "Ignorant fool, even the red dragon bows down and kneels in servitude. What makes you think that you weren't made to do the same?" I was furious. Purgatorial flames raged within me out of feeling attacked and even potentially helpless. I wanted to cleanse myself from this. I wanted to wash myself of this. I felt dirty.

I sensed this by instinct though. Both I and that entity have a fear of the Lord. It has a fear of the Lord's presence, whereas I fear the Lord's absence. Hence why it attacked me so when I started to pray while wrestling against it.

As much as I wanted to leave my apartment immediately. I didn't. "Why," you may ask? Simple, I was unclothed, unshowered, and in an emotional wreck-like of a state. I felt dirty, and that I, at the bare minimum, needed to remove the physical dirt and grime from myself before entering society. I was unkempt.

Then, out of not desiring to feel alone, I texted my immediate family. They would help to console me in times like this. They always have, and always will.

Mom and Dad answered me. Mom by telling me to continue forward on my path. All good things that have come to me in forms such as my education, career, and state of health I was going to be attacked for prosperous with such blessings. Dad had given my Bible quotes to steel my resolve, as if to affirm with what I told them in the message about being made to "kneel."

Dad, I thank you for giving me this gift in my Easter Basket. Holding it while I prayed help to make me feel safe. The goosebumps that formed on my back when doing so, I don't know exactly what they mean, but I haven't felt them since. For this I am thankful.

Thank you Dad, and for the list of blessing on the back of it.

Mom, thank you for being the mother I needed to have in my life. Clothed in sun, and to be there to protect us at a moment's notice. I still remember all the times for which you would call me randomly because you said, "I felt the need to pray for you." Thank you for all the crosses you have given me, for your cross has been a big one to carry.

Thank you Mom, for I wrapped it around my hand after showering that day and kissed it so.

When I relayed this story to my coworkers, they all shuddered in fear. A female coworker of mine asked me, "Have you thought about getting your placed blessed?"

I told her, "I probably should. This is like my 4th or 5th attack since I moved in. My mother told me years ago, when I had my first one, that there was a battle going on for my soul." She shuddered even more at the those words. "I would never wish what I've been through upon another living person or their loved ones. There are horrors that even I believe are far to harsh to administer to one another."

When I relayed this story to my friends at the gym I frequent, they weren't just scared too, but scared for me. One lady laid her hands upon me and said, "May you be blessed to never have to experience such things again."

I thanked her for her kind intentions.

Now, the night grows as long as I grow weary. My flesh needs rest, and when the sun rises, sustenance.

There is a message I must tell you before I go. I hope that I have not angered nor infuriated you, and that you do not take my story as an attack on your beliefs be they spiritual, religious, neither, or both. For when it comes to people, I mainly care about the character of their person, and as my mother says, "We do not care about the color of your skin, but of that of your heart." Please, do not take my story as an affront to you and yours. My only wish is that none of you and your loved ones will ever have to experience that which I have.

That being typed, there are things out there that do not care about our thoughts or beliefs about them. We do not give them power, nor can we take it away. The sun is still the sun regardless of what we name it, define it, or desire for it to fit our narrative. It is as indifferent to us as the rules and laws of nature. There are things, beings out there that are just the same. The rules and laws that we have applied to us, and the ones that we think restrain us, are of no affect to them. I tell you this not to sway you over towards a side that I believe in, but in the hope to protect you. May you and yours be forever safe.

Lock your doors, but never your minds. To one another, may your hearts not be hardened, but compassionate for the struggles of each other. May you each be understood as you understand.

Thank You for reading.


Thavien Yliaster


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