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First date, Birthdays, and World Cup winners Argentina

By TestPublished about a year ago 4 min read


He put so much effort in making such a special first date.

We had Argentinian wine (Malbec) to celebrate Argentinas World Cup win.

He’s so romantic.

So handsome…

Everything was as perfect and more so than anything I could’ve put together mentally.

The fireplace….

We were both so honest with each other and cuddling with him was so much more than I could have ever imagined.

We picked on each other… I’m apparently a tease….. what’s a girl to do?

I told him it was his fault and that he started it. It was so much fun.

I didn’t feel awkward at all.. If anything I wanted more.

Ever wanted to be as close to a person as possible like just to them, that’s how I felt tonight. I was so beyond drunk on him.

I wish I could rewind, I totally would.

I’d replay our moments several times.

It was so amazing.

I’m looking forward to more moments together.

So much happened this week……

Leading to this date, I was so nervous.

I wanted to see how it would unravel and being in the moment was so worth it.

Clinging onto him, holding his hand/s, everything in between was so special.

What a man….

There wasn’t flowers, but we definitely found our chemistry and I’m hoping it’ll flourish with every time/event we spend together.

He’s such a tease…

I’m so thankful for him, his time and efforts.

We talked so much, about different things…

I enjoyed eating sushi with him at a place he used to go with family or maybe still does.

Wonderful customer service and sushi was great, was so funny talking about how big the rolls were…

I got miso soup and he got the ginger salad.. the name of my favorite rolls was the sunrise roll and the lover roll.

He talked to me about the Apple Watch, sounds like he really wants me to get one. I totally will. It’s very useful.. For exercising (especially in my case with the Rukus app) and other things like sending messages/reading messages and taking calls. I can say this was the best first date…. I pray I never forget it. His heart, racing…. His eyes, like mine, dialated… His eyes, I swear, melted mine.. We danced a little in his room… oh my gosh, can I relive all of it? It was all so special to me.

His scent and his presence…. So strong and masculine..

I drew hearts all over his chest.

Found my favorite red wine (Malbec), also found out I am into more dry wines.

I’m so glad to have had that wine with him. He was so considerate to share one of his favorite bottles of wine with me.. And sushi..

Made me smile so much he reached out unexpectedly….. He was so confident…

His home is so beautiful and I really liked that his moms been helping him with stuff there, thought that was so sweet.

More precious memories I hope to never forget.

His office and diplomas, I’m so proud of him.

He’s so hardworking..

Hardworking, confident and he lead our date.. Such a turn on…

I swear I almost kissed all of him. Would’ve done more if we had been official.

Didn’t I say time is the most expensive currency in the world?

Every minute, second… I couldn’t help, but cherish..

I guess we will take each date at a time.

So far, I’m absolutely drunk on him.

This weekend I had 2 birthday parties..

I spent one at Andretti for Ellyses 12th birthday party, I baby sat her and her siblings for several years and every time we get together, I try picking her up and this time she was taller than me!

I watched have fun with her friends and all of it was so nice.

The birthday I went later on was supposed to be at OPA and Cuba libre, but we ended up spending it at OPA.

6 hours which I’m pretty sure 4.5 of those hours was dancing and drinking.

We danced with the belly dancers and on top of the tables! We each had a shot and other drinks, called my parents to pick me up.

Stilettos 2 nights in a row, but so worth it.

Scheduling cycling classes for the week!

Stephanie asked if I could come on the 22nd to spend time with them and Ellyse, I’m heading there after work.

Oh my gosh I still can’t stop thinking about his eyes, smirks, kissing his lips, down his neck.

That wine is so dangerous.

He said I met my quotas, I laughed.. I want more.

I’m so glad he enjoyed time with me..

I wasn’t uncomfortable at all..

If anything, I think I was too comfortable.

I’m laughing.

I would’ve loved to sleep with him, just can’t get myself to wrap that around my mind if there’s still more to happen in order for us to become officially anything, you know?

That feeling of waking up with him and I just felt so much peace with him.

Thank You, Hashem……

First date, success.


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