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The Israel dilemma for Wales ahead of Euro 2024 play-offs

Will Page's squad take a stand against genocide?

By Steve HarrisonPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Group D at Euro 2024 could feature Wales, Group E could include Israel

As Israel’s campaign of genocidal ethnic cleaning in Gaza continues with the complicity of western governments, the weekly worldwide crusades in solidarity for the people of Palestine continue.

As a former MediaWales journalist my Saturdays now invariably end with me trawling the web for coverage of the Cardiff marches on WalesOnline or in Wales On Sunday, that still claims to be the “pride of the nation” despite steadfastly refusing to cover the calls of the people of Wales for an end to the genocide and a permanent, lasting ceasefire in Palestine.

The front page of today’s Wales On Sunday is no different from those that have preceded it over the past two months, with no, or next-to-no, coverage. Last week’s version fell into the “next-to-no” category, with a plug on the front page to an inside story acknowledging that TV personality and singer Charlotte Church had spoken at the rally. But the inside piece showed more concern about the inconvenience to traffic in the city rather than the heartfelt words from Church and other speakers in Central Square.

One of the plugs on today’s front cover directs readers to the back-page report about yesterday’s Euro 2024 draw in Hamburg, Germany, which saw England grouped with Slovenia, Denmark and Serbia; and Scotland matched with Hungary, Switzerland and hosts Germany.

There could also be one other British representative in Germany next summer, with Wales involved in next March’s play-offs for the three remaining berths in the Uefa extravaganza. A successful campaign in March would see Wales lineup against France, Netherlands and Austria in Group D in Germany.

The prospect of Wales emerging from path A in the play-offs and entering a group containing France and Netherlands provided the focus for the Wales On Sunday report… which made no reference to growing calls for Rob Page’s team to boycott the play-offs. And why would we do that? Well, Israel has also qualified for the play-offs!

The winners of path C in the play-offs would go into a group with Turkey, Portugal and Czechia; while the winners of path B were drawn against Belgium, Slovakia and Romania.

So, what’s the relevance of this to the genocide unfolding in Gaza now? Well, it’s the presence of the Israeli national team in path C and the prospect of them advancing to face Belgium, Slovakia and Romania in Germany.

But, if Russia’s actions in the Ukraine were seen as reason to bar them totally from qualification for Euro 2024, surely by the same logic Israel’s genocide in Gaza should warrant an even stronger response and them being thrown out of the play-offs before a ball is kicked.

And who best to bring pressure to bear on Uefa to do this? Well Iceland, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Ukraine come to mind as they are in the same play-off path as Israel. But Ukraine certainly won’t be the first to take a stand, although Iceland or Bosnia-Herzegovina could possibly do the right thing?

The other eight participants in the play-offs are Georgia, Luxembourg, Greece, Kazakhstan, Poland, Estonia, Finland and Wales. They will battle it out for two places in two separate paths and here Wales could set an example by boycotting the event if Israel is not thrown out as Russia was at the start of the qualifying tournament.

Following yesterday’s draw in Hamburg, Belgium, Slovakia and Romania could also take a stand, by telling Uefa they will boycott the tournament next summer if Israel is allowed to take part in the play-offs and qualify.

In all there are 21 teams already named in yesterday’s draw and 12 vying for the remaining three places. That’s 33 teams that could take a stand now against Israeli state genocide in Gaza. So what are you all waiting for? Would the Football Association of Wales like to take the lead here and follow the Senedd’s example and demand that Israel is thrown out of the tournament unless the ethnic cleansing of Gaza stops now.

Missing out on the tournament is something I’d be hugely disappointed about but what’s happening in Gaza is so much bigger than sport. Israel has to be brought to account. So gaffer Page, Aaron Ramsey, Ben Davies, Brennan Johnson, Mark Hughes, Chris Coleman, Ryan Giggs, Gareth Bale, Ian Rush… any of you got something to add here?

Would you be comfortable with Wales taking part in a series of play-offs involving a side that represents a state that butchers innocent children? I doubt you’ll respond to me but now might be a good time to let WalesOnline or Wales On Sunday know your thoughts, every day more children’s lives are being sacrificed in Gaza.

I doubt the mainstream media will ask for your opinion on this, perhaps now is the time to take a stand?

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