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Catch a tiger

The story of catching a tiger

By gongkai2Published 2 years ago 6 min read
Top Story - August 2022

In 1994, I took over my father's shift and worked as a worker in the cutting team of Erdao Inventory Forest Farm in Huma County, Heilongjiang Province. At that time, the forest coverage rate of the Greater Khingan Mountains was as high as 90 percent, and we had many encounters with sika deer, wild boar, wolves, bears and other wild animals. That winter, just before the shutdown, we accidentally captured a Siberian tiger, which got caught in one of our carefully set traps and couldn't free itself. It was exhausted and went limp. We put a big net over it, tied it down, and carried it back to the station. It was huge, about 300 kilograms. Most people want to taste tiger meat after Zhang Zai, when the Spring Festival ahead of schedule. Field long or relatively have consciousness, know the Siberian tiger is not much, then reported the superior. After many contacts, a zoo in a big city was willing to accept him and promised to pay 1000 yuan for his labor. We take good care of this Siberian tiger, specially waiting for the car from the zoo to pick it up. The female tiger was put in a big wooden cage, and still refused to be tamed. She roared loudly, and the sound could be heard for miles, and she would not eat what she was fed. The next night, she finally brought a bigger one. It was a male, much bigger, with a roar that was terrifying and earth-shattering. It seems to be the king of the mountains in this area. How can it give up when we bind its "Lady of the village"? We were on alert, ready, taking turns watching day and night. On the third night, the wind was cold, snow was blowing, and the temperature dropped to minus 30 degrees Celsius. A few of us young men were on duty in the timber hut of the logging team, chatting around the charcoal brazier. Such a cold day, the tiger probably won't come, even if it dare to also in vain, we put its "beloved wife" shot anesthesia, shut into the cellar next to the wooden house to go, at the moment, it is snoring. At about 11 o'clock, the little Xu at the tip of his ear shouted, "Listen, there is a tiger barking!" All ears pricked up, and sure enough, the whine of the wind was mixed with a more shrill, harsh shriek. It was the real roar of a tiger: "Aw-woo", "aw-woo", full of anxiety and resentment. The sound came closer and closer, and before long, it was clear enough to hear, as in the ear. "Well, how dare you come and kill it." "Shouted Dazhang, taking his shotgun off the wall. We all leaned over to the window to watch. No shadow of the tiger can be seen, but its roar is clearly close at hand. Chang couldn't hold on. He fired a few shots at random. The sound of the gun shook the wooden house, but it had no effect on the snowy night. "Pa!" Plank door was severely beat once, we happen to see a hairy bowl big tiger palm, shape like plum blossom, sharp claws out of the claw sheath. Then, a few centimeters thick wooden door "Hua la" was broken, a huge surprise, terror of the tiger head in. The tiger mouth is big enough to fill three heads at the same time, the red tongue is more than twenty centimeters long, the two cheeks of the tiger must shake, like burging flexible silver needles, and the fierce light of the triangle tiger eyes to awe our soul. We were stunned for a few seconds before we thought of running away. But big Zhang, small Xu but a buttok sat on the ground, have the spirit of death, give up the tiger. The truth is, they were so scared they peed their pants and their legs were as soft as noodles. The tiger body suddenly squeezed in, the wooden door completely collapsed, the cabin suddenly crowded up, this Siberian tiger has more than 3 meters, 1.6 meters high. The tiger is like a quick fight, usually is so a few deadly fight, its swift and violent action is beyond imagination. We didn't even get a good look at it, but Zhang's chest was punctured by a tiger claw. He Yong and I were so overstimulated that we instinctively jumped up, broke down the door and ran to the other room. After four or five rooms, He Yong saw a room with a large wooden bed can be invisible, then a mouse like a head into the bed. Still, I rushed forward without thinking. When I reached the end, I realized that the door there was sealed and there was no way out. There were no Windows or doors, and I ran around the room in a hurry. The Siberian tiger forced this way, the tail like a steel whip whip, very scary. I came within ten metres of it. I caught a glimpse of the large pine casks in the corner. It was dug with a whole root of red pine up to 1 meter thick, which contained more than half of the barrel of sorghum white, the top of the lid is tightly sealed, to prevent the wine from running smell, it seems that only there can hold me. I pried off the lid, held the barrel by the leg, and got into it. The wine was chilled to the bone. After entering the whole person, the wine is not enough to the barrel, my head can just be exposed. I closed the lid upside down with my hand on the handle, and let fate take its course. Within ten seconds, the tiger came along. The wine overpowers my scent. It can't smell me. I could feel him sniffing around the house, probably looking for the tigress, which wasn't there. Suddenly, the tiger came close to the barrel and scratched the lid with his claws. There was a stir. I shivered. Seeing that he could not open the lid, he was impatient and emptied the cask at once. I cried bad luck, with the cask also fell down, suddenly feel the sky spinning, the wine on my face, flush into the nose, almost choked me to death. The wine gushed out of a crack in the lid, and I could hear the tiger licking it curiously, probably thinking it was good, and sucking it with its tongue. It's 60 proof, and for the big Samson, it's just drizzle. The tiger drank about a dozen jin in one gulp, and the alcohol finally had a soothing effect on it. With a growl, he turned and walked out. After another half hour, when I was sure there was no danger, I dared to come out. I'm so cold and stuffy that I'm out of breath. Fortunately, He Yong was still alive, and we made it through the night with mutual encouragement. The next day, the leaders of the field learned of the situation and were shocked. After dealing with the aftermath, they decided to immediately transfer the female tiger to the foot of the mountain, where there was a strong iron cage with tighter security. On that day, a dozen of us boys carried the big wooden cage containing the tiger to a car, pulled by three cows, and walked down the hill. All the way we took extra care and waited. After 4 p.m., it was getting dark. The wind was howling and snow was flying. We were walking hard on the winding mountain road when suddenly there was a thunder-like tiger roar. We fired immediately, but we didn't see where the tiger was. The tiger's movement was so swift and powerful that it broke a wooden bar with the bang of "Click bar". The two tigers roared and ran up the hill. For a long time, we dare to climb up from the ground, as if just finished a nightmare, the wooden cage has been empty, 3 cattle scared to collapse on the ground, shit.


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  • Tambo Liniabout a year ago

    Quite the story.

  • Heather Lunsfordabout a year ago

    My dad was a logger here in North America when I was a kid. We often raised nests of birds or litters of squirrels, nothing like a tiger here though. Quite a story you have to tell. Thank you for sharing.

  • Aaron Pace2 years ago

    Quite the story.

  • Kelly Sibley 2 years ago


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