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Things You Should Always Carry in Your Soccer Bag

If you're having trouble remembering the essential things you should carry in your soccer bag, don't worry. We've gathered a list of the most important things you need when playing soccer. Take a look below.

By Morgan E. WestlingPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

As a soccer player, knowing what to carry in your soccer bag is important, because on game day, you don’t want to be left without any of the essentials. Playing soccer requires a lot of accessories, and while soccer moms are pretty good at packing their kid’s duffle bag with all the soccer gear their kid may need, as you grow older, you’ll need to remember these things for yourself. Here are the essential things you need to carry in your soccer bag to have a successful practice or game day.

Shin guards are very important to carry in your soccer bag because without shin guards, you can’t keep playing soccer safely. Shin guards protect your shins from both the ball and from other players' cleats. Soccer is a very aggressive, high contact sport. Players are constantly running into each other, and many times, by accident (or on purpose) players will kick each other’s shins when they are trying to kick the soccer ball. Shin guards are very important because the shin bone is a very sensitive spot on the body, and injuring this bone is very painful. Don’t forget to wear your shin guards at all times when playing soccer, and check out some of the best lightweight shin guards on the market so they aren't a complete pain to wear.

Soccer cleats are necessary to carry in your soccer bag because if you don’t wear cleats when playing soccer, you have a pretty good chance of falling. The best soccer cleats of 2018 provide traction on the field because they have spikes on the bottom of them that dig into it. Without these spikes, the bottom of your foot would slip. Also, these spikes provide traction on the soccer ball, as well and make it easier to kick the ball.

Of course, a soccer ball is the most important thing to carry in your gym bag, because without a soccer ball, you can’t play the game at all. The number one part of your soccer gear should be your soccer ball. Everything else can be improvised, so don’t forget your ball under any circumstances, especially if you have any of these bags with ball compartments.

Soccer socks are something you should always carry in your soccer bag because soccer socks will hold your shin guards in place. If you don’t have tall soccer socks in your duffle bag, then it will be difficult to wear your shin guards effectively because shin guards strap behind your calf and they need something to secure them around your calf so they don’t flop around or fall off. Tall, thick soccer socks are your best bet for keeping your legs protected from the weather and your shin guards in place.

You’ll want to carry a water bottle in your soccer bag to stay hydrated while playing soccer because soccer is a very cardio intense game, and it can get very hot while playing depending on the climate that you’re in. It’s important to stay hydrated while out on the field because you’ll be running back and forth a lot, and you can find yourself in a very dangerous situation if you don’t have enough water in your system. Remember your water bottle at all times, be sure to keep it filled up, and be sure to take water breaks when playing soccer so that you have ample time to hydrate your body.

If you’re preparing for a soccer game, you’ll want to make sure you pack your soccer jersey in your duffle bag. Your team will be disappointed in you if you show up to your game without your team jersey because if there are no extra jerseys, you may not be able to participate. Jerseys are an important part of soccer gear because they help differentiate you from your teammates on the field, and they also help differentiate you from the other team. Be sure to pack your soccer jersey in your soccer bag so that you never have to worry about what to wear.

Similar to your soccer jersey, many teams have soccer shorts that go with their uniform as well. These shorts will also have your team name and your specific number on them. Your soccer shorts are something you should carry in your soccer bag if you want to support your team and be prepared for every game.

Some extras that you may want to carry in your soccer bag can include a headband and a hair tie, especially if you have long hair that can get in the way when you’re out running on the field when playing soccer. Playing soccer is a cardio intensive game, and you will undoubtedly be running around with your hair in your face if you don’t bring a headband with you. Also, a hair tie is necessary if you want to keep your hair up so that other players don’t pull on your hair during the game. This is a safety precaution as well as a convenience factor. Many referees will require you to wear your hair up if you have long hair, so don’t forget a hair tie in your soccer bag!

Healthy snacks are a great addition to your duffle bag as a part of your soccer gear for both practices and game days. You’re going to want some extra fuel for before and after your games because all of that cardio is going to wear you out. Bring snacks that have protein and carbohydrates to keep you full and energized. That way, you’ll be sure to kick the ball farther and run longer out there on the field.

One last item you might want to consider carrying in your soccer bag is deodorizer. Your soccer cleats, shin guards, soccer jersey, and soccer socks are going to be very sweaty after your long games and practices, and they are not going to smell good. Keeping deodorizer inside your duffle bag will ensure that your soccer gear stays smelling fresh and so does your bag in between trips to the washing machine.

These are the essentials you should carry in your soccer bag. Now go out there and enjoy playing soccer!


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