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Bay Area Dating Sucks

Will we ever be able to put someone else's needs first?

By ChantelPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Bay Area Dating Sucks
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Bay Area, a notorious place for dating. It is rough out here and I should know as a speed dating host. I have gone on dates that I genuinely do enjoy but no one wants more or maybe the men I go for do not want or seek a longer term relationship with me.

This is why earth and water signs are still the best for relationships. But do I want a relationship? To give up my freedom? The idea of going on couple holidates and being stuck with one person sounds so dreadful to me- I truly prefer girls trips. They are so much more fun and I don't need to be attached to one person. I can't do that with a man I'm in a relationship with. Trips are boring- being with one person is boring. I wish friends would raise their children together rather than all live in separate houses. It's more fun that way in my eyes. If I could just live with all my best friends in the same complex- ugh what a DREAM! A dorm setting but post college? In that sense, I would be okay to be in a relationship. How could I not?


Adding to this. It seriously is rough out here to date! I think more and more about why sugaring just seems to make sense. No men my age have been impressing me and none of them have been able to make me cum or excited for them. So why not take the time I put for dating into sugaring? At least I can make some money and save for my downpayment.

People would question my morals for selling myself, but the truth is, we all sell ourselves. We sell ourselves for time, for thoughts, even normal dates. Normal dates typically involve the man paying for dinner or drinks in hopes of finding love or getting lucky- sugaring just guarantees that they will get sugar rather then with dates. It's perfect for people who aren't ready to commit, right?

I am genuinely curious what my thoughts and how I will feel after Thursday. Will I feel used, disgusted, or okay? I'm more sensitive so I am scared about not having cuddles necessarily after the deed is done. Will I be able to do this or will I fall in love or catch feelings. Will I feel conflicted with emotions and find the need to terminate it all as I realize I can't handle it? Or will I enjoy juggling sugar dads and making extra cash with men that dot on me? I'm really not sure to be honest.


I have gone on my first sugar date! The experience was not much different then my normal dates, except this man is more than 13 years my senior. The oldest I had ever gone for was an 8 year age gap. Does a couple extra years make a big difference?

I like him as a person and I would be his friend. I would never have chosen to date him, but spending time with him is toleratable. Given that I hadn't had to kiss him or hold his hand yet. He is not attractive to me at all via looks but our personalities got along and he is someone I would have hung out with as a friend if I wanted a more wholesome vibe. The perk of having him as my Sugar Daddy is that he is also Asian and we can look like a legit couple walking down the street vs if I walked with an old white man. He is fairly young, only 36 in age.

I can understand why these men have to pay for dates to go out with girls who look like me- we would never chose to see these men for anything else if they didn't pay. It's simply facts.


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