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IPL Fantasy Cricket League - How and where to Play IPL 2021

by Smriti chaurasia 9 months ago in premier league
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Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Cricket League

IPL is the most played format on fantasy sports platforms. Fantasy sports was introduced in 2008, during the first Indian Premier League. Since then, under the fantasy cricket league, IPL has had a different fan base all over the country. Via playing IPL League, cricket fans sport their favourite teams on fantasy platforms’ is around the corner, and they eagerly wait to play IPL Fantasy League.

IPL is not only a cricket format, it is a festival for all the Indians, where people celebrate the victory of their favourite teams. IPL fans are preparing to make a blast in the 14th Indian Premier League. They have started their preparation and are ready to participate in the war of cricket.

Where to Play IPL 2021?

However, there are many fantasy sports platforms available for the fantasy Premier League. But, Royal 11 is indeed the best one. It offers numerous benefits of playing fantasy sports on its platform. You can go to the Royal 11 official website, download the app, and start playing IPL 2021.

How to Play IPL 2021?

To play IPL 2021 on a fantasy sports platform, you need to follow below steps:

Step 1. Download the App

Go to the official website of the fantasy sports platform and download the mobile application of the fantasy sports.

Step 2. Create an account

After installing the fantasy sports app, create your account.

Step 3. Set up an account

Enter the required details to set up the account like email id, password, birth date, payment details, etc.

Step 4. Select a Match

Select an ongoing or upcoming IPL 2021 match. You can check the list of the scheduled matches and choose the match of your favourite team.

Step 5. Create a Team of favourite players

Build a team of players by choosing Wicket Keeper, Batsmen, Bowlers, and All-rounders. Check the performance history of the player before jumping to buy that player for Fantasy Premier League.

Step 6. Select the Captain and Vice-Captain

For your team, select the captain and vice-captain. In Fantasy cricket league, the captain’s points are 2 times the points scored in the real game, whereas the vice-captain has 1.5 times the points in fantasy cricket league.

Step 7. Make multiple Teams

For the same IPL 2021 match, a user is allowed to create multiple teams of different players. It gives a huge opportunity to all fantasy sports users to play multiple matches at once.

Step 8. Edit Team if you want

You can even change the players of your team before the deadline of the match. Go to the edit team option in the fantasy sports app and edit your team.

Point Allocation System

A user must know the point allocation system of the IPL 2021 before building any team for Fantasy Premier League. The points will decide your victory in the IPL matches. Even before choosing batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keeper, or all-rounders, consider the list of points allocations.

Each player scores different points for the team. Here is the point system for the IPL 2021:


● +1 for every run scored by running

● For every boundary, a bonus of 1 point is allocated

● For hitting six on the boundary, +2 points

● On 30 runs, +4 points are given to the team


● For every wicket excluding run out, +25 point is awarded

● For LBW and Runout +8 points

● +16 for taking 5 wickets

● For every maiden over, +16 points are given to the bowling team


● + for each catch

● For 3 catches extra +4 points are allotted

● For stumping, the team is awarded +12 points

● For direct hit run out +12 points are given to the team

Strike Rate Points (Min 10 balls to be played)

● On per 100 balls for scoring 170+ runs, +6 points are allotted

● +2 points for scoring 130-150 runs per 100 balls

● -6 for scoring a minimum of 50 runs per 100 balls

● -2 points for scoring 60-70 runs per 100 balls.

Economy Rate (for bowling minimum 2 overs)

● +6 points for giving 5 runs per over

● +5 points for bowling 5-6 runs per over.

● 6 points are deducted for giving 12 runs per over

● -4 points for giving 11-12 runs bowling per over


Sports fans are equally crazy about playing IPL on fantasy platforms, just like watching the live matches on TV. It is the most played format of any fantasy sports. Users can go to any fantasy sports platform to play their favourite fantasy sport.

Download the app and set up the account. Create your own team of favourite players. To assure victory in IPL 2021, don’t forget to check the points allocation system.

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