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Alright. You Win.

Rogue Thoughts Ep. ???

By The Rogue ScribePublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 7 min read
C: Anna Shvets

No, you're not dreaming and that is not a typo.

Citizens and netizens alike, you have unlocked a new achievement: creating far too many problems far too quickly for me to be able to reasonably keep up with. (Good job?)

Of course, as all of this madness unfolds, it's only natural for people to choose which hills they wish to die upon.

You name it: shootings, vaccines, race (surprisingly), gender, abortion, politics, drugs, warfare, and many more "controversial" topics.

People are divided and upset. So much so, that they're washing their benzodiazepines down with Starbucks after chain-smoking 5 blunts and wonder why they're so anxious, depressed, and confused at the same time.

Typical replies to this are somewhere between 'I don't know what's wrong with me' or 'the world is ending and it's all big pharma's fault."

Well, if that's the case, the million-dollar question remains the same: "Now what?"

This is where I concede.

I Was Wrong

Over the years, my role on this earth has switched from hands-on to more of a tactical observer. My secret? I also have chosen a side. (No, it's not fries.)

I chose to master the way I communicate in everyday life.

That's actually it.

When I began focusing on that single thing a few years ago, I solved about 90% of my personal problems.

That's why when I started this blog, I really wanted to teach people about my miracle cure for the post-modernist age.

"Just learn to express yourself well and you'll be fine."

The challenge: I knew people were out there murdering each other in the streets over french fries or face-masks. As a man, I'm responsible for the safety of my family, but being capable of great violence isn't exactly legal.

That's why I stuck to words and sharp bundles of them. The ones that really keep people up at night so they can reconsider their life choices.

Well, my master plan worked at first. Then I remembered that most people don't actually listen or read. It's not in their agenda to be educated, only to do as they please, even when they know they can't last for long.

All I have left to do now is watch as people crumble under their own boulders.

For example, people want to make "assault" weapons illegal when they know criminals don't play by the rules. Some places have already done that, and crime is still running rampant. So where's the logic in that "solution"?

The same people who advocate for free, universal healthcare are the same ones who discredit medical organizations and their workers; specifically those that want to help society by developing vaccines.

No matter how many privileges or favorable legislations are granted, the problem will always be the same: broken individuals will almost always abuse and distort them.

Soon after that, they'll demand more change. And then change once more. And again...

At that point, you have to begin questioning what really needs to change.

In my experience, it's often the individual who needs to change because that void they want to fill is insatiable.

The script is often they need better leaders, or more balanced systems of justice and fairness. This coming from people who can't be bothered to show their receipts at the store or show common courtesy to one another because "they're not obligated to".

It appears that "I'm recording you" is a fan-favorite among cave-dwellers who only go outside to restock on jars of mayonnaise and Kraft cheese; not to actually learn how to talk to one another. Because of that, everything is always a "conflict".

What's the purpose of having fairness and rules when you just want to bend and break them all the time?

Hell, I'm already on the receiving end here since I can't say talk about certain things without putting up a "trigger warning". So one of my best defenses is now under attack, but not for long.

Word of The Year: "Unsustainable"

I'll stay on my hill: mastering your communication is vital.

Not everything is a contest of defiance. You don't have to plot for decades to see tangible solutions when words alone might be all you need.

Why do you think people are so worried that Elon Musk is 'censoring' Twitter, one of the most popular platforms for people to express themselves?

Simple: because words matter. When you gain mastery over the way you express your thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. you'll see just how that particular tactic (censorship) is overplayed and it simply won't last.

DISCLAIMER: That doesn't mean run your mouth without empathy. This goes for the "freedom of speech" crowd. Telling the truth without compassion is often a form of cruelty. There has to be a balance or a decent attempt at it somewhere, right?

Consider this a fair (and final) warning.

At this rate, we're headed down a very dark path, friends. And it's not entirely the fault of the systems in place, corrupt jurisdictions, divided communities, etc.

I think it's mostly the fault of the selfish crowd. The individuals. The victims of "MY life is harder than YOURS" syndrome. The types that are easily spotted in public by their "me-havioral" patterns, which include not knowing how to talk to others.

It's all "me, me, me" plastered across their faces, with no sign of ever admitting there's an issue with this outrageous selfishness.

For many years, I've seen them get crushed by their own myopic selfishness. I tried to help where I could to get them to see the error of their ways via words.

I can only think of one other question:

Is what you want to do with your lives reasonably sustainable and morally upright?

I'm sure I can phrase that question a little bit better, but my mind is cloudy today.

To me, this is a lot of disempowered people who are desperately reaching for anything to control.

I've met several of them who lack a sense of purpose, therefore they're reduced to crafting these fictional "battles" in their head in which they face off against armies of opposing forces.

"The man trying to keep us down" types.

The reality though is that there is no actual conflict. No one truly stands in the way of living how they want to live. They create problems where there aren't any just to get what they want: more cheeseburgers, instant gratification, and validation to live in unsustainable or immoral ways.

I know this for a fact because even when they're given what they want, it eventually falls apart. Ironically, by their own doing.

Not by accident, not because the government got involved, or because they have bad friends who didn't support them, or it was bad timing, whatever.

Things fall apart because most of their "life goals" are twisted and cannot reasonably be sustained. A bad plan is a bad plan, no matter what.

But when you're dealing with narcissistic, self-centered people who only care to do what they want, when they want, and how they want, you can expect nothing less.

So at this point, I just wanted to remind you where I stand: communication. Words that are used to build more than they aim to destroy.

I'm not here to purposely create enemies, but the more I venture into the world, the more I see that's not the case for a lot of people. The difference between us is that I understand not everyone will agree with me, but that won't stop me from finding ways for me to get the message across.

With that said, stay safe out there. Carry yourself as people of exemplary character, symbols of strength, and let your dialogue be your first line of defense - granted that you're not in any actual danger.

Let's see how 2023 plays out.


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