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Fastest Soccer Players in History

by Kelsey Lange 4 years ago in celebrities

Do you think you could ever run a 22.9 mile per hour sprint? From Bale to Messi, these are the fastest soccer players in history.

The top ten fastest soccer players in history will shock you with their ability to not only bullet down the field, but portray some of the best athleticism soccer history has ever seen.

From Gareth Bale's 39.9 kilometers per hour run to Messi, Ronaldo, and Rooney falling shortly behind, these men certainly have some incredible stamina, strength, and endurance. Plus, there are a few players who you might not have heard of, that blow some of your favorite athletes out of the water.

Gareth Bale

Taking the number one stop on our list of the fastest soccer players in history, Gareth Bale runs a 39.9 kilometer per hour, or 22.9 miles per hours, sprint. At the top of the list, Bale is one of the fastest athletes in the world.

Playing as a winger for Real Madrid and the Wales national team, Bale isn't just known for his speed, but also his free kicks, striking ability, and pace. Known to be one of the most dangerous left-wingers in the world, he has been attested to his style of play by many impressive names such as Jose Mourinho, Igor Stimac, Dani Alves, and Luis Figo.

Orlando Berrio

Next, on our list of the fastest soccer players in history is Orlando Berrio. Running a 36 kilometer per hour sprint, or 22.3 miles per hour run, Berrio is an incredible winger or forward for the Brazilian Seria A club Flamengo.

Making his debut with the club Categoria Primera A in 2009, he recently signed with Flamengo over a $3.5 million transfer from Atletico Nacional. However, he is not as well known as the majority of the players on this list. But this does not take away from his impressive athleticism, being three kilometers faster than the one and only Lionel Messi.

Jurgen Damm

Jurgen Damm is able to reach 35.23 kilometers per hour while running with a ball, if that's not pure speed, we don't know what is. An incredible winger for the Liga MX club Tigres UANL as well as the Mexico national team, Damm securely holds the third place on our list of the fastest players in the world.

However, he was unfortunately recently injured in a fireworks accident in New York, he suffered first-degree burns on the side of his face.

Claudio Caniggia

Claudio Caniggia played in three World Cups, in 50 Argentina national team matches, and is known most for his strength as a striker. Though now retired, Caniggia has an incredible club and international career.

As one of the fastest soccer players in history, his incredible technique was best portrayed through his speed and power. An incredibly strong and muscular man, he could either play as an advanced playmaker or a creative forward. Versatile and collaborative, his professional soccer career was a success.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

As the captain of the Gabonese national team and a player for the Premier League club, Arsenal, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is one of the fastest players in soccer history. Reaching 30 meters in 3.7 seconds, or 34.6 kilometers per hour (21 mph), his sprints are history-making.

Playing at either a forward or winger, his athleticism is versatile. He was even the first Gabonese player to win the CAF's African Footballer of the Year in 2015. Plus, he is the son of the former Gabonese captain, Pierre Aubameyang.

Aaron Lennon

Next, on our list of the fastest soccer players in history is Aaron Lennon. Playing as a winger for the Premier League club Burnley, Lennon can reach a 33.8 kilometer per hour sprint, or in miles, 21 miles per hour.

Beginning his career in 2003, he became the youngest player to join the Premier League at the time with the Leeds United club. He then transferred to Tottenham Hotspur in which he scored 30 goals in 364 appearances, most attested to his speed.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo is on the list of the fastest soccer players of all time. Scoring over 600 senior career goals for both club and country teams, Ronaldo is one of the most respected professional soccer players of all time.

As a forward for Real Madrid as well as the Portugal national team, he is often considered to be one of the greatest in the world. Running 33.6 kilometers per hour or 20 miles per hour, Ronaldo is still one of the fastest of all time.

Dennis Rommedahl

Dennis Rommedahl is yet another one of the biggest speed machines in soccer history. As a Danish soccer player, he formerly played as a right winger for the team.

Appearing in 126 matches and scoring a total of 21 goals, Rommedahl can attest much of his athleticism to being one of the fastest soccer players in history. He appeared in three World Cups, and was nominated for the Danish Footballer of the Year in both 2007 and 2010, taking home the award in 2010.

Lionel Messi

What would be a list of the best soccer player accomplishments be without mentioning Lionel Messi? A forward for Barcelona and the Argentina national team, Messi is considered to be one of the greatest players in the world, and of all time.

With five Ballon d'Or awards under his belt, as well as four European Golden Shoes, his career has been something out of a history book. But how fast is he? Running at 32.5 kilometers per hour or 20.1 miles per hours, Messi is certainly no slowpoke.

Wayne Rooney

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of the fastest soccer players in history is the forward or the Premier League club Everton, Wayne Rooney. Also with a strength in playing midfielder roles, he is a record goalscorer for both Manchester United and the England national team.

Winning every honor available in England, European, and Continental football, Rooney has won the Premier League, UEFA Champions Leauge, League Cup, FA Cup, UEFA Europa League, and the FIFA Club World Cup. Completing our list of the fastest soccer players of all time, Rooney just nearly falls behind Messi, running 31.2 kilometers per hour, or 19.38 miles per hours.


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