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Yannick Bolasie: One Of the Best Dribblers

Bolasie was a striker that humiliated Majority of the Premier League defenders.

By Favour NwokontaPublished about a month ago 5 min read

Yannick Bolasie was a player who brought African showboating to England. Defenders didn't know what to do with with him. Half, the time defenders where left stunned. The fans couldn't believe their eyes. The question on everybody's minds was, "are you sure he isn't Brazilian".
Before tragedy struck he was so good that people always joked that he would be the first player given a 6 star skill moves on FIFA and at his peak he was the second most expensive African player of all time.

His Childhood
Despite growing up in England, by the time he turned 16, he had never stepped foot in an academy his real dream was to become a rapper.

Interest in Football
According to Bolasie, one day he was watching football on TV and thought to himself, I guess I could give it a try. After spending 4 months in an academy, he just got bored of it. He gave up on it and started playing for his local team in the 8 tier of English football where they paid him £20 per match and burger for each goal he scored, Funny isn't it.

As you may imagine, soon Bolasie was giving up again. The plan was to go and work for his girlfriend's father as a carpenter after all, realistically, there were zero chances he'd ever make it.

Apparently, the Footballing talent he had was actually genetic. Three of his cousins were footballers. Lomana LuaLua from Newcastle was one of his cousins.

Just as Bolasie was prepared to join the workforce, one of his cousins friends got injured, after joining a team in Malta called floriana. An effort to give football another chance and with a team looking for a temporary replacement, his cousins asked for a some favors and got him a trial there and somehow it worked.

Bolasie's Rise to Fame

Once he was alone playing in Malta, Bolasie didn't really know what to do with his free time, so he started recording and posting compilations of his own highlights on YouTube. One day he sent the video to his cousin's agent and the agent began to pass the videos around. From there he had a number of clubs all over Europe started calling for him. Hoffenheim, Sturm Graz, Leicester city and Plymouth Argyle. It was unbelievable.

In the end he picked Plymouth because he just wanted to go home and also back then they were playing better than Leicester.

Once at the club it was immediately clear that they did not believe he had what it took to slide right into a championship team, so they kept trying to send him on loan and it was harder than you may have expected. First came a trial at Denham in the fourth tier but they sent him back and with the transfer window coming to a close, without him having a club, tragedy struck as he had to go on a 6 months to Rushden and Diamonds, a non league club. It was an academy he had given up on a few years earlier.

When the winter market came around, he was able to move himself to Barnett. He started performing better for the team. Not only that, Tony Finnigan, an ex crystal palace player turned agent was on the stance watching and once the match was over he went to Bolasie's parents telling them he can make their son a premier League player in three years.

Bolasie upon getting back from his loan only to meet his team, Plymouth getting relegated and bankrupt.

Bolasie Move To Bristol City

Before the ship sank, he made a move to Bristol city and was signed for only £10,000. The assistant manager claimed that it was unbelievable that a player like Bolasie was available at this price, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

8 months later, in a match against coventry, Bristol was about to be relegated but Bolasie was a late substitute that saved them from relegation.
At the end of the season he was voted the club's young player of the year. Little did he know that a Scout and crystal palace coach were watching him closely.

Bolasie's Move To Crystal Palace

After a year his price value increased to £500,000 which crystal palace signed him for. When he arrived at crystal palace, the club was sitting at the bottom of the table with 3 defeats in the first three league matches.

By October palace was far from the bottom of the table and with Bolasie and zaha being the star players of the club, they dominated defenders from different clubs. Crystal palace were even at the top four on their way to the promotion playoffs.

The Congolese national team called him up but he declined the call up because he wanted to do his best in saving Crystal palace from relegation. At the last game they were 160 minutes into the match and it was Bolasie that did some magic to save crystal palace. With all of his magic he still couldn't make it to the starting eleven.

The reason for him not making it to the starting eleven according to palace assistant manager, was that his only problem was scoring. He would run past defender with incredible skill and pace but being unable to produce a goal.

The next year was even worse. He went 30 matches without netting a single goal. Zaha left for united and Bolasie had to lead the team's creative side and this led them to one of their greatest seasons ever. This player was unstoppable. He gave Kyle Walker a hard time.

Bolasie wanted to lead the club to Europe for the first time ever by winning the FA cup trophy. In the semi final of the fa cup Bolasie scored a header to secure crystal palace a spot in the FA cup final for the second time in their history.

Crystal palace tried to win and even pushed united to extra time but unluckily for them United won the FA cup trophy.

Bolasie's Time In Everton

Everton ended up buying Bolasie for £35,000,000 Making Bolasie, Everton all-time record signing and the second most expensive African player of all time.
Initially everything seemed great as Bolasie and Lukaku we so much bonded to eachother they even spoke the same Congolese dialect leaving the rest of the teammates stunned. Bolasie had 5 goal contributions in the first 7 matches for the club.

He played a game against Manchester United and got an injury after clashing with Anthony Martial. After 11 months he felt that he was being rushed back to the pitch claiming that Everton hadn't been taking care of him.
Bolasie turned out to be Everton's worst ever signing.

He then moved to Leicester city replacing Mahrez but failed whole fully at it.
He then moved to the Brazilian club, Criciúma where he currently plays till date and even had 4 shots on target in his recent game held two days ago.


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